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  1. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Does anyone know whats happening with this guy? Ive had him for so long but seems like his career is stalling? KARADENIZ, Batuhan. TIA
  2. Re: Jan Chramosta Sell or keep?
  3. Re: Romelo Lukaku Pretty sure he started against Ajax the other night... If he did thats pretty special considering hes still 16/17. Must be an amazing player, won't be long before some of the bigger clubs come sniffing...
  4. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Superb!!!
  5. Im not claiming to have found him, he was first mentioned by borogz in this thread: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=24206&highlight=MAZZARANI I just wanted to start a discussion on him & was hoping others could add to it if they knew anymore. Andrea Mazzarani This kid plays for Cisco Roma, though he hasn’t had a large amount of attention on him as yet. I am tipping him now for a bright future. Born on 6/11/1989 he plays in centre midfield. He was a key figure in qualification for Italy making 6 appearances and scored 3 goals. Being the highest goal scorer for Italy from midfield. Not on the DB Ive noticed that he has signed for Udinese so hopefully he can break into the first team, maybe following in the foot steps of Asamoah. Thanks.
  6. Re: Players to watch in u.21 euro championship!! I think you've done a good job with this thread, nice one!
  7. Re: Vegar Eggen Hedenestad ~ 17 year old ~ 70 -> 80 (+10) ~ 10K Riser!!! good find! repped
  8. Re: Steve Mandanda - Future French Goalkeeper Anyway, I think Mandanda and Lloris are very, very close to even (in their own separate ways). Depending on who is favored on the international level (which can change a lot of things), one of them will end up being the future 93/94. A 95 for either is in the realm of possibility, but it would be one hell of a feat. Lloris played in France's game the other day didn't he? Is he the French no1 now? I was hoping Mandanda was after starting a few games back...
  9. Re: Altidore Does anyone know whats happening with him? Played a bit for Villareal & it looked encouraging, then went on loan to Xerex & didnt play at all...
  10. Re: Henrique Pedro Beda - SC Heerenveen Gem - 10k Bargain! Well done mate!
  11. Re: Romelo Lukaku Great find I have snapped him up! Well done!
  12. Re: Alberto Bueno Calvo Anyone got any updates for him? Seems like hes going to have to move on...
  13. Re: Anton Grigoriev - CSKA Moskva Just wanted to bump this thread. Wondered if anyone knew why he hasn't featured yet this season? Injured? Out of favour? Any news would be great!!
  14. Re: Cheap sud-american risers to 80 + There are two threads on Argentina and one on Brazil. Ok thanks. Yeh hes good find, but like I said there aren't many.
  15. Re: Cheap sud-american risers to 80 + TBH im suprised there isn't a new thread about south American risers, but having looked at some of the league's there aren't that many significant risers, particularly in Mexico.
  16. Re: gerard pique I think he'll get 90. Although i'd like to see him get 91. Considering hes been playing in most games for probably one of the two best teams in the world. Also considering Barca have had such a good season.
  17. Re: Matthew James- Big Manchester United Talent I just saw the pass he made for Macheda's 3rd goal against Newcastle reserves. It was excellent, got a great chance of making it with that sort of ability.
  18. Re: Batuhan Karadeniz Cool! Hopefully another Turkish national team call up is on the cards
  19. Re: Henri Saivet This is kinda half an update.... He was on the bench last night for Bordeux (which to my knowledge hasn't happened much if at all) so hopefully they are going to start giving him some match day experience. Bordeux aren't mid table & just looking to give experience to some youngsters, which makes it all the more interesting. I don't know if a French league expert can shed anymore light...?
  20. Re: Papa Diawara BABA [+7ish] Some are saying buy, some are saying sell. What should I do??? Great find btw!
  21. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Realx7madrid - Could you please clear up what is happening with Alberto Bueno. He played a few times in the first team this season due to injuries but since then hasn't even made the bench (as far as i know). Do you think he is likely to move on soon in order to start playing 1st team football elsewhere? Thanks in advance!
  22. Re: CIRO, Silva Is this guy 'the next big thing' in Brazil?
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