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  1. Re: Potential Ligue 1 Risers...The Unofficial Version Anyone know what's up with Mabiala from Nice? Looks like a bunch of Nice players got changes, but he wasn't among them. I figured him a shoe-in for +1/+2. Are they doing changes oddly now & not doing whole teams at once?
  2. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Anyone know what the deal is with Larrys Mabiala from Nice? I thought he'd be a shoe-in for a +1/+2 rise, but it looks like Nice has already been rated & he wasn't touched???
  3. Re: 3 at the back I think fullbacks tend to do slightly worse, tbh....but they're still serviceable. Take my Kilmarnock side, for example. I am currently top of the table 17 games in. I start the following back line in a 3-5-2: (rating position name avp) 87 RB/RM Diakite 6.56--- 87 CB/RB Boyce 7.00 -- 87 LB/CB Figueroa 6.36 Here is my Bayern backline, same formation, 28 games played: 93 RB/LB Lahm 6.37 -- 94 CB Lucio 6.80 -- 93 CB/DM DeMichelis 6.78 Here is Lyon, same formation, 23 games played: 91 CB/CM Bodmer 7.00 -- 91 CB Cris 7.04 -- 91 LB/LM Grosso 6.62 So, as you can see, the
  4. Re: Any way to contact SM besides support tickets? Just one other comment/question for you teb. Even if this was a "farewell" deal, what makes that illegal? So long as the two managers are in cahoots, I don't see the issue. I paid over what SM valued the player at & had no idea if/when that other guy was planning to resign. Again, I'm being penalized for no apparent reason. Do you not agree that if SM start evaluating transfers based on "potential" value rather than SM's own established SM value, then that opens up quite a can of worms? I mean, for instance, I bought Chiekhou Kouyat
  5. Re: Any way to contact SM besides support tickets? Sadly, I don't rest assured of that. If they had done proper research or contacted me about it, I believe they never would have reversed the transfer. I'm still hopeful they will undo the reversal...just hoping I don't have to go about calling them. Found a contact number for Chris Gore in Preston, Lancashire, UK. Any idea if he's a decision maker for SM?
  6. Re: Any way to contact SM besides support tickets?
  7. Hello! I just had a trade reversed by the SMFA. It was horrible decision as the deal in question was 100% legal. I managed to get Lukaku from Anderlecht for 5m BEFORE his rise in GC 103 (he was only worth about 4m at the time). Was this cheap? Sure. Was there any funny business? Absolutely not, apart from some ineptitude on the part of the Anderlecht boss. You see... The Anderlecht manager had accepted a bid of 4.4m from an external club. I saw this as I had Lukaku shortlisted & noticed that the manager was still online. I sent him a PM offering 5m instead. He said "ok," I sent
  8. Re: Section 1 Risers - Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Uruguay
  9. Re: Player "farming" improvement? I think it affects the big clubs as well...but in a way that will actually make the game MORE attractive to smaller club managers. One of the big reasons that nobody bothers with small teams on the older public setups is that most of the decent 88+ rated players have been scooped up by the big clubs & are just rotting on their benches. With a squad limit, the big clubs won't be able to hoard tons of players like many currently do. There are clubs out there with well over 100 88+ rated players. The less the big clubs can hoard, the more there is to g
  10. Re: Player "farming" improvement? Astan (et al), you do realize that even with a squad cap or extended transfer bans, you can still play like Udinese or Porto. You can still build any squad up to the level of 90+, it would just take a little more time. You wouldn't be able to go from Brentford to Barcelona (quality wise) in just a few months like you can now. The challenge that you love in building a fine squad will remain, and in fact will actually become a bit more of a challenge. Let's face it, right now, any idiot who can read the forums has the ability to go from worst to first in a
  11. Re: Player "farming" improvement? Sorry, but I don't agree. You're right that you need 25 to account for league games, cup games, & injury coverage. The rest is mainly surplus & youth. 30/30 or a 50 to 60 total cap allows for plenty. Now...do you mean 3 million per week (meaning 2 turns) or 3 million per turn. I hope you meant per week, cause the very best GC teams usually have less than 1.5 million in wages on their main squad. I can't even imagine what kind of ridiculous monster team you'd have with a 3 million wage bill. LOL This isn't directed at you Astan, but the comme
  12. Re: Player "farming" improvement? I'm not one to do fancy quote pasting, so I'll just respond to your points with numbers corresponding to the sections in your last post. LOL 1) IMO, it doesn't matter what example you give. No team out there is chilling with 200 players on its primary or secondary/youth squad. Do they farm them out to other teams via loans or whatever? Long story short, though, they're not (most of the time at least) paying the weekly wages for all those players. Sure, and if you can find enough teams to take 200 loaners in an SM setup, please show me one example where
  13. Re: To stop teams buying all the youngsters What about Santon from Inter or (until recently) Rafael from ManU? Both are teens & have the potential to scratch 90 within a calendar year...
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