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  1. Re: Julian Draxler - new Schalke star He's got the potential to be a good player, he's only 17 and played alright last week. He's worth getting, and if that manager has a massive pit of money, £1.6m is nothing for a player who could be worth more than that is less than a year. Lets be honest, if Dortmund are interested in a young player, he must be decent
  2. Re: Stephen Ireland I am a Villa fan so I have seen him play. He is starting to find himself a little bit, but still can't fully force himself into the starting line-up. I am still showing faith in him because I know how good he is, and him on his game is exactly what Villa need. At the moment I can't see him going up, but hopefully he is just bedding in and can recapture his 'superman' form.
  3. Re: SoccerManager.com is brutal at doing the ratings How dare anyone say Bale doesn't deserve higher than 90, he isn't just the best player in the premierleague, but the world. He is like Messi, Ronaldo, Zidane, Ronaldinho, and Maradona all mixed together to make the ultimate player that no one will ever be better than. Or he is a player on a bit of form, that hasn't actually been that great other than in a few matches. I can't decide which of these statements I'd go with. Obviously, the first statement would be more likely... In opposite world. People should calm down about Gareth Bale, and realise that he is just flavour of the month at the moment. Anyone remember that world class player called David Bentley? I think he retired a couple of seasons ago, just does the spurs subs a favour by warming their benches up for them. Get real Bale-anatics and wake up and realise he is a decent player, but 90 is more than fair.
  4. Re: Correia Adriano More likely to stay because of the club, and he does occasionally play
  5. Re: Hummels or Subotic Hummels is the better of the 2, but Subotic is more linked to a big move for some reason. Neither are bad signings though
  6. Re: SM Twitter page (info regarding rating schedules) It is Bundesliga after Ligue 1 because if you go on the player database changes page, it has the tabs at the top ready.
  7. Re: Fabio Coentrao to 90!! Bale should only go to 89 with Coentrao at 90. I'm glad they've given him a +3 because it isn't very often someone jumps from 87 to 90 in one change. Hopefully its a statement that they aren't going to be too conservative in the upcoming changes.
  8. Re: Cavani or Llorente Llorente is 95% certain to go to Real Madrid. Mourinho has said he wants to sign him, and Florentino Perez has said ok. He has a 36 million euros release fee, and Real Madrid are also the most likely to pay that. He is also a better alround player in my opinion, although Cavani is decent as well. Out of the 2 I would pick Llorente everyday.
  9. Re: Marcelo (Real Madrid left back) I wouldn't say Higuain is shocking at finishing at all. He isn't the best, but you can't argue with 10 goals in 17 games this season, and 29 in 39 last season. As for Marcelo, he should already be at least 91, so he will definitely go up. Him, Khedira, and Di Maria are some of the most sure risers for the next round. Adriano hasn't played enough for a rise. He is 3rd choice left back this season. I'm disapointed about him because I bought him for a few of my teams.
  10. Re: rooney to 94? Personally I think there are 91 players better than him. He is massively overrated. He won't go below 95 though because there are too many people in football who seem to think he is much better than he is.
  11. Re: Huntelaar He won't rise, but it means he might have avoided a drop
  12. Re: SM Twitter page (info regarding rating schedules) They have also started posting theit twitter posts on facebook as well lol
  13. Re: Pires to Villa His wages won't be much at all, and I reckon he'll join the coaching team at the end of the season. Pires was one of my favourite players when I was young, so I'm happy about it. I'm not expected much from him on the pitch, but its still a better signing than Hleb
  14. Re: Villa Youngsters Ciaran Clark has pulled out of the Ireland National Squad due to his calf injury. Bannan on the other hand is expexted to start for Scotland in their friendly tonight.
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