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  1. Re: Adebayor deal Thanks for the help so far. Here is my first team. Any more thoughts? JULIO CESAR, Soares MAXWELL, Scherer EMANUELSON, Urby ZABALETA, Pablo MAICON, Douglas RADU, Stefan DEMICHELIS, Martin CACERES, Martin CHIVU, Cristian BURDISSO, Nicolás DIEGO CAPEL, Trinidad ALTINTOP, Hamit MIGUEL VELOSO, Luís YAYA TOURE, Gnégnéri CAMBIASSO, Esteban JOAO MOUTINHO, Filipe XAVI, Hernández BODMER, Mathieu KRANJCAR, Niko RENATO AUGUSTO, Soares ARSHAVIN, Andrei QUARESMA, Ricardo ROBBEN, Arjen ROSSI, Giuseppe BENZEMA, Karim VÁGNER LOVE, Silva PANDEV, Goran
  2. Is this a fair deal. I swap Bodmer (91, CM) and Kranjcar (91 AM/LM) for Adebayor (92, CF)? Bodmer is a backup for me that I really just use in cups and in case of injuries. I play Kranjcar more since I only have two true AM so I would be losing a bit of depth, but my forward strength would improve. Are any of the three players due for a rise/fall in the next few rounds of ratings? Thanks. Reps for quality advice.
  3. Re: Mathieu BODMER In all fairness, it's Kallstrom.
  4. Re: !Youth Squad Filtering! Keep Hamsik and Balotelli!
  5. Re: Big deal, need help please! Hey, now another team has come into the bidding and I might be able to get David Villa and Ribery for Fabregas. If I can get those two should I accept a deal straight up? Thanks.
  6. Re: Which one to buy?? Bojan, hands down.
  7. Re: Big deal, need help please! Thanks for the help! I'm considering my counter options. Any more opinions?
  8. Re: Ibrahimovic I'd say Ibra's a 95 because he's not consistent enough. Ibra definitely has the talent of a 96+ but it doesn't always show.
  9. Hey I could really use as much input on this deal as possible. In a private setup I have Fabregas and have been offered Raul+Rossi+45 mil for him. Regardless of what the rest of my squad looks like, is this a good deal? I have read other places on the forum to never sell Fab, but this seemed like a solid offer. The offer is from Inter so he has Ibra, Chivu, Cambiasso and some others if I wanted to counter any players and play with how much cash was involved. What should I do? Reps for good advice/analysis. Thanks!
  10. Is Vagner Love a legit 92? If so what are his chances of rising or falling in upcoming ratings changes? Also, any thoughts on Nicolas Anelka would be helpful. Do you see him keeping his 92 or not? Thanks. Reps for help.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have Fabregas. Is Ibrahimovic+Chivu enough for him or should I ask for some money too?
  12. I'm Arsenal in a custom setup and we have squad size limits, which I am approaching. I need to rid myself of some of my youth squad to stay under the limit. Any advice on who to keep and who to sell would be much appreciated. Reps for help. NORDTVEIT , Havard, 18, CB, 75 HOYTE, Gavin, 18, D, 72 VIDRIO , Néstor Vicente, 18, DM/CB, 85 RANDALL, Mark, 18, CM/AM, 76 LANSBURY, Henri, 17, CM, 72 BARAZITE, Nacer, 18, AM, 72 SUNU, Gilles, 17, F, 60 FREEMAN, Luke, 16, F, 69 FORESTIERI, Fernando, 18, F/AM, 82 TRAORE, Armand, 18, LB, 83
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I accept Jesus Navas+Banega+5 mil for Hleb?
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I've been offered Joaquin+Banega+5mil for Hleb. Should I accept? Thanks.
  15. What is the consensus on Andrade. Is he worth a pickup? He is at an unmanaged team and I can get him for about $9mil for a 92 rated CB. I know he had a bad injury at Juventus last year, but what are his prospects for coming back and returning to form and to the lineup? Thanks!
  16. I have a chance to get Xavi for Cordoba (94 D)+21 mil. Is this a good deal? My defense depth is fine without Cordoba in case the make up of my squad matter to any. Thanks for the help.
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hey. I have just been offered 42m + Van Buyten for Cambiasso. However, my D is solid and I am in need of striker help and the other team has Totti, Drogba, Klose, Forlan, Tevez and Hugo Almeida for forwards. Totti and Drogba are currently on transfer bans. Any suggestions for a counter offer or should I hold on to Cambiasso? My strikers are Benzema, Pandev and Rossi (Balotelli on youth squad). Please help!!!!
  18. Re: Portuguese league ratings..
  19. Re: Portuguese league ratings..
  20. Re: Portuguese league ratings.. Hey with the ratings being so close, what does anyone think these players will do? Thanks in advance! LIEDSON, da Silva Muniz...think he will go to 92? and VUKCEVIC, Simon...is a 90 possible this time?
  21. Re: Martin Caceres I've heard 89 or 90. I'm hoping 90 as I own him.
  22. Who should I keep and who should I sell? I really need the advice. Thanks in advance! NORDTVEIT , Havard, CB, 17 yo, 75 HOYTE, Gavin, D, 17, 72 CROSAS, Marc, CM, 20, 82 RANDALL, Mark, CM/AM, 18, 76 LANSBURY, Henri CM, 17, 72 GAI ASSULIN , Yigaal AM, 17, 75 BARKROTH, Niklas AM, 16, 69 BARAZITE, Nacer AM, 17, 72 FREEMAN, Luke F, 16, 69 SUNU, Gilles F, 17, 60
  23. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report Trezeguet...think he'll go up or stay the same? Seems to be in fine form right now. Thanks in advance!
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