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  1. Re: Football Manager 2009 in first season im ivory coast 14games into the prem, after the world cup il ltake up league management
  2. Re: Football Manager 2009 ill go bolton and transform them only using european players, i want have one british player in my side (H) what ya think, or shall we about 4 or 5 do a challenge with a side and see who does the best ?? what ya think anyone up for it
  3. Re: Football Manager 2009 im doign a dual management i decided please someone name me a english club and mediocre international, english club in the prem
  4. Re: Football Manager 2009 i wanna new game on this now anybody got any ideas what i can do, preferably wanna stay in the prem ?
  5. Re: Football Manager 2009 beat them 2-0 in 2nd leg got psv now
  6. Re: Football Manager 2009 since the lastdate i have gone don hill really sitting in 7th place after 25games (N) im in the knock out round 3-2 down against feyernood with 2 away goals after the transfer window this is my side abbiati J.Helan R.Alexis F.Monzon Emana I.Iassiti S.Gerrard J.Riquelme M.Gonzalez F.Laurito/D.Berbatov F.Torres need to strengthen the GK and back 3
  7. Re: Football Manager 2009 just played my best game on FM ive had Manchester.City vs Bolton 2nd vs 4th 7th game in season this is how the game went btw i havent beaten bolton in 6games Kick Off 13: GOALL : Ched.Evans haunts his former club to put bolton 1-0 up witha great lob 17: PENALTY : Fabio.Monzon slides Marco.Ruben and concedes a Pen and Matty.Taylor put bolton 2-0 up 21: RED CARD : Mark.Gonzales 2nd yellow in 7mins gets him sent off and Man.City down to 10men. 29: GOALL : Steven.Gerrard picks out Federico.Laurito who bangs it in 2-1 ! 36: PENALTY : Danny.tu takes out Steven.Gerrard and Juan.Roman.Riquelme makes it 2-2 HT: If man.city win this they go top 51: Ched.Evans gets a second after a clearence hits Marco.Ruben and falls to Ched.Evans who heads in 84: Juan.Arango,Fernando.Torres(half.fit),R.Pavluchenko all on as i search for an equaliser with a formation change to a 2-2-5. 86: first touch of the game Juan.Arango bans in a spectacular 25yard strike into the top corner 89: i get a free kick on the edge of the box and Riqelme never misses them but Juan.Arango steps up to my anger and proves me wrong smashing it into the top corner and im over the moon 90+4 : Freddy.Adu cuts inside and squares the ball to F.Muamba who thunders one at the bar from 14yards out and i won what a game and i go top
  8. Re: Football Manager 2009 atm im in love with this game# 5th season with man.city minimum expectation is title challenge 5games into the PL 9 in total im undefeated 8wins and 1draw im op of EPL on GD with 13points from 15 my side is quite pap at the back but am scoring for fun Abbiati J.Helan R.Alexis F.Mononz Emana L.Valencia S.Gerrard I.Assiti F.Torres A.Laurito D.Berbatov
  9. Re: Football Manager 2009 I would love to on of ,, I know you need hamachi which I have and we could do a premier league season coz I'm bored of mine ,, if anyone wants a o Pc net game state which Premier league side you want and if you have hamachi. I'll start Connor McCarthy. - Manchester city if no interest can some one tell. Da challenge please
  10. Re: Football Manager 2009 third season with man.city after the last two i finished 6th i am currently 5th and am in the semi finals of the uefa cup :D against lazio after i somehow beat chelsea 4-3 on aggregate im 5th in the league with 5games left hoping for 5th place and a uefa cup finall medal second season i robbed liverpool of torres,alonso and gerrard after i came 6th and they were 12th my current side given n'koulou feillaini garay monzon barazite gerrard alonso riquelme torres progebynak so happy need to strengthen centre backs,goalie and left-mid then im done
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  13. Re: Football Manager 2009 started a Sunderland game and said continental qualification through league and got 11.75mil,, sold kenwyne.jones for 10mil,, richardson for 4mil and malbranque for 4.5mil leaving em with 29mil and am raiding sporting lisbon for joao.moutinho,,miguel.veleso,,vukekic and if i sell more sakho
  14. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread peole please bid for my chelsea players in gc7 p/e only x
  15. Re: Football Manager 2009 i lied: im going mairselle bring the glory days back,, any signing recomendations ?
  16. Re: Football Manager 2009 im going a wolfsburg on my pc i had this since crimbo and am still addicted,, if anybody wants to no any decent players say on here i think all us sm'ers should do a wolfsburg challenge andf see who fauirs best.. after one season because it will be ovbious if we use editor,, ne1 up for it
  17. Re: Gold Championship 7 I'm Chelsea and need a GK and Wingers badly everyone for sale for decent player exchange so bid please richard interested in torres ill bid now,, no loans sorry guys
  18. Re: Football Manager 2009 any one got a challnege for me to do on here please im bored of me other games ? i want like a premiership, championship challenge ? ne ieas
  19. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread blimey juan.fran hits a pearler ... how are real playing
  20. Re: Football Manager 2009 my cardiff side 3years in 8th in prem I got taken over and got massive funds put into this season :D Joe.Hart Eboue Hyypia R.Johnson P.Konchesky Gelson.Fernandes J.Fleck R.Possebon J.Ledley R.McCormak J.Carew
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