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  1. Re: How can i report this cheater? wonderful> thanks again
  2. there is guy in my game world who i suspected had multiple acounts seen as he was getting fishy transfers. I sent him a message saying that i new he was cheating and was going to report him, and he offered me a bribe from one of his clubs so i would not report him. i know for sure he has three clubs at least. Valencia, bayern and inter. this guy is ruining the game world i paid for, for me and everybody else. how can i get this guy booted? thanks
  3. Re: FERNANDO, Francisco i think he will stay at 90. hes been consistent
  4. Re: International Private Set Up SANTA CLARA Santa Clara manager Daniel Santos had this to say after a long abscense from the media " Well we are still in div2. its been really tough, there are some realy good teams in this division. I get the feeling that us along with a few other teams in this division are going to have a hard time rising to division two. Us along with hearts and even milwal are so competitive with each other that we let the bigger teams roll right by us. im a bit drunk right now but its true. and one more thing , please dont quiut, its a pretty good setup. and when a few seasons go by it might get even better cause things will balance themselves out. those guys who quit so far are losers cause they probably wont find many better setups out tjher that this one. And if you guys can find some one to take over a tem feel free to let the setup owner ( 0-5) know soi he can send em an invite.... **** it, santa clara rules,n we will win it all, have no doubts, we will never quit until we are div 1 champs..... and we will be! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Re: International Private Set Up
  6. Re: International Private Set Up it was a fun first season..
  7. Re: chairman i just thought of this... how about a meter that is shown to you at the transaction screen (were you make bids), that shows you your chairman likeliness to accept a deal. kind of like the stamina meter, bt this way if you make an offer and the confirm offer screen comes up and the chairman meter is down you know he will likely not accept deal. that way you can change it before you submit it? what do you guys think? it could work no?
  8. Re: chairman on drugs??? i cant trade a 7.4m player for a 7.3m player but some guy in my setup just bought macheda from free agent for 20m and hes worth less than 3m? see where the chairmen are on drugs????? this is horse ****
  9. Re: chairman on drugs??? i agree 100 % with chairman tolerance having something to do with rep and time at the club. im a 96 rep, and this club we are talking about is the first club i ever managed. its been a while. i wish the club's shareholders would fire the chairman.
  10. Re: chairman on drugs???
  11. Re: chairman on drugs???
  12. Re: chairman on drugs??? arent the values allways different.. isnt one manager allways getting less than the other??
  13. Re: chairman on drugs??? i assumed that as your rep and time with the club would affect this, but once again i've been let down. seems chairmen do more and more now. maybe the chairman should pay for gold memberships as well, since they are so involved..
  14. i tried to exchange 89 rated 22 year old, mati fernadez am/lm, for 89 rated cristian rodriguez who is 23 and also am/lm. they are ALMOST IDENTICAL PLAYERS. i've been managing this team for over a year now, why would chairman stop this deal? whats next? are the chairmen going to pick our starting eleven as well? confused....
  15. seeing as this is a forum with a suggestions and improvements section, i tought i would add a suggestion of my own. here goes: try letting people actially use the forums to voice their opiinions or be it, suggestions. instead of earasing posts without reason. just a suggestion (in the suggestion section of the forum of course). THANK YOU
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