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  1. Re: Giuseppe Rossi, Jeremy Menez, Gerard Pique Rossi Pique Menez In that order.
  2. I made a deal for Urby Emanuelson a while back to be my backup LB behind Maxwell (92). Now Emanuelson has not only dropped from a 90 to 89 but is now a LM/LB positionally. I already have Capel as a LM and have enough wingers to cover the position. Now I am short at LB. However, Emanuelson is young and considered a bright talent so I was disappointed to see him drop. My dilemma is should I use him in a deal to try and secure a backup LB (like Vargas) or should I hold onto Emanuelson and use more cash or some of my other players in a deal? As always, reps for quality advice. Thanks!
  3. Re: should i sell kaka for: No. Get better players and less money. For Kaka it has to be an incredible offer and just money isn't worth it unless you desperately need to build up your team and can buy quality players with the cash.
  4. zoomboom8

    RB help

    Re: RB help Zabaleta has a chance to shine for Man City now too. Could easily hit 90 if he makes a smooth transition for these first ratings changes.
  5. zoomboom8

    RB help

    Re: RB help Go for Christian Lell. Starting for Bayern and could be poised to rise from current 89 rating this time around and definitely should by the end of the season if his form holds.
  6. Re: Zabaleta or Lell Thanks. Any predictions on what each could get in the next two ratings changes since they're both 89 right now?
  7. Who should I get? Both are at unmanaged clubs. Whose rating will increase the most now that Zabaleta is with City? Reps for good advice.
  8. I have a chance to buy one of these to add some depth and youth to my CB corps. Which one should I buy? Who has a better chance of rising the highest? Thanks and as always, reps for good help.
  9. Re: Gallas deal I usually play Adebayor in a lone CF role supported by a combo of either Arshavin, Joe Cole, Hleb, Quagliarella or Van Persie.
  10. Re: Gallas deal I alternate 3 or 4 in the back so that's why I'd like to get a D out of the deal. Most of this season has been 3 because Toure was injured 6 weeks and I was still able to stay in the top four. Now with a healthy squad I like my options of 3 or 4 at the back depending on the strenght of my opponent. Plus I'm not too convinced by Kalou yet even though he's a 92. He seems a bit overrated to me.
  11. Re: Gallas deal Nope, my first team D is what's listed above. I have Armand Traore on my youth squad but he's only rated an 83 so I don't play him.
  12. Re: Gallas deal Thanks Storm. Any other thoughts? I could really use the help.
  13. Re: Gallas deal My forwards are Adebayor, Van Persie, Quagliarella, Arshavin and Bendtner.
  14. Re: Gallas deal I countered for Mexes and Miguel Torres, but now the other manager has countered back for a straight swap for Salomon Kalou. Should I accept this? I'm giving Gallas for Kalou. Thanks.
  15. Re: Gallas deal Thanks for the advice. Tom, do you think Miguel Torres can rise in rating from his 89 this coming season?
  16. Re: BOSINGWA or SAGNA? Go for Sagna. Had a great first season in England last year and should rise if he continues with his form. As for Bosingwa he is injured and will miss the start of the season. Also, you don't know how he will adjust to the Premier League and Sagna has already shown he can play there.
  17. Re: Gallas deal Yeah, I don't want to push back too hard, but Tonneto just doesn't fit a need for me. I like Mexes, but I don't know if/when he would hit 94.
  18. I've been offered Mexes and Max Tonetto for Gallas in a private setup. However, I already have two young LB who are 90+ so I don't need Tonetto. The rest of my defense is Toure, Sagna, Clichy, Naldo, Vargas and Caceres. I like having Gallas' versatility as a D and a 94-rated defensive player is hard to come by too. Should I counter for Mexes and Ruano Alexis? Getting an attacking player too would be nice too, the other owner has Totti, Kalou, Perrotta, Aquilani and Robben who aren't on TB. Other defenders to choose from are Miguel Torres, Zapata, Puyol, Cassetti and Heberson Ronny. Help is much appreciated. Reps for good advice. Thanks.
  19. Re: Arshavin a 93!!! I have him in two of my squads and after watching him play he is definitely an AM/F as a playmaker. Kind of a shocking position change in my opinion.
  20. Re: Adebayor deal Thanks for all the help, I went ahead with the deal.
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I've been offered Kallstrom + 20 mil for Arshavin. Should I accept?
  22. Re: Adebayor deal I wouldn't mind swapping Pandev, but Love is on TB right now. As for my formation, it varies between a 3-4-1-2 or 3-4-2-1 and sometimes a 4-3-3 with wingers.
  23. Re: Adebayor deal Thanks. Reps for both of you. I'm still on the fence. I'm looking for a CF to increase my goal tally. I feel like CF's score more for some reason. All the top scorers in this league are CF, not F/AM or the hybrid attacking positions. I also like Adebayor's potential to rise this season.
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