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  1. I don't know how others feel, but I am very much not enjoying the new "zomg, we're like facebook now guise!!!" style of this site. Can we please remember that this a football manager game first & foremost? I feel like the developers are losing the plot & trying to turn this delightful game into something else. This place is starting to remind me of how MTV transformed from a music video channel into a reality TV-fest. SM, please stick with what you do best...having the greatest football manager site on the internet. /rantoff
  2. Re: New User Interface [beta] Just noticed two more things I dislike about the new UI... -- On the Home tab, I used to be able to tell (at a quick glance) if I had fixtures on a given day for both my club & national teams. Now, I only get one notice for both. This is annoying because I don't usually update the tactics on my national teams as religiously as my club teams. Now I don't know if that Friday notice is for a lame national game against Andorra or an important champion's cup match without clicking further down into each team. Just a waste of time. -- No skins!!! I find the
  3. Re: New User Interface [beta] The interface is sorta nice looking, but it's tedious & more time-consuming to navigate. Ultimately? FAIL. Seriously, why not just make this the default, but give people an option to use the "classic" interface? They obviously have the coding for that since it's what they did during the beta phase.
  4. Re: Absolutely furious! Goooooood luck getting that reversed. SM are friggin' (rhymes with "Totzi's") when it comes to this kind of stuff. I absolutely HATE the SM transfer system. Unfortunately, there aren't really any better alternatives out there, so I suck it up & accept that SM is going to bend me over & give me a good reaming every once in awhile "in the name of fairness."
  5. Re: Player concerns poll Points for you on the hotchpotch matter...I'm clearly not well-versed in British slang variants. As to the other, you haven't added anything at all other than a sense of smug superiority often used as a defense mechanism by people who are incapable of said "considered response." You give legitimacy to my ideas through showing your unwillingness to counter them with anything other than overtly rude dismissal. Cheers for that, mate! Hehe, I had a suspicion about you & checked out your clubs. Yup, suspicion confirmed. You love exploiting the youth riser mec
  6. Re: Player concerns poll I have some squads with up to 60-70 players & I rarely have any concerns that go beyond level 2 (most of those being wage concerns I blatantly ignore). The concern system is a joke. I wrote up a long post on it here... http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=96070
  7. Re: Player concerns poll I wish you had a fourth option on the poll for: Yes. I actually wish the player concerns system was more strict.
  8. I like the idea of the player concern system, but I do not think it goes far enough & is thus only a minor annoyance rather than being the proper tool it is supposed to be. Here are my suggestions for improving the system. I would like to see it be a 3 step system rather than 5. Also, players who have concerns should start losing their functionality - 2 rating points per concern point. So, if Rooney has a level 2 concern, he will play as if his rating is a 91. If you let him get to level 3, he will play as an 89 until the chairman can sell him. And once you let a player reach level
  9. Re: Potential Ligue 1 Risers...The Unofficial Version Anyone know what's up with Mabiala from Nice? Looks like a bunch of Nice players got changes, but he wasn't among them. I figured him a shoe-in for +1/+2. Are they doing changes oddly now & not doing whole teams at once?
  10. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Anyone know what the deal is with Larrys Mabiala from Nice? I thought he'd be a shoe-in for a +1/+2 rise, but it looks like Nice has already been rated & he wasn't touched???
  11. Re: 3 at the back I think fullbacks tend to do slightly worse, tbh....but they're still serviceable. Take my Kilmarnock side, for example. I am currently top of the table 17 games in. I start the following back line in a 3-5-2: (rating position name avp) 87 RB/RM Diakite 6.56--- 87 CB/RB Boyce 7.00 -- 87 LB/CB Figueroa 6.36 Here is my Bayern backline, same formation, 28 games played: 93 RB/LB Lahm 6.37 -- 94 CB Lucio 6.80 -- 93 CB/DM DeMichelis 6.78 Here is Lyon, same formation, 23 games played: 91 CB/CM Bodmer 7.00 -- 91 CB Cris 7.04 -- 91 LB/LM Grosso 6.62 So, as you can see, the
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