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  1. 145 is practically owned by two people... between them they have around 9 clubs. i know for sure they use: real madrid man united Bayern munich Porto Celtic Dynamo kiev Lazio Olypiakos and possibly hamburg not definately sure I know this because i know the two people. they also have there mainclubs which i dont want to say because i still want to play agants my mates and the owners are in my friends but could any admin guy please take the cheat teams away. btw the cheats are definately not called adam venables or eddy eddy
  2. anyone think matias fernandez is likly to increase at the nxt spanish changes? hes currently 89 but has played 11 gaems and 19 subs for villareal this yr scoring on the last day of the year as well
  3. Re: A Cheat - Matthew Maxwell Me and my friend had a deal that i wold give him zapater if he gave me montolivo but anova of our friends offered van der sar for montolivo he ended up with van der sr and zapater and i had montolivo was an accident he forgot to cancel the van der sar deal. But the a couple of mornings later van der sar was back at the team he was bought from the previous day and the transfer had already been copleted days before hand. i was just wondering how this was possible
  4. Re: football chants 10 men went to bed went to bed with ashley 10 men 9 men 8 men 7 men 6 men 5 men 4 men 3 men 2 men 1 man and his mobile phone went to bed with ashley arsenal skit of chelseas 10 men went to mow a meadow
  5. Re: football chants tottenham fans: stand up cos eduardo cant
  6. Re: The Glasgow Celtic Football Club thread season 07/08 any thoughts on strachan stayin or goin... i.e. who wants him to stay or go?
  7. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Isnt he awsome but how the hell did he not go up to 91 in last rating changes !!!
  8. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! all ur work is awsome mate im lovin it nd have already repped u
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... anyone any ideas if david angel will rise from 91?
  10. Re: Liverpool99's La Liga Rating Changes Part 1 wt about david angel 91 atm wonderin if he wil rise? have searched the whole forum cant find his name on a single post lol need help wuick pls
  11. Re: help tbh id be happy being either manager cos aguero is a quality player but uv now got probs the biggest 17 yr old prospect on the planet hu has been sed to be better than messi at that age! and uv got a gd solid 91 keeper and another 30 mil to get a replacement for aguero even though he is a big loss to any team. but overall i reckon bojan could become 96/97 wen he gets to his peak in his career imo. thets be honest hes already gettin ahead of ronaldinho hus been the best player in the world a couple of yrs back. so i reckon its gd deal m8
  12. Re: Liverpool99's La Liga Rating Changes Part 1 will tono for santander rise? hes kept 16 clean sheets in la liga this yr nd i think he should jw wot u think?
  13. alecb7

    Yaya Toure

    hey i need a 92+ c in my team atm and was wondering if yaya toure will increase. I currently have flamini but in no way will i swap him. im trying to get him for 40mil ish + affelay but the sevilla (who currently have toure) manager is reluctant to sell him unless i give him flamini. I was just wondering what ppl think about toures rating wether hes been good enough to go up at all:)
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