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  1. hi all got home from work today to find G/C 150 CREATED !! and over 130 teams gone !! as i work every week day and the last 4 championships have been created in the day it has been 7 months !! since a G/C WAS CREATED THAT I COULD ACTUALY HAVE ANY CHANCE OF GETTING A DECENT OR FAIR !! CHANCE OF A TEAM i just wondered if any else had this problem i know it seems like i am moaning but it is over 12 months since i had a new g/c team gold 114 and i fancy and would like a new one but this system seems very unfair unless by fluke your on the right page at thr right time
  2. can anyone please explain this players change from 89 to 88 the only way s/m can back this up is by dropping nearly all the sevilla team by one the guy has played enough this season to keep his rating this happened with a few guys in italy too like dainelli of genoa played more games than most of the players in the team and they retained a HIGHER rating or there lower rating dainelli played around 33 games and dropped 89 to 88 cristcito played around 36 games and ROSE 89 to 90 if most of the sevilla team do not drop then it makes no sense
  3. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) so it seems it all seems a complete farce to me these concerns have been pretty VAGUE front the start so the guys i scouted and i have paid for 8/9 seasons and waited to rise loaned out to other teams to help them out have been around 3 years wasted this i/e jovetic is not the only case
  4. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) these players concerns has got out of hand now i have jovetic move to level 3 so i play him in the next 9 games during which he goes to level 4 gets injured and a week later goes level 5 and hands in a request all this in a matter of a month what it the point of the levels cause i have guys reaching level 3 and its seems however much game time you give them you cannot save them from rising any opinions please
  5. i understand that as a gold member you get the advantage of picking your team for smfa ( european games ) over non members which is fair enough but would it not be a little bit fairer to have the team that is picked for me not so random it seems a lot of my players get played in the wrong positions which i cannot do !! i mean i have decent players but dont expect to find kaka on the right wing or vidic at left back when a guy who can play left back is centre back and i have 2 wingers up front any thoughts people
  6. Re: The one thing i hate about this game is.......... most people will not agree but the problem is THE FORUM !! while people post ratings threads others will just go out and hog the posted risers if you stopped the threads on ratings and left managers to scout themselves you would find more guys available most sets up you see have these guys who just buy up all the posted risers there are one or two in nearly every set up sorry to say but the forum is the root of all evil well thats just my opinion
  7. Re: New Gold Championship Version(s) just looged on at 7 pm to find gold 144 was created 7 and a half hours ago and the top 56 teams are gone can s/m please explain how i and many others had a fair chance at a decent team please i to be honest dont care about the structure of it all how many teams of leagues just notice of a creation time is this too much to ask at the moment its just a case of oh look i have stumbled upon ac milan or inter in a gold championship
  8. Re: Managers that don't respond to transfer bids i dont respond to all bids i admit it because the bids are from timewasters who ARE wasteing my time eg i have buffon would anyone accept 25 mil and an 86 rated keeper ?? i tranfer list players as player exchange only and even post on the gameworld newspaper and STILL get cash bids unless its a decent deal i really will not look at it also i log on at times to find a team has bid to loan 10 + players i only have limited time on this site of a night to do 20 + teams and tactics i dont have time to go though PAP bids if you want a
  9. Re: New Gold Championship Version(s) i think reputation should count as this is a good way of rewarding loyal members or splitting a g/c by reputation for example create a g/c for members 200 rep plus and only allow those members to take a team for say the first hour or so then open it to all then the same for say rep between 150 to 200 and so on down to 40 to 100 and do this in turn it seems fair a date a time could be supplied to
  10. Re: New Gold Championship Version(s) can we not go back to how it used to be when s/m stated in advance the date and time of g/c creation giving a fair chance to all or can this not be done now ?? these g/c 's are mostly made while members have gone to bed or are away from the p/c or not not logged on to s/m i fail to see how its fair for all to get the club they would like or a least have a chance with the current format it seems you get a decent or top side in a g/c by kind of or just stumbling upon the set up by accident
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread oops g/c 92 wrapped up with 6 games to go for porto which is nice
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread looks like i won g/c 84 with schalke oh and g/c 85 with sevilla only because of kuranyi and kanoute leading the leagues in goals yet again i could not sell these guys since the game worlds opened oh but there to old ohh but they will drop oh you never learn as long as most guys are rating and age mad looks like i will just keep winning happy days
  13. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread italy is always good never had ac milan and i kind of miss you
  14. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread took a c milan just happened to log on 2 mins after it opened and real madrid were gone unless they became available again i like italy
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