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  1. Looking to add a young top-notch striker. I can get one of them. Which one should I go for? Other suggestions welcome too. Thanks!
  2. Re: Spanish Ratings I'm a bit surprised Ruano Alexis of Valencia did not rise by 1 to 90. Am I alone on this?
  3. Re: Van Persie deal help please! Thanks for the advice. I'm leaning toward accepting the deal. Any other opinions out there?
  4. Been offered Aquilani+15 mil for Van Persie. My other forwards are Adebayor, Arshavin, Quagliarella and Zarate. My other CM's are Fabregas, Flamini, Montolivo, Hamsik and De la Red. I'd rather get two players out of the deal. How should I counter, if at all? I like Aquilani, but don't know where he would fit into my midfield as it is full of young high rated players or young ones about to rise. Reps for good advice. Thanks!
  5. Re: Antonio Marcos Senna In Exchange For Hamsik And Lavezzi Accept as quickly as possible and hope the Napoli manager does not come to their senses!
  6. Re: Terry or Vidic / Caceres or Zapata I would go for Vidic and Caceres. Caceres is good enough to break in at Barca. Higher ceiling than Zapata IMO. Hope this helps.
  7. Re: Marek Hamsik to 91- collection of signatures I agree: Zoomboom8
  8. Is Aquilani+Robben for Cole a good deal? I'm giving up Cole.
  9. Re: Help with BIG David Villa deal! Please! Thanks for all the advice. I'm trying to do the deal with Gallas and cash instead of Hleb.
  10. Re: Help with BIG David Villa deal! Please! I countered that with $10 mil on top to sweeten the deal
  11. Re: Help with BIG David Villa deal! Please! What if I switched in Gallas or Flamini? Who should I add in and who should I take out?
  12. Should I exchange Hleb (93, RM/AM) and Arshavin (93, F/AM) for Villa (94, F)? Other forwards are Adebayor, Van Persie, Quagliarella and Zarate Other mids who can play AM and/or on the Right are Joe Cole, Trochowski, Hamsik and Walcott (although rarely). Thanks for the help and reps for quality advice.
  13. Re: Revamping my Inter team! Need help on who to sign who to sell.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Am I giving up too much? Do you think Villa could rise in the next few weeks. Hleb has not been tearing it up at Barca. His 93 could be in doubt, right?
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Need some help on this deal. I put in a bid for David Villa and got countered Hleb and Arshavin. I think I should accept this, but need some opinions. I'd be giving up Hleb and Arshavin. Thanks.
  16. Re: Santi Cazorla v Jesus Navas Very tough choice. Probably can't go wrong either way. Cazorla has been playing well this season so a rise to 91 is not out of the question when the Spain ratings changes come along. Cazorla does offer a little more versatility as a W/AM since he can play either side or in an AM position if you really needed him to. He's probably a little cheaper than Navas as well. Personally I'd go for Cazorla, but just barely. Hope this helps.
  17. I've got a manager I've been loaning Vela to who is begging to buy him off of me. I'm finally thinking of relenting after the latest English ratings changes (in case Vela goes up). It would probably be a cash deal because none of this players interest me. I've got winger depth and some youth so I feel I can let go for the right price. So, how much should I get for Vela? My other wingers (these are any players with W in the position-so F/W and such are included) are: Quaresma, Govou, Robben, Diego Capel, Rakitic and Benzema. Reps for quality advice and thanks for the help!
  18. Re: Aguero deal..or no deal Tempting as VP may get his 92 back soon, but Aguero is one of those players that you should just hold onto. He is on fire currently and may hit 94 at just 20 years old. That alone should be enough not to sell him. Pato is a great prospect, but if you're the only one interested in him, don't worry about extra loot and just get enough to sign him. Toure is good, but I think 93 would be his max. Keep Aguero.
  19. Re: Luis Fabiano helpppppp please That could be a bit much. Try and dump Keane on him and hold onto Fabiano instead.
  20. Re: Need a Winger, LM or RM Diego Capel of Sevilla. Rated 89 and should rise to 90 next changes. Could be higher by the end of the season. Only 20 years old. A good investment.
  21. Re: Sjnieder and Gago + 15mill for Pirlo Accept. Sneijder and Gago are both young and quality, plus you're getting some cash on top. While Pirlo is excellent, Milan is struggling as a whole and that will hurt his rating. Sneijder, before his injury was destined to be a 94 and Gago should continue to rise as he plays pretty regularly for Madrid.
  22. Re: Chiellini deal Depends on what money is worth in your league. However, seeing as how a lot of forumers think Chiellini is due for a rise, it's a good deal. I don't think Naldo has the same rating potential of Chiellini. So even though they're both 91 now, I'd put my money on Chiellini being the higher rated player in the long run. So short answer: it's a good deal for you.
  23. Re: Need a LB Long term option is Armand Traore of Arsenal currently on loan and playing quite a bit at Portsmouth. Just 18 years old and rated 83.
  24. Re: Need a LB Juan Vargas at Fiorentina is worth a look. Rated 90 and playing consistently for a Champions League squad.
  25. Re: LB/LM Help please! Thanks. Thoughts on Vargas too? Seems like he could rise at Fiorentina.
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