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  1. Re: football chants Man Utd fans to liverpool Get a job, Get a job, Get a job you lazy t***s
  2. Re: Chelsea hand Man Utd title? Neller thinks ronaldo is rubbish and is jelous because he doesnt play for Liverpool
  3. Re: CHELSEA - Rating Changes does no1 else think j.cole will go above 93? hes been awesome this season, and he's been england's best performer for ages.
  4. Re: GRAND SLAM SUNDAY - Man utd Vs Liverpool & Chelsea Vs Arsenal This'll most probs be fergie's team IMO Kuskzack Brown Vidic Ferdinand Evra Hargreaves Ronaldo Scholes Carrick Giggs Rooney cos usually in big games he'll play 5 in midfeild for extra strength. however i'd like to see us with 2 up front, (tevez in 4 hargreaves) and really go at liverpool. we beat them at anfield, and the last time one of the big 4, (soon to be big 3) came to old trafford, we hammered arsenal 4-0. teams
  5. Re: The Best Band went to c Muse live at wembley, best live band ever!! omg i wasn't like a massive fan before that, but knights of cydonia has got to be one of the best rock songs ever IMO. luv muse. best mand IMO. biffy clyro gud aswell
  6. Re: Joe Cole i've got cole, and ribery, so i'd be happy if they both were 94s, which i think is about right. Also, the older players like Seedorf, Stankovic, and Giggs are, like you say, slightly past it.
  7. A few years ago it was a very prominant question, but the suggestioin was turned down. I believe that the two glasgow based clubs should join rthe league however. I've got a mate who supports celtic and it would be great to beat them on a regular basis, as appose to just in the UCL. I cant see any downsides to the plan, because there would be another UCL spot up for grabs. Whats your opininon?
  8. Re: Can Players in the SPL go above 91? fair play, i only care because i've got mcgeady and i'd love him to go up to 91 I agree though, that for him to get really good (93+), he'd have to be playing in a better league.
  9. Re: EPL 'Big four' FIRST TEAM Rating Changes. LIVER 5TH March.
  10. Re: WATLW's French U21 Rating Changes i got benzema:D :D :D :D
  11. Players like Nakamura and Boruc for Celtic, and Barry Ferguson for Rangers, have reached 91, and there are others, like aiden mcgeady that some would argue deserve a 91 rating. However, due to the pretty poor quality of the rest of the league, can players from scotland go above 91? In my opinion, they should, depending on the teams success in europe. OK, the league is pretty poor, but if a team can get to the last 16 in europe, surely they can have players that boast a rating higher than 91. What's your opinion?
  12. Re: Man Utd buy the EPL & current glory? just want to point out the difference between chelsea and united in terms of buyin the title. Utd's wealth was self generated. when we first wqon the prem in 94, it was due to youth players like giggs, neville, neville, scholes, beckham, butt. after this, we became a very rich club, capable of buying the title, but the thing is, we would never have been that rich if it weren't for our good youth team in the early 90s. The thing about chelsea, is that it Roman Abramovich could've bought any of the other 19 teams in the premiership, and bought the
  13. Re: who is a flop this season??? not all of derby's player were flops. Giles Barnes will still be playing in the premiership next season fo shizzle
  14. Re: Martin Skrtel He's only getting in the team while Aggers out. also from what i've seen he's nothing more than a backup. got given the runaround by brian howard when liverpoll played barnsley. solid 89, definitely no more than a 90.
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