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  1. Re: Football Manager 2009 well i started a new man.city with an update off all the transfers and with Tevez,Owen, Juninho.P on a free im 2games in and am 4th Liverpool 1-2 M.City Burnley 0-0 M.City In Summer i signed 8 players my side Given Srna -- Richards -- Hangeland -- Guardado M.Veloso Juninho.P Arango Vukekic Tevez -- R.Santa.Cruz am looking for a top 4 finish
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC7 shall i buy J.D.Silva for C.Tevez and C.Zapata Tevez + Zapata dont start and i need a Winger ?
  4. Re: Summer Transfer Rumours Thread. i wonder how many of these players Manuel.Pellegrini actually wants and R.Johnson ---> birmingham for 5mil fuming i am were going to get torn apart this summer :/
  5. Re: Football Manager 2009 been managing this Reggina for 5seasons now 10games into 5th and put everything into them my best finish is 5th in the italian league and semi's of UEFA Cup my current side is : F.Coltorti T,Vermaleanan I.Marcano C.M'bengue A.Di.Maria G.Mesto D.Buonnate S.Missiroli F.Guarin Hulk L.Remy i love these and there awsome,, what you think ?
  6. Re: Gold Championship 7 :L worth a tryy mind you the deal you first offered was poor
  7. Re: Gold Championship 7 Essiennnnnn (H)
  8. Re: Gold Championship 7 LOL Derby County have made an offer to Chelsea for Robbie KEANE of £6,000,000 plus Mohamed CHERMITI and Adrián MARTINEZ 39yr old 87 (H) is the bit that almost swung me to accept
  9. Re: Gold Championship 7 louis xabi.alonso = robbie.keane + raul.merielas + zhirikov the 89 cb ?
  10. Re: Gold Championship 7 there you are jed enjoy ,, need any one else ? bid and ill see
  11. Re: Gold Championship 7 ye lol sorry sorry everyone scrap the feeder club thing just PM if you want balotelli on loan
  12. Re: Gold Championship 7 like athletico.madrid i want to be a feeder club to somebody this means i will loan you any 3players of your choice for the season with no recalls and if they get injured you can loan someone else but i get to buy any one player of my choice for cash only if anybody wants to do this PM me please and i will decide who, if i have no offers by 7pm Ballotelli can go on loan only if i have no feeder club enquiries and i will decide if you PM me on forum
  13. Re: Gold Championship 7 Chelsea doing A double deal with Barcelona deal is Rooney ---> Barca ,,,, Higuain ---> Chelsea D.Villa ---> Chelsea ,,,, Cassano+Kallstrom ---> Barca im happy with this deal, if anybody is selling a good left back please tell me
  14. Re: 2009/10 English fixture list published today you coming down the city ? ill be there (H)
  15. Re: Football Manager 2009 when i click the link what do i do after that rhough ?
  16. Re: Football Manager 2009 no i dno how ?
  17. Re: Football Manager 2009 jbk how the hell do i do this :L can you run me through step by step please
  18. Re: Football Manager 2009 Ah don't worry just original side then
  19. Re: Football Manager 2009 can you boost there rep aswell cheers how long ?
  20. Re: Football Manager 2009 plenty i just want to compete with them :cheers
  21. Re: Football Manager 2009 can you do me a superleague with 20 teams in R.Madrid - with ronaldo n kaka if possible Barca Liverpool Man.U Chelsea Valencia B.Munich - with all signings Lyon Dynamo.Kyiv CSKA Moscow Villareal Cardiff - me - good funding please M.City Olympiakos Gremio AC Milan Inter Fiorentina Sampdoria Fenerbache thanks if you could do that as the prem so sides go up and down, i dont care bout anything else, if u cant do the signings no worries but can you give city gd funding cheers
  22. Re: Football Manager 2009 i miteee doo a stoke season i know a few nifty [layers to bring in i.e all the oldies i.e : giggs,scholes,neville,hyypia i could ride up the table for fun what ya think
  23. Re: Football Manager 2009 anybody can do it if you like ? im up for it
  24. Re: Football Manager 2009 sakho alexis garay all done well for me in the past would you be up for a challenge me against you say we go a side in a league of your choice and your choice of team and we see who can do the best we have to show screenies thoo ?
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