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  1. Re: Kiril Akalski [73 rated, GK, 23yo] Nice, thank you for reporting
  2. Re: Czech Republic Rating Changes. Hable didn't played single minute for Fiorentina, your stats are from Primavera - italian U20 Championship. So no rise for now, but I think he can become a regular starter in Ostrava
  3. Re: Insider's thread. Risers, straight to the point. Absolutely incredible thread!!!
  4. Re: Ukrainian Ratings Has not played for NT for ages...
  5. Re: Ukrainian Ratings Great job! I would really appreciate you doing Bulgarian and Romanian ratings
  6. Re: Guaranteed Risers/Money Spinners Very nice and precise predictions. Thank you! Repped
  7. Re: Thread for CZECH REPUBLIC RISERS After 10 rounds played' date=' I'm going to do something like this: [url']http://sm.jurry.cz/round21-30-by-minutes-descending.html[/url]. I may add team and best 11 averages. So, it will be very easy to predict yourselves rating changes. The higher the player is (more minutes played) and the lighter the blue is, the more rating points he should get (Huber, Heidenreich, Krbecek, Musil,.. all were, and some still are, quite good risers) But I'll need some help with rewriting ratings from SM into an XML file (or if someone has a hint how to do it automatic... ). When I'm ready, I'll ask here...
  8. Re: Sanabria LAURE (don't miss out!....) I don't know, how could I miss it! Thank you very much!
  9. Re: Robert Lewandowski - Polish Sensation! Great tip, thank you very much! Repped
  10. Re: Buy a team, 82+ rated players who will rise at least 2! Yes, that's right
  11. Re: Spanish Ratings Yes, of course. People that did't see that match say it. If you had seen it, you wouldn't say that. It was a total collaps of whole Czech team with Cech beeing part of it. I don't say he performed well on Euro, but he really wasn't the one to "kick his country out of Euro" EDIT: sorry for OT, I just had to reply
  12. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers I'm afraid his team has been reviewed And with a new 'conservative' style of rating changing I doubt he should raise (but IMHO he should have got +2!)
  13. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers I think 2 teams of the Gambrinus Liga haven't beed reviewed yet. We have another week for Czech Rep changes. If nothing happen I'll send a ticket
  14. Re: Tomas Necid According to official SK Slavia web page, Tomas Necid moves to CSKA Moscow on the begining of January 2009. First half of this season he spends in Slavia. Necid is second Czech hot prospect that signed for CSKA during the last six months, the first was Lubos Kalouda that played just one minute for them I don't think that this move is good for Tomas. IMO he should play much more games in the team where he is a regular starter... Source: http://www.slavia.cz/novinka.asp?id=14552&typ= (only in Czech language)
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