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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions I personally see Ramsey staying for now.. 21 Appearances for Arsenal, but he is overshaddowed by Arteta, Wilshere and Carzola. He only scored once too.. 50/50 for a rise, but for me I think he is staying, until he can step up. Oxlade had a poor season really. He still has plenty of potential, but didn't do very well internationally, and made only 11 appearances or so in the premier league. Again for me a definite stayer, he really needs to improve his final ball / shooting and get more games to rise.
  2. Re: Finances This is not 100% directly related to the debate, but would like some ideas / advice on what I should do with my finances at the moment in line with this thread. I have a Div 5 team, and have recently won the league, so now in English Div 4 - not very competitive until you get to Div's 2 + 1. I think I got about 400-500k for winning the league - I would like to maintain the team for a few years to get them as high as possible. I have just sold 5 players (3 of my best, and 2 fringe first teamers) and raised about 5million, so my balance is about 5.3million, whilst still mainting a first team average of about 79, with subs around the 74-77 mark. In a week I spend roughly 380k (£376k last week) and my income is roughly the same (last weeks income was £375k) - although I did get a bit for merchandising for some reason.. ANYWAY. Now I have money, what should I do with it? Any additional players are going to stop me breaking even and into debt - which I accept is going to happen. Player swaps seem out of the question curently for me, so this has to be taken into account as well. Is it just a case of waiting to buy a nailed on cert for raising (some young superstar like Halilovic / Jedvaj / Meyer etc) who is bound to rise) and when they do sell the player that is then fringe? My fear is my income is going to stay the same if / when I move up a league (Or go up by say 40k a turn max if I fill my 4k capacity ground with a few more fans than the 2.8k now) Buying 2-3 good players (78-80 potential risers) is going to get me in the red fairly quickly after transfer fee's and wages, as is buying one v.good player (lets say an older prem striker for 4m 86 rated) who's wages will be about the same. The only way I can now see me improving, is if I literally keep all my money now, and just play with the squad of got for about 3-4 seasons, see if I can maybe get up to div 3 (with luck) and make about a million a season by not spending anything and getting say 500k for finshing mid table at best.. So I would get maybe 2-3 million if I do well after 3-4 seasons, with my 5million current, what do I do then? Buy players to get me into debt to sell them off again? Just not sure what at all to do... Any help appreciated..
  3. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Izzy looks pretty good yep! Apparently we would demand about 3 million in money / ad ons for Izzy though, so we woudl get a fair bit. We have anoher young kid coming up as well his name is Yan Dhanda. Apparently Liverpool want him for £750,00. He probably won't be on the database or anything for a while, but he looks a very good talent, going the same way as Jerome Sinclair who left Albion a few years ago to liverpool and made his debut for them last season.. Shame :/
  4. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Is that Silva Ederson? (playing for Ceara SC??) Looking for a riser!
  5. Re: Young Defenders If you are after a riser, Niklas Sule should go up a couple of ratings. Big, Young German Defender playing in the top league in Germany. Hasn't had that many games up to yet, but should be in for a +2 or so soon ish.# Have him in one of my setups.
  6. Re: Dunc's Good Risers Databse Bought both Garcia and Leo when they were 77... kept hold of Leo, but sold Garcia recently though - looks like a mistake :/ Did use the money for him to get Mauro Icardi though, so softens the blow a bit
  7. Re: Dunc's Good Risers Databse Thanks for the thread Dunc, good work. I've gone through some of the higher risers you have predicted (I.E. one's that have been predicted +4 / + 5 / +6 rises) and got the updated information on them, to save people going all through them trying to find one's that haven't risen. You can also update your table accordingly. Blue guys are players yet to recieve a rise - the red one's are one's I haven't checked yet. ---Name--- --(Previous Rating)-- --(New Rating)-- ---Now Cost's--- Escassi, Alberto (77) ---> (80) (+3) 1.5m DM M© Eddy, Pascual (75) ---> (78) (+3) 1.4m DM, M© ****, Martinez (77) ---> (82) (+5) 3.0m F© Iribas, Mikel (78) ---> (79) (+1) 1.25m D,DM,M® Antxon Muneta (79) ---> (79) (Predicted +3/+4) 1.1m M(L) AM© (No Change yet) Ramirez Tono (77) ---> (78) (+1) GK 1.1m Brimah Razak (76) ---> (79) (+3) GK 1.9m Alex Ortiz (77) ---> (80) (+3) DC 1.7m Luis Hernandez (76) ---> (80) (+4) DR Pena Mandi (77) ---> (80) (+3) 1.2m DM M© Aljeandro Barrera 75 +5 **Haven't checked** Alan Baro (79) ---> (79) (Predicted +3/+5) DM M© 1.1m (No Change yet) Isaias Sanchez (78) +5 **Haven't checked** Alfredo Mayor (79) -----> (79) (Predicted +3/+4) FC 1.1m (No Change yet) Aleix Vidal (82) ---> (84) 3.4m AM(RL) F(RLC) Muniz Manu (80) ---> (80) (Predicted +3/+5) GK 2.2m (No Change yet) Tavares Fabinho - (75) ---> 82 (+7) D DM M® 4.0m Alexander Szymanowski (79) ---> (79) (Predicted +3/+4) M AM© 1.3m (No Change yet) Angel Trujillo (78) +5 **Haven't checked** Samuel Camille (78) +5 **Haven't checked** Pacheco Luso (79) ---> (79) (Predicted +3/+5) DR 1.1m (No Change yet) Javi Acuna (82) ---> 83 (+1) FC 4.3m Novo Pelayo (80) ---> 82 (+2) DM MC 2.8m Hope this is useful! Luke
  8. Re: Zeli Ismail I don't think he will rise instantly.. or Rise for a long while.. Had a fairly unsuccessful loan period. Since 2010, Wolves have been relegated twice, and now playing in the 3rd tier. They already have a far better squad than they need for that league, and are keeping the bulk of the average players which should be plenty to get them out of the league. I can't imagine him playing much at all - they have Doubmia / Siggurdson and a few others that will be playing all the time instead of him. You don't need tricks in that league, you need to be strong, powerful and read the game. For me definately not a short term riser at all, and haven't heard him even being able to get on the bench yet. Not worth it. P.S. Sell Jamie o Hara / Roger Johnson NOW if you have either of them in either of your teams.. Unwanted and played awful last year.
  9. Re: Few deals I personally Like Insigne over Ox. He has Been playing really well lately and seems to step up in games, compared to Ox - Arsenal are also rumoured to be spending a bit the term, so may get slightly less game time. I like Nastasic and Draxler, but close. Definetly the 2 for a longer game.
  10. Re: Benteke or Lukaku Watched both live a couple of times and I would go for Benteke, being a bit cheaper. If they both cost 12Mill, MAYBE Lukaku, but probably still Benteke. Lukaku is living off a bigger name (as the Whizzkid / New Drogba etc), and he needs to become more consistant and get game time. Benteke is stronger and better on the ball, however Lukaku is quicker, and has more potential. Depends on how they do in the next season - and where they are playing. A lot of people will probably be pining for big ratings for Lukaku, just on the fact he scored 3 against United on the last day of the season, and has been bigged up a lot - so SM will probably end up rating him more kindly.. Should not really be the case though.. Against Norwich the week before he was a passanger though, and needs to still improve.
  11. Re: Isaiah Brown A link to Just over a minute of clips of Izzy Brown for the reserves at 16: Arsenal and Chelsea both interested in him for their reserve / youth setup: http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11668/8579348? (Apaprently they are talking around about a million) I havent seen or heard anything of him to be honest. I thought Adil Nabi (Spelling) from Albion youth was the closets to be getting into the first team, along with Saido Berahino - (although Saido isn't progressing as well as previously expected) I think he is AM / Striker, and apparently he has lots of potential. If he is added onto the DB soon, I suspect he will come in at about a 69/70 rating MAX, and be valued at 10k. Should rise to 75 After the next season, if he continues to improve / gets a big move. Worth Snapping up for a long term game world, as in 2-3 years ish, he should be probably playing in the Championship if we loan him out (Second English Tier) to be getting experience, similar to Chris Wood (Leicester, currently rated around 83 I think), has bags of potential, but still an unknown quantity.
  12. Re: Club Finances - QPR Unfortunately - This is how QPR are in Real life. Technically they will go bankrupt - especially if the owners stop pumpping money in. The only way you can make money directly yourself is to buy risers, and sell them for more. That or do well in the leagues / competitions.. Sorry! EDIT: You can buy 10k risers, and sell them! Some players have gone from 10k ---> a few million in recent rises!
  13. Re: Huge youth overhaul help? Id probably get rid of Nathan Redmond (has dropped off a lot since his early Hype) as well as the bolded ones above.. There's quite a few that won't get near your first team for a while, that you could sell (Like Luke Shaw, Halilovic etc) but they have good potentials, so it's up to you..
  14. Re: The Best Talent of 10k ^^^ R.E. Lee Evans. Not really worth buying / probably won't rise much. Moved to Wolves in January as a potential talent. Hasn't played at all. Wolves are playing very badly too, and look like they could be relegated again to the 3rd division. ("League One") He might get a very small + for joining a bigger team than he was before - but not much at all, and no real talent / potential at the moment for this one.
  15. Re: External Player Bid Question Well for anyone who is interested in the future, they accepted both bids, and they took the higher one in all the cases. Also, players were offered of the same value, and they took them over a cash deal of the EXACT same value - So I don't know wether or not the computer would everytime prefer a player to cash - or just in this instance with a relatively low level team involved..
  16. Re: External Player Bid Question Shameless Bump sorry - as this is pushed for time a little - Sorry!
  17. Re: Help please... Log in as normal - hit the green cog in the top right hand corner (Settings icon) There should be 5 options appear in a drop down below. Click the first one (Probably says Romana) This should bring a new pop up window with a host of languages. English is in the first list on the left, the 6th one down.
  18. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition Probly too late to join now, but I would have taken Alen Halilovic 16 year old 75 rated. or Leo Baptistao was 75 before and has now risen I'll just see how I get on with those 2, as time progresses
  19. I have put a couple of bids in for external players for external clubs. Another manager is putting bids on the same players as I am bidding for. Will the computer accept the first bid? Or he puts like 5k more for a cheap player (or any player) will the computer take the higher bid? Neither bid has been accepted yet, just proposed to the club, but mine was a good few hours before. I have a feeling he put a few thousand more than me, as I put the asking value for each player. Anyone any ideas???
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Not much in it, but Carzola for me.. Swapping a LB as I have plenty of cover there, here's the player offers I have: NOTE: I Need one striker - the other player is just is just for money / make weight - for a division 2 side) Benteke + Nastasic or Michu + Wiemann
  21. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 I would personally Sell Mclean (If you need cash) or exchange for better.. He hasn't been putting out performances as well as he did last season, and the start of this, where he was getting rave reviews.. Although he is playing internationally (on and off last year) He isn't featuring much on that front either.. Could potentially rise in the future - but not by much more - and would take a fair while to as well. Definately swap for better if you can..
  22. Re: premier league ratings Raheem Sterling (Biggest Rise) (Liverpool) Nick Powell (Biggest Rise) (Man Utd) Ashley Westwood (Aston Villa) Paulo Gazzinga (Southampton) Luke Shaw (Southampton) Adam Le Fondre (Reading) Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) Tom Cleverly (Man Utd) Andreas Wiemann (Aston Villa) Michu (Swansea) Ben Davies (Swansea) Nastasic (Man City) Billy Jones (WBA) Leighton Baines (Everton) Mariouni Fellani (Everton) Juan Mata (Chelsea) Oscar (Chelsea) Shane Long (WBA) The are obviously hundreds who could rise by +1 / + 2 or maybe stay, but those are the obvious ones / ones off the top of my head.
  23. Re: Player rated under 80 who will son be 80 plus? Do they have to be from Spain or England?
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