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    Re: Flamini that's right, a drop would be really harsh considering he's currently improving a lot. keep him
  2. Re: Ronaldinho to 94 ??? haha ridiculous. If pirlo goes down to 94, then ronaldinho should be 94/95. He really brings something to the team, and please stop being biaised just because you hate AC Milan: he had a wonderful start of season, scoring 12 goals. The guy has been injured, that's why he's not match fit at the moment.
  3. Re: Italian Ratings! Pirlo 93/94? that would be harsh. A drop to 95 is deserved though, don't forget he is one of the best playmaker in the world...
  4. Re: Italian Ratings! nice thread mate! I am a Milan fan' date=' my opinion could be biaised but to be honnest these are my predictions (I watched all their games): [b']Seedorf[/b] should go down, the guy is slow and has been in really poor form recently (despite scoring against chievo) --> 93 Kaka shouldn't go down, he's still magic! --> 98 Emerson deserves a drop, im not sure whether he's still a professional player or not -->87 Sheva --> 89 Inzaghi --> 90 I definitely agree on the other rating changes.
  5. Alessio


    Re: Zambrotta well he doesnt deserve a decrease. I dont know if you've watched milan matches but he was the only one to be consistent every game as far as the defence is concerned.
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