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  1. Re: Gold Championship 16- Match Report/Transfers...etc New Le Havre boss looking for loan signings. New Le Havre boss David Simpson is looking for 3 loan signings in a bid to boost their promotion hopes. Simpson has wasted no time in making his mark at the club by brining in 88 rated Striker Pawel Brozek from Wisla Kraków for the tidy sum of £8.3M, and also bringing in Aurélien Capoue for £3.3M from Nantes for cover on the left flank. Simpson also stated that although promotion is a strong possibility he may need to add a few more quality players to bolster the squad for the long
  2. Re: Gold Championship 14 (News, Gossip, Match Report, Etc) Thread Is anyone looking to loan any decent players out I am 1 FC Koln and have a pretty bad team so they would be guarenteed first team football.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 5 official match thread Was 3 actually, but you can't blame a guy for trying.
  4. Re: Gold Championship 5 official match thread Alright, I have just taken over Dinamo Zagreb and I am second from bottom in the league but I have made a few signings and my squad is looking a little better. But I am in desperate need of a left back and anyone with a rating above 87 in any other position would be appreciated. Unfortunately I only have cash as I don't really want to swap players yet because quite simply my squad isn't good enough. Any help appreciated. Cheers.
  5. Re: Gold Championship 13 News, Transfers and Match Reports! I am Alaves and have another rubbish team, but this time i have hardly any money. Anyone wanting to loan players out would be more than welcome. Thank You.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 1 News I have just taken over Pachuca and my team is hurrendous even though i have 140M to spend. Need some good players, weather it's loans or permanent im not too fussed. If anyone can help me i'd be most grateful. Cheers.
  7. Re: Gold Championship 7 85-24 Can't seem to buy anyone......
  8. Re: Gold Championship 7 I've made a few loan bids, I'm Heerenveen by the way. Plus i have over 100M to spend so if you are looking to get shot of some players give me a shout.
  9. Re: Gold Championship 7 I was unfortunate enough to have picked up Heerenveen and need some decent players. Anybody interested in getting rid of some send me a PM. Have a decent transfer budget so can offer good money.
  10. Sima

    Banned from chat.

    I have been unfairly banned from the chatroom, wondering who to contact? Thank you.
  11. New custom setup with loads of teams still available. Everyone welcome.
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