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  1. Re: Did SM go down?? anyone else getting this: SoccerManager.com IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Monday 01st September 2008 06:44PM - GMT The website is currently undergoing repairs but will be back very shortly Thank you for your continued support in playing SoccerManager.com. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. Regards SoccerManager.com Team ???????????????
  2. Re: Biggest Score You Have Ever won? I think most of these high scoring games had a lot of players out of position.
  3. Whats the most embarrassing defeat anyones had? Mine is a 3-1 defeat to Portsmouth, i know it doesn't sound bad but it is when they had Sol Campbell in net, and everyone except Bullard was in the wrong position, i had everybody in the right positions but i was just unlucky i guess!
  4. Re: Biggest Score You Have Ever won? I beat sheff wednesday 12-0 and my CB Joseph Yobo got a hat-trick!!
  5. Re: Has anyone else had this problem? I'm annoyed now. on the blog there is a new post and right at the bottom it says "Please Note: Your club will only receive a ‘Cash Injection’ at the start of each season from your chairman if they feel that they need to. " So my team that has just been promoted to division 1, has an average rating of 86 when the best possible team can be put out, and has £5m doesn't need a cash injection?? What a load of rubbish, this is the worst so-called improvement SM have brought in for a long time, SORT IT SM!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  6. Re: Has anyone else had this problem? The SM info bar thing on 'My Home' says this: "For setups that start a new season this weekend, the chairman will make his Cash Investments on Sunday evening." I've closed the ticket now because it seems as though it is being sorted.
  7. One of my teams has just gone into the next season but I haven't got the cash injection from the chairman, and as I have just been promoted this is a real problem because I need to buy players to stay up. I sent a support ticket earlier but no response yet. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. Re: SMFA keep blocking a deal I think i was a little annoyed when i posted that last one! Ji sung park - Man u chairman: £3,410,000 Leeds chairman: £4,880,000 Freddy Adu - Leeds: £3,700,000 Man u: £2,640,000 and 5 mil money from leeds to man u
  9. Re: SMFA keep blocking a deal SM have been no help at all.
  10. I am trying to sell ji sung park to Leeds united for 5m plus freddy adu, (i dont see this as suspicious) and the SMFA keep blocking the deal, we are not using the same computer or IP address and we are not the same person! Does anyone know how we can sort it?
  11. Re: Private messaging subject tittles. i agree with ya, i always put in the subject something like, Ipswich - EC 219. i had someone once message me with no subject saying "can i have him?" now, who is "I" and who is "him", i laughed for a while!!
  12. Re: improved kits& players photo how about improving the goalkeeper kits as well man utd - blue liverpool - orange everton - green etc. just a thought!
  13. Re: countering 3-5-2 4-5-1 maybe and attack
  14. Re: Squad Numbers It could be another feature to being a gold member, good idea.
  15. English Championship 382 has one of the most active newspapers in the game, and a lot of active teams, it is a very good league and i'm sure anyone that is in the league will back me up.
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