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  1. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * brilliant game today, shame they scored the 2nd so late when we went to sleep (scored it just as i was walking down the steps to leave ) and had a penalty that looked well dodgy (will be checking it out later on match of the day) but im extremely happy with our performance today. only thing i think we need now is a RW/RM, its the only thing that leaves us un balanced (as reocoker keeps drifting into midfield), either milner/lennon/valencia/SWP would do me, so lots of options out there.
  2. Re: Offical Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * thank god MON woke from his slumber, im really excited for this season now and our team is starting to look quite strong, if we can get a good RM/RW (either milner or lennon for me) and another striker (santa cruz would be epic) then we could quite easily push for that 4th spot. also looks like we should be keeping barry so things are great atm anyway gonna salivate over this dream start up.... -----------friedel---------- young-laursen-cuellar-shorey milner--sidwell-barry--young ------santacruz-carew------ and if things need changing up
  3. Re: Best Formation ever 3-5-2 is the best formation ever (for me atleast) i took over my fc schalke team last season about 5 games into the season and it was mid table with not much talent in the team, i went on to build a brilliant team, highest rating is my 2 93 rated strikers though, rest is mostly 92/91 and 90, so you can see i dont exactly have much world class stars so i have to rely on tactics and formation to win against the teams with much higher class teams. when i see people taking over the top teams and failing miserably i kinda get a chuckle out of it, i mean man united is botto
  4. Re: Tactical Help, would be much appreciated 3-5-2 Tackling Style: hard Mentality: defensive Passing Style: mixed Attacking Style: through middle Tempo: slow Pressing: own half no boxes ticked. ----------------BUFFON---------------- PUYOL-----------VIDIC--------FERDINAND ------------------PIRLO------------------ RONALDO------XAVI---FABREGAS--RIBERY ------------ROONEY-----MESSI---------- guaranteed domination.
  5. Re: Basic Structure of a Squad ill only list my one squad as i have that pretty much how i want it already and im still building my other teams, anyway before i list my structure ill give you a tip to bulk up your squad nicely for cup games, go to setup > transfers > search and search for players in the positions you need who are extremely old for footie players e.g age 34+, you can pick up highly rated older players for extremely cheap prices (under 2mil for 89 rated striker etc..) and i bulked up my one squad with another goalie/2 strikers and a few midfielders this way, i usually exc
  6. Re: Wingers,Forwards and Attacking mids
  7. Re: Question About 3-5-2 i play rb-cb-lb and works fine for me, usually never get under 7 rating for my back 3, majority of time they get 8's/9's.
  8. Re: Need a 90+ Striker for £22m pavlyuchenko gomez di natale cruz pantelic etc... loads of strikers out there, i say you go to setup > transfers > search and search for strikers and buy the highest rated ones you find in foreign teams, as they wont be managed so you will just have to meet the asking price and not overbid. should be able to get a 93+ rated strikers at least.
  9. Re: Trying To Get It Right - My Arsenal Team
  10. Re: Trying To Get It Right - My Arsenal Team
  11. Re: Trying To Get It Right - My Arsenal Team would of probably won all those games if you used my advice m8. won all my games for both my teams since last posting on this thread and got my bolton from bottom 3 since i took over to top four now and my schalke are 13 points ahead at top of league and look to be romping it home.
  12. Re: Help my team of misfits! look closely at the names of the players.
  13. Re: Trying To Get It Right - My Arsenal Team ok heres what i use, using this formation and tactics has given me 8 wins out of 9 games for my bolton side (not been managing long) and im on a 12 game win streak with my FC schalke side with about 19 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses overall (losses and draws came early on when i was new to game and was sorting out tactics and formations etc..) ok so use 3-5-2 ----------------G-------------- RB/D-----------CB/D------------LB/D ---------------DM------------- RM/W----CM---------CM------LM/W ---------CF/F-------CF/F------- now try to fill these posi
  14. Re: Help for my team please 3-5-2 -------------------GK------------------ RB----------------CB------------------LB -------------------DM------------------ W/RM------CM-------------CM--------W/LM ------------F/CF---------F/CF---------- AM can also play in CM but will most likely not play as well as CM would, just fill up the positions with your highest rated players who play there as i indicated above and use these tactics: Tackling Style: hard Mentality: defensive Passing Style: through middle Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: slow Pressing: own half Counter-Attack: no Men Behind Ba
  15. Re: Young Wingers? will be a big star in the future but maybe not break 90 just yet...carlos vela. be a good buy for future.
  16. Re: need urgent help with slightly changed valencia team.. 3-5-2 formation ---------G-------- rb-------cb-------lb ---------dm--------- w/rm---cm-cm---w/lm ------cf/f--cf/f------- fill these positions with highest rated players you got for each position and in tactics use: tempo: slow mentality: defensive or very defensive tackling: hard passing: through the middle have rest of them mixed and dont tick any of the boxes. i guarantee you will win if you use this correctly.
  17. Re: 4-3-3 Formation yep you can.
  18. Re: Cup Matches yes you get gate revenue, full at home and half away i believe.
  19. Re: 3-5-2 Team style? Please help. also this is another mistaken belief, wingers can play on rm or lm and fully play to their ability, thats why i have exclusively no rm or lm in my teams if i can help it and try to have a load of wingers, as having a bunch of wingers you effectively have cover for both sides of your midfield and they score goals for fun.
  20. Re: 3-5-2 Team style? Please help. that is perfect, keep the style as slow and defensive as this has no trouble getting goals, it just means you keep the ball more, working your way up to the goal without giving it away stupidly, a lot of people have the mistaken belief that defensive doesn't get you goals. i agree about getting a proper DM and a high rated CM where your AM is though to fully utilize those positions. you will still do well though with what you have got there. i just beat a stronger liverpool side using my bolton wanderers 5 - 0 using nearly the exact same set up as you, only
  21. Re: Best formation with a team heavy on DM, AM and W? you can try him there yea, i sometimes play AM in CM when i have injuries and they usually perform well.
  22. Re: 3-4-1-2 3-5-2 is the best formation nowadays.
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