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  1. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Does anyone know whats happening with this guy? Ive had him for so long but seems like his career is stalling? KARADENIZ, Batuhan. TIA
  2. Re: Jan Chramosta Sell or keep?
  3. Re: Romelo Lukaku Pretty sure he started against Ajax the other night... If he did thats pretty special considering hes still 16/17. Must be an amazing player, won't be long before some of the bigger clubs come sniffing...
  4. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Superb!!!
  5. Im not claiming to have found him, he was first mentioned by borogz in this thread: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=24206&highlight=MAZZARANI I just wanted to start a discussion on him & was hoping others could add to it if they knew anymore. Andrea Mazzarani This kid plays for Cisco Roma, though he hasn’t had a large amount of attention on him as yet. I am tipping him now for a bright future. Born on 6/11/1989 he plays in centre midfield. He was a key figure in qualification for Italy making 6 appearances and scored 3 goals. Being the highest goal scorer for Italy
  6. Re: Players to watch in u.21 euro championship!! I think you've done a good job with this thread, nice one!
  7. Re: Vegar Eggen Hedenestad ~ 17 year old ~ 70 -> 80 (+10) ~ 10K Riser!!! good find! repped
  8. Re: Steve Mandanda - Future French Goalkeeper Anyway, I think Mandanda and Lloris are very, very close to even (in their own separate ways). Depending on who is favored on the international level (which can change a lot of things), one of them will end up being the future 93/94. A 95 for either is in the realm of possibility, but it would be one hell of a feat. Lloris played in France's game the other day didn't he? Is he the French no1 now? I was hoping Mandanda was after starting a few games back...
  9. Re: Altidore Does anyone know whats happening with him? Played a bit for Villareal & it looked encouraging, then went on loan to Xerex & didnt play at all...
  10. Re: Henrique Pedro Beda - SC Heerenveen Gem - 10k Bargain! Well done mate!
  11. Re: Romelo Lukaku Great find I have snapped him up! Well done!
  12. Re: Alberto Bueno Calvo Anyone got any updates for him? Seems like hes going to have to move on...
  13. Re: Anton Grigoriev - CSKA Moskva Just wanted to bump this thread. Wondered if anyone knew why he hasn't featured yet this season? Injured? Out of favour? Any news would be great!!
  14. Re: Cheap sud-american risers to 80 + There are two threads on Argentina and one on Brazil. Ok thanks. Yeh hes good find, but like I said there aren't many.
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