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  1. Off work finally for a day and after a year or more probably I thought I would pop on the forum and see what's what to see if there is any improvement.... That was a silly thought there is probably more life in a pair of Susan Boyle's knickers, not to mention more chance of seeing Stephen Hawking going for a run than improvement in here!! Not one single post in this thread since 6th July which is a sad indictment of things when this thread used to buzzing and one of the most interesting on the forums, all the general football chat was but appears to be nothing going on and everybody has run for the hills.... The fact looking around that Talentsearcher appears to be somewhat of a celebrity on here now is almost as unbelievable and depressing as watching a Mourinho press conference where he will find any possible excuse rather than himself.... Hope everybody is ok, can't see any real reason for a comeback........who knows maybe one day it might recover!! For what it's worth I think we have been exceptional this season and really enjoying watching us play, the style of football has thus far been magnificent and here's hoping it continues... ?
  2. I am off, tried but this is just irritatingly poor, if it ain't broke don't fix it....I certainly ain't got the patience for this, the ease of navigation previously made it what it was and now we'll......put it politely I ain't to impressed. No idea if I will continue to use this forum if it stays in this format probably not, I always found it worked absolutely fine on my mobile before easy to use. Been nice knowing ya lads!!
  3. This layout is horrific, not sure I can bear coming on the forums when it is like this, so Un user friendly, it looks naff and impossible to find things. Of all the things SM had done through the years the forum and it's ease of use previously was the best part. Simply horrific I hate this look, navigation is a nightmare can't find my user control panel or anything.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Not going to reply to everybody on all points as I can't be arsed but the major ones... Ani the bile must spread made me chuckle.... Danc Rodgers just said what you would expect anybody in his situation to say he can't really say anything else but trot out the standard lines, today is not a day for him to jumping up and down and screaming his credentials. it was a humbling day and all that jazz but really before today I was totally confident that Rodgers would be here next season, even a defeat today wouldn't have changed my view on it but the MANNER of the defeat is what may change things do the owners say it as an aberration or an indication of something deeper..... Syn nice to see we agree for once, it was going to happen one day, totally with you on the OTT stuff totally blown out of all proportion. Ben if you seriously think one result signals the death of a football club then that is about the most absurd statement I have heard and I thought you was a sensible chap, things change in football all the time United didn't die when they lost 4-0 to MK Dons etc etc. No player is going to look at one result and make that change his mind on a potential transfer again that is so far fetched and non sensical. With regards top four of course we wouldn't be favourites to be in it next season, but we ain't without a chance either and again it is silly season for anybody to make predictions on next season when there is going to be mass movement in the market from all sides and none of us have a crystal ball to know what each side is and is not going to be able to do/achieve in the transfer market during the summer. The recruitment has to be better that is for sure but as of now we just need to decide what we are going to do firstly with regards the manager and then we can plan from there.
  5. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Ah Good to see the morons having a field day on the thread, good luck to them even though we apparently don't matter as a club it always amuses me how many of them are that genuinely fascinated by us that they can't leave this thread. Embaressing result and day but we ain't the first, we won't be the last this happens to United, Arsenal etc etc have all had Embaressing days and defeats but the suggestion that one result seems to signal the death of. Liverpool football club is highly amusing..... Complete OTT reaction mainly from opposition fans they seems to forget we have been crap in the early 90's we came back, we were crap around the Hicks, Gillette era, we came back....even in those times people were saying the same rubbish they are saying now... Anyway if we move on from all the people who clearly know jack about this club the reality is ahead of an end of season assessment with the owners that is about as bad an audition as you are going to get. I have and still believe Rodgers has admirable qualities and personally it is the easy thing to say lets see him gone and TBH there is an argument for it now but we will just have to wait and see what the future holds. Rodgers is culpable but today the players were the major players at fault, no heart, no charachter, no fight for the cause and whether that was because of an end of season switch off mentally more than physically or they have just lost all confidence/belief in the manager that is the main issue. No player in world football is going to turn around and say I was going to join Liverpool but they got hammered by Stoke so I will change my mind, people who believe that are short of a few brain cells. Terrible result, but TBh ah I expected us to lose and even laid us for the first time ever on my betfair account, this result although an total abject pitiful display has zero impact on its own on us going forward. I won't be watching Match Of The Day though.
  7. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread TBH you couldn't fail to stay up West Ham were a disgrace today and it was bad for the integrity of the League. West Ham made as little effort as possible and didn't even attempt to attack yet alone score. Glad you stayed up though.
  8. Re: Official Liverpool Thread This is quite clearly nonsense as he has been a regular for a top four club this season..... He has been at a top four club for many years now.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I tend to agree with your analysis of Benteke whilst I can see what he can offer a football club all of his strengths are not really positives in terms of the way we play, we don't swing in crosses or play direct. I think his price tag is way overpriced as well. I have no doubt he would be very useful for most PL sides however he don't really fit our style of play and unless we have a complete philosophy change I don't see how he would fit TBH. I ain't Milner's biggest fan by any stretch but on a free transfer I don't really think anybody could argue with that addition being worthwhile and also brings some much needed experience to the ranks of what is a remarkably young side/squad.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Gotta love the fickle nature of fans...... For years we have had Stu say Sterling is overrated, got so much to learn , hardly any end product etc etc now he is linked with City.... Massive Talent to big for Liverpool (do me a favour, your level of arrogance in your comment is bordering on United like status). He is 20 years of age and although talented he really has it all to prove and if he can only look good when there are players around him to make him look good that dont bode well for his own individual talent level does it?? Sterling is talented but he still has a lot to prove, would I prefer him to sign a new contract and stay yes but if somebody comes in with silly money would I be devestated if he left, do i think the team would immensely suffer....no This aint a Suarez, Gerrard, Alonso situation Liverpool will survive fine without him,
  11. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I think in all honesty the majority of the fan base will be non fussed. This ain't a Xabi Alonso, Suarez type situation where you would be genuinely upset and fear long term for the future. Make no mistake Sterling is a very talented player and does have bundles of potential but he is inconsistent and his final ball/pass at times is terrible. If we get a massive fee for him anything 35m+ I reckon is a pretty good deal, I think he will be making a mistake personally but that's up to him. I will say the same anytime if people do not appreciate just how lucky they are to be at a club like ours and want to leave then let them leave. It will be a blow but it ain't something that we can't come back from. No player is bigger than the club and certainly not Sterling.
  12. Re: Official Manchester United Thread I am afraid he did.... I dunno quite why but I am still laughing ten minutes later :p
  13. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Gotta hand it to you this literally had me laughing myself silly :p
  14. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread On a serious note delighted to see Fabregas get his red card on multiple levels 1- Don't make up for last weeks disgusting challenge on Sterling but I suppose it is a little bit of justice. 2- More Importantly I am five points clear in the Telegraph Fantasy Footy League at work and the guy in second has Fabregas and a tidy -5 points now Just need Hazard to stay quiet now
  15. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It is so typically United that on a day when a Liverpool Legend plays his last game at the club after 27 years service, a man who has given everything to this club and performed minor miracles in carrying this football club they will try and belittle him and his achievements even on a day like today. People like Talentsearcher breathing is a waste of air. Gerrard has been phenomenal and although the game was abject and we were awful it was wonderful to see the Liverpool public and Palace show such great respect to a man who has lit up the PL era and be one of the greatest players to play the game and arguably Liverpool's best. The Guard Of Honour with his kids was a very touching moment as was the sound of the Kop ringing out his name and was very emotional to see him at the end walking around and taking it all in, I don't mind admitting it made me very emotional he is MR Liverpool for me and he has been not only a phenomenal player but a brilliant ambassador and role model as well, I couldn't be prouder of Stevie. Gerrard in his pomp could do everything and was arguably the greatest midfielder in PL history, very few midfielders could be great in every facet of the game but he was and what sets him apArt from the others is his ability to win a game by himself, produce that Roy of the Rovers Magic by himself as he did when he won the Champions League Final and FA Cup almost single handedly and that is something I don't believe that Lamlard, Scholes, etc could do. But today ain't about comparisons it is about honouring a man who has been nothing short of sensational for my club, the team I adore and a man who has brought me and all Liverpool fans around the globe some of the best supporting moments in our lives and produce some of the greatest performances from any man who has worn the famous red shirt. Gone but not forgotten, Stevie you shall be missed. Captain, Role model, Legend.
  17. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Cloud Cuckoo Land is where anybody who thinks Pogba will join United lives.... He felt let down by United and felt they treated them badly he ain't coming back... He will end up at a bigger club than United anyway can't imagine if he does leave that it won't be to Real or Barca.
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread It was quite emotional watching Stevie's press conference in full last night, he kept it together better than I did that's for sure and we ain't even at the game yet. So weird to think it is all coming to an end, the guy has been Liverpool for the vast majority of my time supporting the club, he is the iconic figure and soon he won't be there just don't feel right. Never really been one into having sporting "heroes" on an individual level as such but he is as close to one as I am going to get. Hope he gets the respect and adulation he deserves tomorrow, I have no doubt the club and the fans will do and hopefully he plays well and we get the result. So so weird to think the next time I go to Anfield, he won't be there starting to hit home for me now.
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