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  1. Re: Gold Championship 36 Match Report Thread


    swindon town signings!!!!

    today swindon town have signed four players there names are:-Sahr SENESIE, Lander VAN STEENBRUGGHE, Filip LONCARIC and Oscar DIAZ.

    these are great signings for the club and are our best players as well. they all have got into the first team straight away!!!! but there is a problem after the signings of these four players we have nearly gone into minus money at the moment we only have 194k and before we signed them all we had 7.5 mil!!!!

    more swindon town news soon.


  2. Re: Gold Championship 18 Discussions Thread

    Sissoko might have potential but at the end of the day he is still only rated 85.....what exactly are you after for him?

    well even though he is only rated 85 he must still be good because most players wouldnt usually be 18 yrs old and be an 85 plus he could be on the rise asswell also last time he went up 3 so he must be good for his age :D

    im not sure wat i want for him probably a 87 between about 23 and 27 yrs old

  3. Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread


    toulouse news

    today joe cutlan announced that sissoko must go as many big clubs want him. joe cutlan has this to say 'sissoko is a talented player as ive seen him in training but he must leave as big clubs want him and also he would like to leave asswell'. 'but we havent been able to accept the offers coming in as i think we can get much more for sissoko than the big clubs are bidding'. 'also i dont feel that he can leave just for cash we need a replacement or just another player'. in other news toulouse have targets for the season they are: BOBO and ARAUJO. if we get a chance to sign them both then we will as they are both good players that could probably get into our side easily. we have put bids in for both of the players and we hope the other sides will either negotiate or accept.

    (ARAUJO target)

    10032_1212416780.jpg3686_1210093757.jpg(BOBO target)

  4. Re: Gold Championship 18 Match Reports / Transfers Thread




    joe cutlan says to sky sports news that 'sissoko has been up for sale for only a day and many big clubs are interested in him i dont really want to sell him for just money id probably do p/e and maybe a little bit of cash'. 'we may keep him as he may turn into a great player when hes older and also if the right offer comes in for him we may accept it'. 'the clubs interested in sissoko are Zenit St Petersburg. Zaragoza. Feyenoord. Everton. Manchester United. so some big clubs are interested in this young talented player.

    toulouse news

    toulouse will try to get a great side throughout the season as last night we never signed a player or sold we hope that in the next couple of days we will see some new faces come into the club and perform the best they can!!!!

  5. Re: Gold Championship 7


    braga through champions league!!!!

    braga get through the champions league group by coming 2nd. joe cutlan says 'i cannot believe we are through i have done so well with this club ive got them 2nd in the league last season to get champions league and i was feeling lucky but when i saw the group i had i was thinking to myself we could go out easily with this sort of group'. 'we had manchester united, ac milan and spartak moskva!! we were unlucky to get such a hard group but somehow we had played our best and got through.

    243.gif4-3 49.gif

    braga's last game in group D.

    we now play hamburger sv in the knockout stages which will be a very hard game for us and we will try our best to win hopefully but it could go the other way.

  6. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports


    feyenoord news

    feyenoord having won the league already we are trying to sign players. we are 20 points ahead of second as the manager joe cutlan joined on tuesday we had won 3-0 against sparta rotterdam on wednesday so really a good start of being manager. henry is up for sale id like a replacement striker 92+ and maybe another player. we already have champions league for next season and we are exited to see our group. at least we have won the league so it doesent matter if we loose our next games. more feyenoord news soon.

  7. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!

    OK' date=' I'm not being mean or anything here, but your sigs aren't very good. Nobody is going to want that United one when they could ask me or MIR or Ben or xxArsenalxx or Eddie or Nick Justice to do a customized one. Now use the proper thread please.

    Also MIR, if English isn't one of your natural languages I have to say, your very good at it :)[/quote']

    well i dont really care what other people think of my sigs but at least i can make them i can get better but just somebody needs to tell me. as on msn i got told but only to do the basics and ill use the thread kk ;)

  8. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!

    maybe i'm from romania and i don't know english ' date=' but don't u guys think that joecut111's signature text : is wrong ?

    and joecut :

    You'r losing your time because usualy forumers want a special one , not some usual[/quote']

    m8 ive been making these for the past 2 days and my cutting or sig making might not be as good as you lot think but im trying to make sigs for people if they need them :rolleyes:

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