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  1. looking to sign some youth on the cheap any help would be appreciated THANKS!!!
  2. Re: Young Footballers Quiz! 2 looks like figo to me great thread
  3. Re: Best Youngster Under Rating Of 6O?? sorry i meant in the 6Os
  4. can you pleas help who you think the best defenders under 21 arE???
  5. Could you pleez help me with playrs you think will reach 90+ one day?? THANKS
  6. Re: +5 risers keep em coming boys!
  7. can you please tell me as many +5 risers you know, straight to the point. thanks alot.
  8. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited (2008/09)
  9. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - 2nd Round - Mr Nice Guy v Tom_MFC MNG - great posts in the match report areas.
  10. Re: Forumer Of The Year 2008 - 2nd Round - Howitzer v Atkin ent seen this comp up untill now. duno if im allowed to vote or not but id go with atkin, his scouts this year have been class.
  11. Re: Edison CAVANI My friend has got a pink palermo shirt with him on the back. Good player.
  12. Re: Signature Design Feedback where is my squirrel lifting the world cup sig?
  13. Re: Markus Johansson - 14 Year Old :-O jus dun a search 4 him. my m8 told me about him. should be a brilliant player. :D
  14. Re: Clifford Mulenga brought him for all of my teams yesterday! glad i heard bout him.
  15. Re: madrid sign 'wonderkid' haha did it fool any1?
  16. Re: Signature Design Feedback hook me up with one with a squiral liftin the world cup. cheers
  17. Re: Iker Casillas - 97? if sm dont put his ratin up to 97 or 98 im guna eat my slippers
  18. vantheman

    MSN Addys :-)

    Re: MSN Addys :-) Lee you're really funny. I wish I could be as sexy as you. sorry i dont have msn
  19. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers nice 3ed ill be giving rep to you ben and atkin :D
  20. Re: Zeyn Alabidyn S-Latef jus my opinion but he looks about as good as my nan at football.
  21. Re: Tomas Necid in the words of ned flanders... what a scoutarito!
  22. Re: Trésor Mabi Mputu yh dis player is sik. got him for most of my teams 10000000000000000000s of threads on him tho
  23. Re: GFX - Round 7 - Group 2 - (public vote - which is your fave?) wot is design two supposed to be? hahahaha
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