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  1. Re: Football Manager 2009 im starting a game on 9.2.0 patch nnow going backa patch
  2. Re: Football Manager 2009 i got thios for christmas and havent stop playing it since.. my best achievment stoke getting 5th in the prem ! in the 5th season, got giggs,nakamura,scholes all the veterans in second season and built from there ne1 got ne network games going on in this ?
  3. Re: Gold Championship 7 as you konw took over chelsea after guiding nurenberg to the league in germany and we got relegated i was 10points off with 5games left but couldnt make it, gonna batter the championship though every body for sale for p/e please bid and bid reasonable need wingers,full backs and centre mids.. and a keeper defo. !!!
  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread LOL I manage them now I got offered them with five games left virtually mission impossible but still tried the old manager messed them up bad
  5. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread my step dad is a boro fan :L and there all but down so i dont care about them staying up even though i want newcaste to stay up id love to see sunderland go down if hull and newcaslte win :L but i think you will grind out a win against villa and hull will get done 2-0
  6. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread newcaslte draw. hull lose who stays up on GD ? and yeah the scores go around alot i was at hillsborough for cardiff and as soon as preston scored everybody knew im in spain this weekend though so i wont know the scores .. but i dotn need to my side season is over
  7. Re: The Serie A News Thread! aww lmao just heard ferrari n thought (I)
  8. Re: The Serie A News Thread! ranieri been sacked and matteo.ferrari will take over said on sky sports :s
  9. Re: Arsenal Gossip i think you shoud offload ade for 20-25mil any day and get a new experienced striker.. get 2 new cb's and put toure DM like iris said. clichy and sagna full backs wallcot nasri wigners fabregas and an experienced cm new one RVP and Arshavin up top thats my view nto sure about and arsneal fans
  10. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread is that real how ya get it like da ?
  11. Re: The Official 2009 Play-Off Thread charimberlin 1-0 rushden
  12. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread
  13. Re: Spanish Ratings hoy hoy there chums nebody around 85/86 looking odds on to hit 88-89-90 ? cheers
  14. Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers bowen bidded for carrol.. u wanan buy ne1 im fc twete
  15. Re: Gold Championship 40 - Match Reports/Transfers Just Taken over FC Twente i only have 4mil so if you want a player around 80-85 bid cash,, but if you want ne1 else bidd
  16. Re: Never Mess With Chelsea! if norway didnt wing somehow i dont think the ref would of got too angry
  17. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread are Madrid signing trying to sign anybody or are they selling anyone ?
  18. Re: Liverpool Legends vs Allstars - Hillsborough Memorial Match unlucky Lovejoy and shearer what a chance from that header and good save by the keeper from aldridge for rush's goal
  19. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread on now HT at the moment on ITV4 Liverpool 1-0 All Stars shearer missed a great headed chance
  20. Re: Gold Championship 58 hi doctor nick
  21. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread anybody got a clear live link to the game pleasee my step dad is a boro fan and wants to watch it
  22. Re: Rip to the 56 R.I.P to everybody involved in that horrific day
  23. Re: Prices for Wembley! £11:50 for fish and chips (H) oh well i don't need top worry about wembley, we finished 7th
  24. Re: Spanish Ratings you won't get alonso unless rafa goes for barry which if he does he hasnt got a clue about football alonso >>>>> barry any day have you been linked with a double swoop for lahm and ribery or are you guessing
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