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  1. Right, I believe that most of you guys know that I had planned to quit the game for good... but I'm back now, not because that I can't resist playing SM again, but because I'm dared to prove that I still can work magic on my teams... I will be getting GM a few weeks from now, and I've even got myself a new account for this. Should be here for at least a year to make sure that I use the 1 year on GM. I might be back in GCs when I get GM. Hope to have fun with you guys again!
  2. Re: banning people from GC's they took more than 72 hours to respond to my gc15 ticket... and all i got was a whole load of rubbish and a completely unaccessible link
  3. Re: Inconsistencies, so... I think for now i will stop giving away myteams, but i will continue another time
  4. Re: banning people from GC's yes this is a serious problem... its normal that people want better clubs
  5. Re: Custom Setups Starting Balance its a good and bad idea. its good as international setups have teams like river plate, they could do with the cash. the bad part is that setup owners could lock the setup first, then buy all over the goodguys to make it unbalanced
  6. Re: Inconsistencies, so... make refrence to this' date=' i said [b']teams left[/b]
  7. Re: Inconsistencies, so... but i didnt say specifically that i would
  8. Re: Inconsistencies, so... i hate people who only read the first few posts and start to reply to threads
  9. Re: scouts help... wow, you've got a fantastic squad
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