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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I swap Hamsik for Luka MODRIC + Macauley CHRISANTUS? Have Fab, VDV, Montolivo, Hernanes and Lassana Diarra as other CM options.
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Should I sell Abidal for Chiellini and Luis Valencia? None of my CB's are above 90 and I have Capdevila as a LB as well? I have some interest in Abidal and am trying to figure out what a good offer for him is. Thanks!
  3. Re: Quick deal help needed! Thanks. I might go for Lucio if I can get him.
  4. Re: Quick deal help needed! Here is my squad BUFFON, Gianluigi ABIDAL, Éric LB 29 CAPDEVILA, Joan LB ZACCARDO, Cristian RB/CB CASSETTI, Marco RB/LB 31 90 £4.6M £4.2M - - FRIEDRICH, Manuel CB 29 90 £5.6M £5.1M - - FERRARI, Matteo CB 29 90 £5.6M £6.8M 25 Mar - MELLBERG, Olof CB/RB 31 90 £4.6M £4.2M - - THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano CB 24 89 £6.7M £7.8M 26 Mar - SANTACROCE, Fabiano CB 22 89 £7.2M £9.1M 25 Mar - MICHEL BASTOS, Fernandes LM/LB 25 88 £5.9M £4.5M 25 Mar Sus CAMORANESI, Mauro RM/CM 32 93 £5.4M £7.2M - - ERNST, Fabian DM/CM 29 91 £6.1M £5.6M 25 Mar Int VIEIRA, Patrick CM/DM 32 93 £5.4M £7.2M - TrL VERON, Juan Sebastián CM 33 92 £3.9M £4.9M - - ROLFES, Simon CM/DM 27 91 £7.1M £8.7M 25 Mar - ZYRYANOV, Konstantin CM 31 91 £5.1M £4.6M - - MARCHISIO, Claudio CM/DM 23 87 £5.6M £4.5M 27 Mar Int SIMAO, Sabrosa Wing/AM 29 93 £7.3M £11.9M - Int AGUERO, Sergio Fwd 20 94 £11.9M £36.9M - Inj OLIC, Ivica Fwd/Wing 29 91 £6.1M £5.3M - - LIEDSON, da Silva Muniz Fwd 31 91 £5.1M £4.5M 24 Mar - LUIS GARCIA, Fernández Fwd/AM 28 91 £6.6M £7.8M - LnL KIESSLING, Stefan Fwd/AM 25 90 £7.2M £8.1M 23 Mar ABd TREZEGUET, David CF 31 93 £6.1M £7.7M - - OWEN, Michael
  5. Re: Quick deal help needed! Thanks. I'm leaning toward accepting. Any other thoughts?
  6. Been offered Vagner Love+10 mil for Trezeguet. Should I take it? Also have Aguero, Owen, Kiessling, LUIS GARCIA, Fernández, Liedson and Olic as strikers.
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Been offered Vagner Love+10 mil for Trezeguet. Should I take it? I have Aguero, Owen, Kiessling and Olic.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... David Silva for Abidal a good swap? I'm giving up Abidal.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Any thoughts on Trez's potential to keep his 93? I think I would ask for younger 90+'s.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... What is an acceptable offer for Trezeguet? I have a few owners interested in him and am wondering what I should ask for, ratings-wise in players in return?
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I swap Viera for Gareth Barry and Zarate?
  12. Re: David Trezuguet I also have Trez and am wondering what to do with him. What should I try to get for him? Should I even sell him? My squad could use a young 90+ CM and young 90+ CB. My other strikers are Aguero, Owen, Olic, Liedson, Luis Garcia and Kiessling.
  13. Re: Insider's thread. Risers, straight to the point. Should I cash in on MATIAS RODRIGUEZ, Nicolas or hold onto him? Just rose to 83 as a RB in the Argentina ratings.
  14. Should I swap Martin Demichelis for Garay? Already have Carvalho, Chivu, Squillaci, Caceres and Gonzalo Rodriguez as CB's.
  15. Re: Mario Kirev [slavia Sofia, GK] So if he does sign soon, which ratings changes will he be evaluated under? Thanks.
  16. Re: Mario Kirev [slavia Sofia, GK] How will this affect his rating in the upcoming changes and also in a long-term outlook?
  17. Re: Felipe Mattioni Great riser for my third division squad. Now the question, should I sell for profit or hang on to him? What is his potential?
  18. Re: Italian rating predictions What about Juan Vargas' rating prospects? Seems he's been so-so this season for Fiorentina.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks. Any other thoughts out there?
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Would you swap Van der Vaart for for Flamini and Walcott?
  21. Re: is CHIVU, Cristian over rated? Been injured so far this campaign. Great defender and free-kick specialist. A definite 93. When at full health will regain his place in Inter's first XI.
  22. Re: Help! Good squad, poor results Any advice would be much appreciated.
  23. Re: Mascherano Transfer Do not do that deal unless you get two top-notch players in return. Mascherano is young and has potential to rise higher. Money is not as important in the long run as quality players. A straight cash deal for a 94 is not good business.
  24. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is Vela+15 mil for Chivu a good deal? I'm getting Chivu. Already have Gervinho and Walcott as young Wing/Fwd players.
  25. Re: Torres for 30m + Benzema Torres is great, but I'd also try to hang onto Benzema. Maybe add some more cash to the deal and go back with Gomez.
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