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  1. Re: loan players playing against parent club I don't demand or expect anything; this is a discussion forum for suggestions and improvements. if you feel that such discussion is pointless why don't you just butt out and leave it to those who would like to discuss ideas? Of course things aren't going to change on the basis of a few or even many posts, and maybe they don't even need to change anyway, that doesn't mean that people wouldn't like to talk about them. But I would hazard a guess that there would be far more open discussion here if you didn't have the compulsion to torpedo anyone who comes up with something that either you've heard before or don't think is of value. What exactly do you think that your destructive criticisms achieve? I don't know but I suspect that are quite a few who have been "Shelbourned" who probably won't come back to the forum. Perhaps that thought makes you happy, sadly it wouldn't surprise me. Regarding your previous posts you are prolific and I've resisted the temptation to read them all. But just because you post a lot that doesn't mean that your opinions count for more than anyone else's, however long you have been making them. I can respect knowledge and experience when it is used constructively, but not when it is to be dismissive and rude. But that won't matter to you either because you are so far up your own insides you can't see the light of day.
  2. Re: loan players playing against parent club @shelbourne FC - firstly I am a "she" not a "he". Secondly I didn't demand anything, I quoted the premier league rule, I left it for others to decide how significant they thought it was. Believe it or not but some people like to think for themselves rather than follow your directives. Maybe you should get out more.
  3. Re: loan players playing against parent club There is a Premier League Rule: 7.2 during the period of the Temporary Transfer of his contract registration a Player shall not play against the Transferor Club;
  4. Re: 'Int' and 'LnL' Badges Ok so by removing them when a player is sold, so that they then have a "clean sheet", the laziness problem would be overcome because any previously interested managers would have to renew it?
  5. Re: Managers don't respond to bids You cannot speak for what other managers may or may not do, and there is no consensus of agreement on this thread as to whether changes would be beneficial or not. You threaten to make all your players unavailable (if something new was introduced along the lines of what has been suggested here) as though this would be a bad thing; if managers who weren't interested in any offers for any or all of their players did this anyway then that would remove a large part of the problem. It would then just be a case of those who hadn't taken this action (and by not doing so tacitly leaving their players open to bids) responding to offers received. Maybe you would be reduced to making transfers by PM because of your intransigence but others wouldn't. This in no way impinges on a manager's right to manage their own team, they could ignore the bids if they wanted to, but if they did there would be consequences that they would be aware of. This is not without some kind of precedent; if a player gets concerns that aren't addressed, eventually their manager is forced to sell him. A manager is not omnipotent.
  6. Re: 'Int' and 'LnL' Badges Could the INT be removed when a player has been sold? I have players I bought when others were interested that still display that interest.
  7. Re: Changing transfer offers Thank you, I wasn't thinking about it from the point of view of cheating, only from convenience. But now that you have it explained it I understand.
  8. If this has already been asked before I apologize but when I tried to search the forum all I got was a blank page. If I have already made a bid for a player, if I want to change it I don't seem to be able to. All I can do is withdraw my offer and make a new one. This seems a bit odd to me because if I am selling a player I can go in at any time and change the asking price. How about having the option to amend bids?
  9. Re: Managers don't respond to bids In this thread, "stupid" appears to mean to some people anything they don't like or disagree with. If anyone thinks that the topic I raised for discussion is pointless, the obvious answer is not to participate, it isn't compulsory, they can spend their valuable time doing something else. I agree with @craig that an opening bid can be a starting point in a negotiation. Anyone who has bought or sold a house or a car will be familiar with how the concept works. I don't understand the arguments against making players unavailable, because I don't see any good reasons given for not doing it. Only being able to bid for players on the transfer list would be a shift away from reality.
  10. Re: Managers don't respond to bids We are dealing with it, but this is a suggestions & improvements forum?
  11. Re: Managers don't respond to bids I don't understand why there should be resistance to "forced transfers". In real life if a bid is made for a player the chairman can accept it if he feels it is in the club's best interests even if the manager disagrees. In this game, a manager can make a player unavailable. It doesn't take long to do this for an entire average size first team squad. Why should there be a need for extra ways to make it even easier for a manager? If they can't be bothered to do that or to respond to offers, I think it should be left to the chairman.
  12. Re: Chairman blocking loan A couple of days ago I tried to loan two players from the same club, but both offers were rejected by that club's chairman. The manager hasn't logged in since so the players are still on the loan list and anyone else making offers is going to get the same response. Surely this isn't a complicated thing to fix?
  13. Re: Unmanaged clubs - transfers Ok I understand your reasoning, but maybe this needs a two-way approach? If the transfers from unmanaged clubs is to be allowed, perhaps the minimum squad size could be increased (for those clubs) to say 23? But surely the bigger problem is the squad sizes of the managed clubs - if they were limited to a number more in line with reality then managers would not be able to raid unmanaged or external clubs to the same extent just to collect players.
  14. Re: Managers don't respond to bids I think that auto rejection defeats the object. Anyone who doesn't want offers only has to make their players unavailable. If they are not unavailable then they are open to offers, and so the manager should either deal with any received or after a period of time (perhaps longer than I first suggested) their chairman takes the decision for them and sells the player if the valuation and any other considerations are met.
  15. Re: Chairman blocking loan I am still able to offer players for loan but they are getting blocked by the Chairman when another club accepts the player.
  16. Re: Managers don't respond to bids Thank you
  17. Re: Managers don't respond to bids Understood @venkontrueblue11, we all have our off days:)
  18. Re: Managers don't respond to bids Ok q123=ABC, that is the other side of the coin, where managers are making repeated requests for the same player and it is very understandable that you would eventually not respond - but you did respond 3 times previously. It is those who do not reply at all that tick me off.
  19. Re: Managers don't respond to bids Wow, there are some arrogant people here... I thought the idea of a forum was to exchange and discuss ideas? If I have come up with something dull then that's fair enough but there is no need to be rude about it. We are all busy, but we find time to do this. My suggestion is that if some are too busy then maybe there could be an over ride so that things are kept moving. Yes I have ideas, maybe it is because I am new here and see things differently from some who have been here for a long time.
  20. Re: Unmanaged clubs - transfers I agree with @Anri. I know I could set up a another account and manipulate things but I don't want to do that.
  21. Re: Squad size limits It is completely ridiculous for a squad of 255. I think that there should be more realism not only from the game overseers but also from those playing it. Ok you have all those players now, so what is the challenge? You could not do that if you were managing a real team. I know there are another anomalies to the game but this one is just silly. Naturally a manager will change players over the years but to just keep adding them?? Come on.
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