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  1. Re: EPL ratings by Cleg_Yorkshire Do you really think he should rise for that???
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 10M + Carrol for Adil Rami? Good or bad deal... I have been offered Carrol and 10M for Rami, should i accept or reject?
  3. Re: HENDERSON, Jordan Is Henderson worth a buy for the future? Do you think he could be a future 90 rated player? Any news of a move to a bigger club? Thanks in advance
  4. 01rhall


    Re: Honda thanks has helped a lot. Can't rep as i need to spead
  5. 01rhall


    Re: Honda What sort of long term rating do you think Honda could achieve. Is he a future 92+? Quick reply would be great wondering whether to make a bid. Replies will be repped
  6. Re: Paraguay Risers. Get them quick How soon will these ratings happen then? Seem like some pretty awesome riders. Are the predicted rises realistic?
  7. What are the potential ratings in the next couple of turns, as I'm thinking of offloading some of them. Mario gotze Josip ilicic Ezequiel munoz Thanks for any help provided
  8. Re: Looking for a LB im looking specifically for a LB though as i have silva, kompany, rami and toure in the CB spot. Will he have the LB position available in a few seasons?
  9. I'm looking for a young talented left back. So under the age of 21 and has to be a LB. All the obvious ones are taken, i'm not looking for instant rating rise but a real gem for the future. Any suggestions?? A few available when searching are: TABANOU, Franck ANITA, Vurnon ALBA, Jordi ÁNGEL, José KOYBASI, Ismail GIBBS, Kieran SADLOK, Maciej GUNTER, Chris OCZIPKA, Bastian RAJKOVIC, Slobodan RAUSCH, Konstantin RAKYTSKYY, Yaroslav SAKHO, Mamadou Thanks Ryan
  10. Re: Few changes to my team pretty conclusive, thanks guys
  11. I'm looking to buy in Cavani to strengthen my weak strike force. But need to sell a defender to afford it. The 2 players I can sell are Jan VERTONGHEN and Jonny EVANS. What are these 2 players potential ratings for the future?? I can't decide which one to get rid of. Thanks Ryan
  12. Re: Where can I improve my squad now??? Anyone got any views on who I should buy or sell? Thanks, Ryan
  13. ADLER, René Gk EDUARDO, Carvalho Gk COENTRAO, Fábio LB/LM ANYUKOV, Aleksandr RB/RM DE SILVESTRI, Lorenzo RB/RM TOURE, Kolo CB/RB EVANS, Jonny CB/LB KOMPANY, Vincent CB/DM RAMI, Adil CB SILVA, Thiago CB GODÍN, Diego CB RANOCCHIA, Andrea CB VERTONGHEN, Jan Def/DM CASTRO, Gonzalo Def/DM DI MARIA, Ángel LM/Wing VELOSO, Miguel DM/LB BUSQUETS, Sergio DM/CM KHEDIRA, Sami CM/DM MODRIC, Luka CM/LM KROOS, Toni AM/Wing ILICIC, Josip AM/Wing MARIN, Marko Wing/Fwd SANCHEZ, Alexis Wing/Fwd BALOTELLI, Mario Fwd/Wing FALCAO, Radamel Fwd Ln ROSSI, Giuseppe Fwd/AM DZEKO, Edin CF KAG
  14. What are his prospective ratings for the future? What with Borussia looking certain to win the league and gain some champions league football. Does he play internationally? So my question being what rating do you think he can achieve mid next season? Thanks in advance Ryan
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