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  1. Re: Formation Help PLzzzzzzzzzzz these are some other defs i have MIGUEL TORRES, Gómez 88 GONUL, Gökhan 88 HUMMELS, Mats 87 TOMKINS, James 85 RAFAEL, Pereira da Silva 86 JUAREZ, Efraín 86 DE SILVESTRI, Lorenzo 86 i have 20m who do u suggest i buy....??
  2. Re: Formation Help PLzzzzzzzzzzz can u tell me who to use in which position if i use 4-3-2-1 of the existing players i have
  3. can u tell me which formation to use....loosing games constantly:( the players abv 89 tht i have are MESSI, Lionel 98 GERRARD, Steven 97 RIBERY, Franck 95 DANI ALVES, Silva 94 BENZEMA, Karim 93 VAN DER VAART, Rafael 93 SCHOLES, Paul 92 CAPDEVILA, Joan 92 GAGO, Fernando 91 GUARDADO, Andrés 91 CORLUKA, Vedran 91 GIVEN, Shay 91 IRELAND, Stephen 90 CAPEL, Diego 90 MARCELO, Vieira 90 FALCAO, Radamel 89 MILNER, James 89 DE LA RED, Rubén 89 WITSEL, Axel 89 SISSOKO, Moussa 89 current formation i am using is 3-4-1-
  4. Re: Thread to mention when must buy players are added! john rooney .....brother of wayne rooney also added....... worth a buy???
  5. shud i sell these players or will they rise(both not in my 1st XI) Baris OZBEK for 12.5 Tranquillo BARNETTA for 18m
  6. Re: Youth Squad Help TOMKINS, James BRIDCUTT, Liam EFRAIN JUAREZ, Valdez PEARCE, Krystian BROWN, Ideye MANCINI, Filippo NSEREKO, Savio SILIGARDI, Luca FREEMAN, Luke CALLEJÓN, José María PEDRITO, Rodríguez Ledesma BRUNO GALLO, Vieira VALIENTE, Marc any help......????
  7. which players should i sell/keep:confused: HART, Joe OZBEK, Baris ACQUAFRESCA, Robert DE SILVESTRI, Lorenzo SISSOKO, Moussa DIOGO, Santo RUI PATRICIO, Pedro O'HARA, Jamie HENNESSEY, Wayne MARIN, Marko GUNTER, Chris CAMPBELL, Fraizer RÉMY, Loïc TRAORÉ, Abdoulrazak TREJO, Oscar ANTONELLI, Luca EDGAR, Bruno LULINHA, Marcelo ADRIÁN GONZALEZ, Ángel COLLINS, Babatunde CROSAS, Marc HUMMELS, Mats NYATANGA, Lewin GIBSON, Darron BEKOE , Eric SAHAR, Ben CHOUPO-MOTING, Eric IGNACIO CAMACHO, Barnola BEEVERS, Mark BAKAR, Djamel RAJALAKSO, Sebastian HYKA, Jahmir ETUHU, Kelvi
  8. do u think he will decrease from 91 or stay the same ....and is it good to sell him for 12m:confused:
  9. Re: help my newcastle....not scoring any goals sold alonso and got ribery and gerrard:p ....won the 1st game of the season 6:0..thanks a lot:D
  10. Re: help my newcastle....not scoring any goals help:confused:
  11. Re: help my newcastle....not scoring any goals currently im playing with 3-4-3 GIVEN CORLUKA MERIA CAPDEVILA DANIEL ALVES ALONSO ANDERSON GUARDADO MESSI BENZEMA PETROV
  12. please tell me what to do with this team .....only getting draws:mad: which formation should i play:confused: ????? GIVEN, Shay G 31 92 CAPDEVILA, Joan LB 30 92 MARCELO, Vieira LB 19 89 DANIEL ALVES, Silva RB/RM 24 94 CORLUKA, Vedran RB/DM 22 91 FERNANDO MEIRA, Jose CB 29 92 TORRES, Miguel D 22 89 GUARDADO, Andrés LM/LB 21 91 XABI ALONSO, Olano CM/DM 26 93 FLAMINI, Mathieu Ln CM/DM 24 90 ANDERSON, Luis Ln AM/CM 19 89 FERNANDEZ, Matías AM/LM 21 89 PETROV, Martin W/F 29 91 BARNETTA, Tranquillo W 22 89 MESSI, Lionel F/AM
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