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  1. Re: Create Your Own Formations *Even More Control Over Tactics*

    Ps did anyone see Soccermanager being mentioned on Teletext's GameCentral? Someone wrote in for online management games checl out Hattrick next day someone else wrote. For online management games Soccermanager is the best by far.:D


    That'll be me :D Had to be said, SM is the best online football management game around.

    As for creating you're own formations, it could be ok if done rightly. Giving people total freedom would lead to certain people cheating to make sure they win.

  2. Re: Zoran Tosic

    I just read somewhere tha Fergi made a statement how he will not be brigining ANY player in the next transfer window so this Tosic deal isn't such a done deal as we all thought it was.

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has ruled out making any big money signings in the transfer window.

    I doubt the Tosic deal would be a big money one. Plus the transfer has been confirmed on Man Utd's official website.

  3. Re: results

    Its not just a case of turning a knob on the machine to UBER-Speed. Lets break this down:

    2180 English Championships

    3470 World Championships

    38 Gold Setups

    Each with about 40 matches per setup

    Then theres:

    761 European Championships

    400 European Nation setups

    Many more Other Nation setups

    10' date='773 Custom setups

    Thats a hell of a lot of matches to process in one night. In total thats at least 18000 setups, with 40 matches per setup meaning roughly 705000 matches!

    BTW on time is before 9.30pm, and in all my 2 years on here, I have never had a late match.[/quote']

    I'm currently waiting for results in around 5 or 6 setups. Latest i've had recently was one at quarter to midnight last Sunday.

    Understandable though considering the amount of setups they have to go through. They should change the expected time part though, it's clearly way off. :D

  4. Re: Gold Championship 36 Match Report Thread

    Man Utd News


    Just to let people know, i will be staying. Had a change of heart. :)

    First piece of club news is that Ronaldo will be leaving for Bayern after a counter offer of Ribery and Lahm was accepted. Ronaldo is a big player to lose but i feel i am improving the squad by bringing in two enormously talented players.

    Vidic is up for grabs so to all readers, make me an offer, no cash only deals.

  5. Re: Gold Championship 36 Match Report Thread

    Just letting people know that I might be leaving my post as Man Utd manager sometime today. Reasons being that i prefer custom setups where i can compete with friends and family and i just can't get into these setups anymore. That and the fact that there is quite a few leagues I'm in starting their new season and i want to concentrate on those more. Canceled the deals I've accepted so apologies to the people i had deals with.

    I'll let y'all know when, if i do leave so you can have a mad scramble to get them. :D

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    These are my central defenders

    FERNANDO MEIRA' date=' - 92

    CRIS, Marques - 91

    Out of them i want to sell 1 im a little divided as im hearing that Meira will drop 1 and Cris is already 91 and now back to full fitness and playing in a better league .. Who should i keep..[/quote']

    I'd keep Cris myself.

    Should I swap Kanoute for Mario Gomez?

    Kanoute is better' date=' but getting on, whereas Gomez is only slightly worse but much younger. Will Gomez drop though? He is unlikely to rise this season, and he was less than impressive in the Euros, so should I do it?

    If his chairman blocks it I can offer Kanoute and cash.[/quote']

    I'd definitely try to get Gomez, sounds like as good deal to me.

    Any help on my one above? The transfer will get completed soon and still not sure what to do. :confused:

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Buy him... he is one for the future ;)

    I'll second that.

    Late at night/morning, can't sleep, bored etc:). Just found a bid of mine accepted of Abidal and Escude for Lahm. Worth it? I know Abidal's rating is probably going to drop but I'm not sure whether to go through with it or not. Cheers in advance for any help.

  8. Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread


    Espanyol 2-2 Osasuna


    Espanyol were lucky to get a draw last night after a 65th minute sending off of Hernan Crespo changed the game completely.

    Espanyol took the lead on the 23rd minute after Luis Garcia finished brilliantly from a Riera corner and they kept their lead up until the Crespo incident where he was shown a red card for a violent tackle.

    Osasuna's Pandiani took the free kick which lead to their equalizer on the 66th minute after some brilliant passing left Shojaei Masoud clear on goal. He slotted the ball home to make it 1-1.

    After that it was all Osasuna as they came close again twice in 10 minutes. Then disaster struck for Espanyol as Pandiani headed the ball into the back of the net making it 2-1 to Osasuna.

    Espanyol had many attempts at goal which they wasted but one chance from Luis Garcia took a lucky deflection and went into the back of the net on the 83rd minute to make it 2-2, the final score.

    Marc Hasemore made it clear that he wasn't happy with the way his Espanyol team played and expected better things from his players if they are to be pushing for the title and with Espanyol missing some key players over the next few games some are saying that their run will come to an end very soon.

    Despite this draw Espanyol actually pulled away from their rivals after 2nd place Real Madrid lost to Almeira and 3rd place Sevilla drew 3-3 with Athletic Bilbao. Espanyol are now 6 points clear but their next game is away to Sevilla, a must win game.

  9. Re: GC 27 discussion thread

    I know what you mean mate. I think a lot of people are addicted to transfers!

    Some managers also feel most of their players rated 90 and above' date=' regardless of age, deserve at least 2 good players in return. Take the post about Kanoute for example, who is 31.[/quote']

    I'm selling him to bring in younger players, asking for a RB as thats what i need and another decent striker as a straight replacement. Not too much to ask for a 94 rated striker surely. I'll consider all offers though. ;)

    You also have to remember that cash is basically worthless in GC's as nobody will sell for just cash so it's understandable for every manager to try and get the best deal for their player.

  10. Re: International Management GC's

    Quick question:

    Can you pick your 23 players' date=' or do you have to stick with the 23 given to you?


    As an international manager you will be able to choose any player associated to your nation from the players available on our database, and naturally this would mean that some international managers would have a greater pool of players to choose from then others. This would also mean that you would only be able to call up players which were fit and not suffering from any injury. Likewise it would also mean that players could get injured on international duty.


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