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  1. learn to be a human not the dirty little rat u r.

    1. Ghora


      ur a filthy political pig.

  2. Off work finally for a day and after a year or more probably I thought I would pop on the forum and see what's what to see if there is any improvement.... That was a silly thought there is probably more life in a pair of Susan Boyle's knickers, not to mention more chance of seeing Stephen Hawking going for a run than improvement in here!! Not one single post in this thread since 6th July which is a sad indictment of things when this thread used to buzzing and one of the most interesting on the forums, all the general football chat was but appears to be nothing going on and everybody
  3. I am off, tried but this is just irritatingly poor, if it ain't broke don't fix it....I certainly ain't got the patience for this, the ease of navigation previously made it what it was and now we'll......put it politely I ain't to impressed. No idea if I will continue to use this forum if it stays in this format probably not, I always found it worked absolutely fine on my mobile before easy to use. Been nice knowing ya lads!!
  4. This layout is horrific, not sure I can bear coming on the forums when it is like this, so Un user friendly, it looks naff and impossible to find things. Of all the things SM had done through the years the forum and it's ease of use previously was the best part. Simply horrific I hate this look, navigation is a nightmare can't find my user control panel or anything.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not going to reply to everybody on all points as I can't be arsed but the major ones... Ani the bile must spread made me chuckle.... Danc Rodgers just said what you would expect anybody in his situation to say he can't really say anything else but trot out the standard lines, today is not a day for him to jumping up and down and screaming his credentials. it was a humbling day and all that jazz but really before today I was totally confident that Rodgers would be here next season, even a defeat today wouldn't have changed my view on it but the MANNER of the de
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Ah Good to see the morons having a field day on the thread, good luck to them even though we apparently don't matter as a club it always amuses me how many of them are that genuinely fascinated by us that they can't leave this thread. Embaressing result and day but we ain't the first, we won't be the last this happens to United, Arsenal etc etc have all had Embaressing days and defeats but the suggestion that one result seems to signal the death of. Liverpool football club is highly amusing..... Complete OTT reaction mainly from opposition fans they seems to fo
  7. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread TBH you couldn't fail to stay up West Ham were a disgrace today and it was bad for the integrity of the League. West Ham made as little effort as possible and didn't even attempt to attack yet alone score. Glad you stayed up though.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread This is quite clearly nonsense as he has been a regular for a top four club this season..... He has been at a top four club for many years now.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I tend to agree with your analysis of Benteke whilst I can see what he can offer a football club all of his strengths are not really positives in terms of the way we play, we don't swing in crosses or play direct. I think his price tag is way overpriced as well. I have no doubt he would be very useful for most PL sides however he don't really fit our style of play and unless we have a complete philosophy change I don't see how he would fit TBH. I ain't Milner's biggest fan by any stretch but on a free transfer I don't really think anybody could argue with th
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