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  1. Re: Right now i'm listening to... am Listening To the New Kasabian Album ,,,, Nice
  2. Re: TRANSFERS Hi trust no1 this has already been changed to what it is now , u did use to be able to exch player outside for unavaible to manage and non managed teams both in and out of the setups. so chances of gettin this changed wont work , it means u have to buy more carefully and exploits the use of young talent and youth system imo
  3. hi Guys doing my English rating changes , or at least my opionion of who shud change , ive only got time to do positive changes atm so here are a list of the following players who i think deserve a increase Micah Richards 90 (some may frown at this but is richards as good as agger? Martin Cranie 83 Adam Johnson 85 Luke Moore 88 Jolyen Lescott 89 Gabriel Agbonlahor 88 Leighton Baines 89 Mark Noble 85 David Bentley (not sure guys need ur help feel free 2 comment Ashley young 88 James milner 89 Steven Taylor 87 Ryan bertrand 75 Micheal Mancienne 83 Adam Hammil 82 Dan gosling 79/80
  4. Re: Olano Xabi ALONSO! - Overrated! If u think about the spainsih midfield i think xavi and alonso are a tad over rated maybe xavi 95 and alonso 94 i would of thought fabregas would deserve to be 95 i think , seems fair i think fabregas although a very mature hes matured yet more and not even 20 y'o sure is one of the youngest best Cm , i would put him as Dm/Cm/Am
  5. Re: Martain Cranie yh ive just brought him along with Ismeal Miller im hoping they should both go up to somewhere around 82/83 cranie is a gd player if he goes up to 85 that shud do him
  6. Re: Will Wenger Leave arsenal? he signed Carlos tho so that shud be good , never a replacement for mr henry tho lets face it theyll do wel if they manage to sign a striker with half the ablility of henry
  7. Re: Babel to Liverpool???? thats strange coz babel acutally sed that he see's himself playin for arsenal at some point in his career but this season hes stayin put due to his personal life
  8. Re: Winning the Cups and Shields u get 5m for wining champions league 3.75m for winning uefa 10m for winning the premiership 9.75 - 9.5 then 9 for 4th place u only get 1m for winning the leauge cup and 2.5m for wining the fa cup , so u can hardly moan if u get 2.5m for runner up SM infact are doubling the money that u wud get for winning it but i do agree that u need to get money from somewhere either , tv revenue , merchadising , or other assests
  9. Re: 14 Million... chris gunter LB cardiff - many clubs after him easy atainable for 3m Chris martin - CF quality player easy aqquireable for 3m leaving 8m spening 4m on a young LM would be good try Lodi and spend the 4m on wat ever u like
  10. Re: Louis Saha well this is a hard one , man utd ( on the verge of aquireing tevez's sig) who knows where saha will be , i mean i think alan smith will be gone most probaley to portsmouth leaving 4 players , but i think Mr gieusspe rossi wil get more of a look in this season soljkear doenst player games in a row and is used for early Cup rounds leaving saha , rooney and most probaley tevez for league games , but it depends wat saha wants hes a world class player and may want to go to a team where he gets more of a look in my advice woudl be to sell him
  11. Re: Ruano ALEXIS or Ezequiel GARAY ?? yeah good last post , eziquel is so much better hes proper quality better than elexis but both have time and if u cna why not buy both , alexis reacently got sold to dynamo kiev from valencia for 25m so hes being snatched by teams
  12. Re: Maria Sharapova yeah she sure is one fo the fittest (totti's) in the tennis world
  13. Re: Neri Alberto CASTILLO hes fairly good i think 91 wud be maxium that he shud be atm i mean hes not got patches on sorin , adriano , joe cole and there LM and 92 rating
  14. Re: New season investment ive had investments of 12m before with my liverpool , barca and intermilan
  15. Re: Leo Messi mmm i dunno i think perhaps wait to see what role plays at the nou camp i mean personally i wud play eto'o henry and ronaldiniho before messi althought messi is a good player thats is for sure but i think lets see how he settles in la liga first
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