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  1. Young Bayern defender. Worth an investment? What are his long-term possibilities? Thanks.
  2. Ibrahimovic help!!!! Will Zlatan Ibrahimovic stay a 96 or will he decrease because of a somewhat lackluster second half of the season? Thanks in advance!
  3. Real Madrid's Julio Baptista... Fall, rise or stay the same in the next rating changes? Thanks!
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm thinking of dealing for Julio Baptista. He's a 92 AM/F. Should I go for the deal now or wait until after the rating changes? Will he be going up or down? Just trying to get the best deal for my money. Thanks!
  5. I know the Dutch rating changes have passed, but what is the consensus on Farfan. He is a 92 right now. Can he get much higher? Is he a good investment? Thanks!
  6. Re: La liga rating changes part 2 Does anyone think there will be any change in Carlos Vela's rating?
  7. Re: Inter Youth Players Help! Also, Aiman NAPOLI, F, 18 yr old, 69 Thanks!
  8. Which, if any, of these youth players on my Inter squad should I hold on to or sell? Thanks for the help. MAAROUFI, Ibrahim, CM, 19 yr old, 78 FILKOR, Attila, AM/F, 19, 78 SLAVKOVSKI, Goran, F, 19, 79 DIXON, Terry, CF, 18, 74 ALFONSO, Enrico, G, 19, 78
  9. Re: Spanish Ratings Please don't skewer me if this has been posted already, but what are the opinions on Real Madrid's Diarra and Sneijder in the upcoming ratings changes? I've been offered both of them in exchange for Fabregas and am contemplating the deal. Thanks!
  10. Please help me. I'm looking at adding one or more of the following players and was wondering what their rating changes might be coming up. Joe Cole, W/AM, Chelsea, 92 Luis Jimenez, AM?RM, Inter, 89 Martin Caceres, CB, Recreativo de Huelva, 88 Arda Turan, W/AM, Galatasaray, 89 Thank you.
  11. How good of an investment is Turan? I'm thinking of making a deal for my winger needy squad.
  12. Re: Rosicky for 19 mil Thanks for the help. Where exactly is the help with deals thread?
  13. Is 19 million for Rosicky a good offer?
  14. I have Luis Jimenez on my Inter squad. I'm thinking of doing a player exchange deal regarding him and Matias Fernandez of Villareal plus about $1 mil (Villareal is not the private league we have). They are both AM rated 89, but Fernandez is two years younger. Think this is a good move?
  15. This is my first post, so please forgive any mistakes. I am in a private set up and have been offered Diarra and Sneijder from Real Madrid for Fabregas from my Arsenal side. Diarra (DM/CM) is a 94 and 26 years old and Sneijder (CM/AM) is a 93 and 23 years old. Fabregas is a 95 and 20 years old. Here is the rest of my squad: BORUC, Artur FABIANSKI, Lukasz CLICHY, Gael DRENTHE, Royston SAGNA, Bakari TOURE, Kolo DJOUROU, Johan SENDEROS, Philippe GALLAS, William WENDELL, Geraldo EBOUE, Emmanuel HLEB, Aleksandr FLAMINI, Mathieu DENILSON, Pereira Neves DIABY, Abou FABREGAS, Cesc ROSICKY, Tomas ARSHAVIN, Andrei WALCOTT, Theo VELA, Carlos VAN PERSIE, Robin QUAGLIARELLA, Fabio ADEBAYOR, Emmanuel BENDTNER, Niklas Thanks for the help.
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