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  1. Re: Help please Cheers mate ! So that means if i put arrows facing backwards, players would be more defensive? And anyone know about Question 3?
  2. 1. How long does a transfer take on average? Does it vary? 2.What do the arrows for the players on tactics actually do? 3. Are there any in built stats you cannot see? By this I mean, for example Aaron Lennon is a higher rating than Emile Heskey but in real life is much weaker. Would this be taken into account, or would it be possible for the game commentary to say 'Lennon outpowers Heskey and runs up the wing' etc. Does the game actually take into account realistic aspects or is it simple all based on their 'Overall' rating? Thanks.
  3. Re: Can W's play in LM/RM positions? Ohh kk,thnx fo your help
  4. Name ses it all;) Can W's play effectively in RM/LM? I know i can put them there but does it stil count as their natural position?
  5. Heeey i was just a bit confused about some poistional places. Can forwards (F) play in the winger position? Can any defender play in the Sweeper (SW) position? N also when LM or RM hang back just before the half way line, is that position DM or just their normal position( LM or RM)? Thanks
  6. Re: What is a "turn"?? Ohhhh thanks lol So i have to pay my squad per game basically?
  7. What exactly is a "turn"??? Is it a time period or an amount of games or something totally different?!? PLEASE EXPLAIN:o
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