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  1. Re: Zouma, Ginter, Marquinhos If Barcelona end up obtaining Marquinhos, which is just a rumor at this point, he would be the best option.
  2. Re: GK/back line help in two leagues Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think I have an idea of what I'm doing, but I just started and I've already been dead wrong at least five times.
  3. I have Barcelona in two Spanish Championships, it's the first season of both. All players not in La Liga are available. Some questions: I have the Neuer + ter Stegen combo at keeper in both leagues. Are there any other GK prospects I should have my eyes on? With Buffon being 34, and Casillas on Real Madrid, is there another keeper that could top Neuer at 93 and be a better #1 over the next year or two? I play a 3-5-2, and my back line in one league is Vidic - Thiago Silva - Pique with my primary backups being Montoya - Hummels - Alba, Busi+Masch at DM. In my second league I'm starting P
  4. I'm managing Barcelona in a new league, only a few turns in. Here's my current back line, playing a 3-5-2: 96 Puyol 96 Vidic 95 Pique 93 Mascherano 92 Abidal 90 Alba I use Dani Alves at RM. I was given some advice in the Squad Help forum that I should sell Abidal, Vidic, and Puyol, even though they're the best at their positions, because they'll be dropping soon. I just got an offer for Puyol of 25 million. My question is: should I accept it? If so, who should I buy with the money? I can buy Kompany and still have 4 million left afterwards... should I do the swap or keep Puyol?
  5. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Or maybe Bale? I could do Kompany, Pique, and Bale as my back three with Hummels, Masch, and Alba as my backups... I like the sound of that.
  6. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Everyone is available, the world was just created. Only a few teams in La Liga are owned, so it's pretty much wide open. That makes it even more daunting for me, because there are so many options out there. Are there some obvious must-haves that I could save up for so that I don't make any stupid mistakes? Also, I'm assuming PE means player exchange? And if so, I'm going to need replacements in my starting lineup for Puyol, Vidic, and Ibra... and Villa rotates in as well. That's four players I would need to replace who are are the very best at their positio
  7. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Hey guys, I've got a Barcelona squad in a league that just started up (only 7 turns in) and this is my first experience with Soccer Manager. I was hoping for a little guidance/help on where to go from here and what I should be looking at long-term, as I'm just flying by the seat of my pants here. It's a little overwhelming. I've made some moves already, here's my team: Keepers 93 Neuer 87 ter Stegen Defenders 96 Puyol 96 Vidic 95 Pique 95 Alves 94 Busquets 93 Mascherano 92 Abidal 90 Alba 86 Montoya Midfielders 97 Iniesta 97 Xavi 95 Fabregas 93
  8. So I'm using the 3-5-2 which is working extremely well at home, but on the road it's been absolute lunacy. I just lost 5-2 to Levante. Here's what I'm using: ------------Neuer------------ Vidic-------Pique-------Puyol ----------Busquets---------- Alves--Xavi--Fabregas--Iniesta ------Messi------Ibra-------- Usually bringing Villa, Pedro, and Masch off the bench at 60min. I'm not using any arrows at the moment, not sure if I should be. Tactics: Tackling: Normal Mentality: Defensive Passing: Direct Attacking: Mixed Tempo: Slow Pressing: Own Half Counter-Attack Men Behind B
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