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  1. Re: Respuesta: Re: Top 100 May you assign me a team then please I have read the rules and ready to join
  2. Re: Top 100 Am I able to join this league? I have spent some time away from soccermanager due to work and time restraints, but I feel like I have enough time to return
  3. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| The rules are good venk, but I must pose the question as to whether everyone is going to follow it or not? Lets be realistic here, there is going to be at least one person who doesn't. Besides that, the rules are good and makes the gw a little more exciting.
  4. Re: ||War of the World|| Saw this as I went to put in a bid gutted! Great signing despite the age.
  5. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| This is very good thinking.. Hmmm.. Continue the discussion in the secret and confidential allies group (not so secret anymore haha!)
  6. Re: .:Custom GameWorld of the Year:. - CGY Great idea elo. Very hard to pick the best -__-
  7. Re: Draft and Auction [NEW GAMEWORLD] Superb effort by the boys in the cup round. It was definitely tough sitting at home in front of their 70inch plasmas watching the rest of the league play in the cup. Haha! Loving the bye but to be fair, I never have been one for the cups. Not bothered by them, so probably will be out next round ha!
  8. Re: Round 2 Polling +1 I have yet to come across anyone of the others. So RickJames it is
  9. Re: Werewolf World - Where The Hunt Begins Thanks fr the invite goz. Count me in
  10. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Coming Soon Happy Diwali Everyone !!!!
  11. Re: ||War of the World|| Hahahahaha quality. Don't let your confidence get the better of you -__-
  12. Re: The Two Team Challenge Was going to post this in the morning (for me, night time for uk) but you beat me to it
  13. Re: ||Company of Heroes|| It's gonna be quite strange how it's going to work but o well..
  14. Re: ||War of the World|| I simply cannot score. I'm getting suck of this.
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