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    GagzoD got a reaction from fadedwolfz in Micah Richards deal   
    Re: Micah Richards deal
    Are you stupid or just ignorant?
    Liverpool have conceded 6 goals in 9 league games.....not bad by ANY teams stanards. Only teams with better record are Chavski(4 goals) and manure (5 goals) ...... OHHHHHHHHHHHH Liverpool have such a bad record:rolleyes:
    I wouldn't even be thinking whether or not to accept this deal, I would have agreed it as soon as it was offered!! Long term 94 rated player for a 90(and possibly stuck on) rated player
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    GagzoD got a reaction from Hizzle. in Sell N'gog and Manucho?   
    Re: Sell N'gog and Manucho?
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    GagzoD reacted to Schuldiner in Victor Valdes ?   
    Re: Victor Valdes ?
    To be honest, Barca's goalkeeping decisions have confused me since the day Andoni Zubizarreta joined Valencia.
    Vitor Baia looked promising, until he missed 2 full seasons injured and lost his place to a very average Ruud Hesp when he returned.
    They then got rid of a young Pepe Reina, preferring Roberto Bonano (not exactly spectacular) and Robert Enke (who despite being brilliant before joining, was dropped after 1 bad game and never really given a 2nd chance).
    After that, they signed Rustu (who was still brilliant at the time), but hardly ever used him because apparently he didn't speak Spanish well enough. Valdes took over 1st team duties from Bonano instead.
    In between all that, Francesc Arnau has also had spells in the 1st team... he was the worst of all of them.
    I think the reason Valdes has been trusted for so long, is that he actually has a decent record where conceding goals is concerned. He even holds the Barcelona record for most minutes without conceding a goal in Europe (not that surprising though seeing as the competition is longer than it used to be, and you often don't meet top quality opposition until much later on).
    Personally, I think his record is due to the amount of possession Barcelona have in most games, and the lack of chances that the opposition get as a result. The Barca midfield runs the game, and Valdes is usually rarely called upon. He certainly doesn't seem to make that many saves on most occasions I watch Barcelona games. Maybe this is why no Barca coach has felt the need to replace him yet. If he doesn't have to do that much, maybe they don't think a world class keeper is a neccessity. Until Barca start conceding a few too many, they'll probably just continue to spend their money elsewhere.
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    GagzoD reacted to Slicker in Rate change   
    Re: Rate change
    Alicoo7. Are you in any of my set-ups and if so do you want to buy some 92 rated players
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    GagzoD got a reaction from Kyle Turner in Marvin Pourie (Liverpool)   
    This kid ain't on the DB because he's young(not 1st team games) but I reckon he'll be a very very good player! I've seen him play couple of times on LFC TV for the academy team....and it seems he's started just where he left off last season. Could be a while before he goes on DB, just remember the name and where you heard it first!

    Date of birth: 08-01-1991
    Born: Germany
    Position: Striker
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    GagzoD got a reaction from Nick Justice in Marvin Pourie (Liverpool)   
    This kid ain't on the DB because he's young(not 1st team games) but I reckon he'll be a very very good player! I've seen him play couple of times on LFC TV for the academy team....and it seems he's started just where he left off last season. Could be a while before he goes on DB, just remember the name and where you heard it first!

    Date of birth: 08-01-1991
    Born: Germany
    Position: Striker
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    GagzoD reacted to BenReado in Daniel WASS - The Danish Riser   
    Re: Daniel WASS - The Danish Riser
    An Update.... 5 games now into the Danish season and Wass has started 5 of those games. He has also played in 3 out of 3 games in Europe. Full Stats:
    SAS Ligaen
    Turn 1, FC Nordsjaelland - Bröndby IF, 0:2, 1 assist, 90 mins
    Turn 2, Bröndby IF - Aalborg BK, 2: 1, 90 mins
    Turn 3, Bröndby IF - Randers FC, 0: 3, Subed of 79', 79 mins
    Turn 4, AC Horsens - Bröndby IF, 0: 1, 90 mins
    Turn 5, Aarhus GF - Bröndby IF, 2: 1 , 90 mins
    UEFA Cup qualification
    Round 1, Leg 2, Bröndby IF - B36 Torshavn, 1: 0, 90 mins
    Round 1, Leg 2, B36 Torshavn - Bröndby IF, 0: 2, 1 Goal, 90 mins
    Round 2, Leg 1, FC Haka Valkeakoski - Bröndby IF, 0: 4, 90 mins
    That's 8/8 games started, 1 assist and 1 goal.
    Also, 709/720 minutes played, that's 98.5% possible game time he's been playing.
    I'm predicting a rise to at least 81.
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    GagzoD got a reaction from Kyle Turner in Thomas Ince - Junior Guv'nor   
    Ince junior gets a chance at Liverpool's academy. Not going to be on DB for a while, but certainly if he's anything near the player that his dad was then he has a great future ahead of him - hopefully at Anfield!
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    GagzoD reacted to Ahmed in Celso BORGES-Latin talent   
    Celso BORGES-is a young Costa Rican soccer player (19 years)who plays for Deportivo Saprissa.He also plaid for the Costa Rica u-20 in Canada .
    A midfielder, he is considered to be one of the most talented young players in Concacaf. He has great shooting skills, very creative, is an excellent long ball passer, and a very good header. At the age of 17, Celso was just playing his second year with Saprissa's top division, and has already won a national championship.
    With the Costa Rican national team, he played in the 2005 FIFA U-17 World Championship held in Peru, in which he scored a goal and was considered among the best players of the tournament. He is expected to play a key role in any squad he plays as he is an awesome midfielder with tons of potential.
    Blackburn Rovers are close to signing him .
    He is rated 76
    N/B: This was my 500th post:D yepee
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    GagzoD got a reaction from liverpool99 in Ronaldo   
    Re: Ronaldo
    Thats ridiculous!
    So Ronaldo can play terrible, but if manure win CL Ronaldo gets an increase?
    Kaka is on 98 also. Kaka HAS played in 2 CL finals(winning 1), also proved over last few seasons (not just 1) how how good a player he is ..... but you still think this doesn't matter because ronaldo can score against Wigan,Reading etc and thats what counts?
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    GagzoD reacted in Forum Reputation Explained   
    I have decided to do a detailed account of about repping and how to rep. I think it will help the newer forumers, as it tooks me ages to realize how to rep.
    1. What is Rep - Giving Rep
    Rep is short for reputation and on soccermanagerForums, you issue rep to other members. It can be issued for:

    A good match report on the - soccermanager.com Setup threads.
    Finding a young talent and for them to rise highly
    helping out other members of the forum
    Winning forum compertitions such as Forumer of the Year 2008 and SM Perdict

    And that list could go on and on.
    This forums are monitored by Forum Mods, they own the forums and can remove rep if they feel it hasnt been awarded fairly ( Given rep for no reason ). You can discover these forum mods, theyre names will be in red.
    To give rep, you have to click the reputation button, i will use TOM MFC recent post on GC14 as an example:
    The button is located in the top right corner of a post, this one is circled in red.


    Once you've clicked that button, a screen like this will appear:

    If you approve your rep, it means the person will be awarded reputation points, meaning:

    That they will become a more recognises member of these forums
    Other members also expect better and more intresting posts from thse members

    If you issue a negative rep, it means the exact opposite of the list above ^ . ( You can no longer give Neg Rep to a person as SM feels its not the right thing to do. )
    ALWAYS write a comment when you give a rep, it shows the reciever of the rep what you liked about the rep, meaning they will put that in more of their posts to make it enjoyable for you to read. ( Not alot of people currently do this but it will help the person in posting, you may even PM them about it. )
    You can see how much rep you have by going on your home-page and viewing the reputation bit at the bottom of your page, mine as example:

    Located at the top is how many reputation points you have, for expample, i have 364 rep points. For example:
    My Post footer:
    My 364 reputation points turn into 6 rep power, rep power generally means your popularity and quality of posts around the forums.
    Rep generally works like this:

    One Rep Power for every Year on the forum
    One every Rep Power for every 1000 posts
    One Rep Power for every 100 Rep Points

    Hope this has helped, good luck with your teams and hope you enjoy these forums, maybe now you no you may want to rep this post

    .Appriciated if nobody posted below this.

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    GagzoD reacted to matt_united_fan in young brazilian talent   
    i have recently been made aware of a very talented young brazilian player named Ronaldinho. from what i have heard he plays for a lower league spanish team, who i think are called barcelona but im not sure. hes extremely skillful and worth a buy if you can get hold of him. unheard of talent and i found him first.
    Get him!!
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    GagzoD reacted to jimmy carr in Gai Assulin   
    Is this lad not on the DB? if not why? he plays for barcelona, and has made a senior appearance for them. He has a 20 million euro buy out clause in his contract.
    his wiki:
    Gai Asulin (Hebrew: גיא אסולין‎, English: Guy Asulin; born April 9, 1991 in Nahariya) is an Israeli professional football (soccer) player who plays for FC Barcelona's B team in Spain.
    [edit] Career
    Asulin started his career in the Beitar Tubruk youth ranks, in 2003, when he was just 12, his team coach back-then Shlomo Scharf, proposed Guy's parents to consider taking their young prospect to try out for Barcelona's youth ranks, they did, and Gai was accepted.
    Asulin has long been considered one of the best prospects in the world, and Barcelona have rejected offers from Arsenal and Chelsea.
    On August 2007, Asulin graduated to the FC Barcelona B team, and was offered a new contract, a senior contract (a contract granted only after the player turns 16) for another 3 years and a €20M buy-out clause.
    On September 5 2007 when he was only 16.5 years old Assulin made his senior debut with the first team against Girona FC in the semi-final of the Catalonian Cup. Asulin entered in the 46th minute of the game and was praised all over Spain for his great performance.[
    his website : http://www.gaiassulin.com/gaivideos10.htm
    at 16, his own website
    looks like a little leo messi.
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    GagzoD reacted to millzy_7 in Potential Gem?   
    Now don't start getting all weak at the knees or anything, but I think I've found a massive riser. Now I'm going on stats for this lad, as I haven't seen him in action, but young forward Fouad Idabdelhay has been pulling up a few trees in the Dutch league for NAC Breda. NAC have very much overachieved this season, lying in 5th position, but equal on points (44) with 2nd place Heerenveen!

    The 19-year-old has only started once for NAC as Matthew Amoah and Anthony Lurling are the first choice forwards, but after only 1 start and 8 sub appearances totalling 276 minutes on the pitch, he has scored 4 times, which equals out at a goal every 69 minutes (or more than a goal per game if we're getting technical )
    Idabdelhay is currently NAC's 2nd top scorer, only 3 goals behind top scorer Amoah (7), and 1 ahead of Lurling (3) who has started 23 games! Not only does Idabdelhay have such a good goalscoring record, his goals have been of massive importance to NAC - earning them a total of 6 points! This includes 2 goals in the last 5 minutes in an away game against AZ Alkmaar to win the match 1-2, and the winner against Sparta Rotterdam in a 1-0 victory.
    8 out of 9 of Idabdelhay's appearances have occurred since the last rating changes of the Dutch league, as well as all of his goals. Best of all, Idabdelhay's current rating is only 70, meaning he is available for only 10k!! I'm not very good at the predicting bit, but if he continues to appear for NAC and score goals I can very much see him hitting at least the 80 mark, possibly and probably more!
    Player Name: Fouad IDABDELHAY
    Club Name: NAC Breda
    Age: 19 years old
    Born: 2 May 1988
    Nationality: Dutch
    Position: Striker (F)
    Rating: 70
    SM Value: £10,000
    Contract: 5 Years - £3,450 per Turn
    Happy signing Forumers - another talent to put in your youth squads!
    (His goal against Roda JC - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jFBc9dAM60)
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    GagzoD reacted to hades17 in You've got to love Eredivisie   
    I have scouted Eredivisie a bit this days and i've found a few gems. I have to mention that i'm going to talk about very young talents rated between 70 and 80.
    1) Ruud Vormer - 19 years old, rated 74, CM/DM, can be bought for 220k in most leagues. This guy has 11 starts and 1 sub appearance (983 minutes) for AZ Alkmaar (11th). I think he must rise to low 80's, and if he keeps playing in the next couple of weeks, an 84 is not far away.
    2) Tom Hiariej - 19 years old, rated 74, CB, can be bought for 250k in most leagues. He has 8 starts and 3 sub appearances (797 minutes) - 1 goal for FC Groningen (6th place right now). If he keeps playing, i would say an 82/83 for this guy.
    3) Stefan Nijland - 19 years old, rated 77, AM/F. Has 8 starts, 7 sub appearances (780 minutes) - 3 goals. Same situation as Hiariej, but a bit more expensive.
    4) Leroy Fer - 18 years old, rated 72, LM. 2 starts and 1 sub appearance for 4th placed Feyenoord (all in the last 3 league games, so it's very posible that he will keep playing) - 190 minutes. Not a big rise so far, but if he keeps playing until the dutch rating changes, i would say an 80/81 for him.
    5) Fouad Idabdelhay - 19 years old, rated 70 (10k player), F. 1 start and 8 sub appearances for high-flying NAC Breda. 4 goals in 276 minutes... not bad at all. i think he will go somewhere between 78-81. (this player has been mentioned before by millzy_7)
    6) Martin Christensen - 20 years old, rated 74, RM/CM. 6 starts - 423 minutes so far for Heracles. A decent rise is on the way. Probably +5 or +6.
    7) Saidi Ntibazonkiza - 20 years old, rated 73, F/W. 3 starts and 3 sub appearances (340 minutes)for NEC Nijmegen so far. A rise to high 70's is on cards.
    8) Marko Arnautovic - 18 years old, rated 72, CF. 1 start and 9 sub appearances for FC Twente - 197 minutes and no goals so far. 76/77/78, it depends on how much will play in the next month.
    I'm waiting for your opinions regarding my predictions because i'm not as experienced as TomOwen, bestpay, Ahmed, lukelufc and the other guys
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    GagzoD reacted to MARKEG in Top 50 exciting teen footballers   
    If like me new, and never know which youngsters to buy, i found this on SM Blog today, in no order here is the top 50 most exciting teen footballers as compiled by world soccer magazine. Sorry in advance if this has been done before but new to the forum and could not seem to find anything like this.
    Sadick Adams
    Ismaïl Aissati
    Alexandre Pato
    Giovani dos Santos
    Gareth Bale
    Sergio Aguero
    Bojan Krkić
    Gerardo Bruna
    Angel Di Maria
    Diego Buonanotte
    Franco Di Santo
    Macauley Chrisantus
    Karim Benzema
    Dumitru Copil
    Kermit Erasmus
    Fabio Coentrao
    Marouane Fellaini
    Damian Ismodes
    Lorenzo De Silvestri
    Nour Hadhria
    Rabul Ibrahim
    Toni Kroos
    Juan Manuel Mata
    Sapol Mani
    Cristian Nazarith
    Ransford Osei
    Aaron Niguez
    Daniel Opare
    Fran Merida
    Nikolay Mihaylov
    Mesut Ozil
    Andrea Russotto
    Renato Augusto
    Henri Saivet
    Micah Richards
    Alexis Sanchez
    Sergio Tejera
    Marek Suchy
    Ivan Rakitic
    Abdou Traore
    Carlos Vela
    Theo Walcott
    Gregory Van Der Wiel
    Ever Banega
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