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  1. Re: Gold Championship 2 In 2 days my gold account will not be renewed,i have decided that since i no longer have time to properly manage my Real Madrid team that it is time to let them go and be done with soccermanager. So best of luck to whom ever gets to manage them and thanks for the memories with in GC 2,take care all
  2. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread You really kissed her?How long ago was this?She was a looker back in the day and i would have welcomed a kiss from her:D
  3. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread LOL Craig,you crack me up,to be honest i never knew you where that old,had you pegged younger then me, since you said you have been a fan since 1978,my birth year you proved me wrong. The stats don't lie tho, an you are correct in regards to the views,Im shocked But sorry i dont believe you in regards to you getting all these messages to keep the blondie thread going,not being mean i just can't see or imagine that many blondie fans.Especially with the younger crowd on here,so possibly you got 10 messages in 3 years from a bunch of old guys.And repping you for posting blondie stuff lol,i have thought a few times to neg rep you back in the day for posting that lol.You should make some Zep or Stones threads,they rocked back in your day But truth be told i am not a blondie fan,more of a hatter,so dont hate me for hating,just bored lol.Keep the tread going
  4. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread I may have just started a war with Craig here,lol
  5. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread ROFL,i must have missed something in the past 8 months,has Craig turned everyone into Blondie fans?Never thought i would see the day when a Blondie thread would be stickied on a soccer forum. On a serious note tho,to MODS and whom ever does the stickies, Is all that is needed to get a band stickied on this forum is to post up all video from youtube and post information found on a bands web site on here?If so there are HUNDREADS of more accomplished bands then Blondie to have stickied
  6. Re: Trésor Mabi Mputu Any updates on how this kid is doing or what he is doing?
  7. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Thanks Rosso,will be using "The Lion" sig on a different forum. Waiting to see what Ryan comes up with for the one i shall be using here
  8. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here!
  9. Re: Want a new signature... Get one here! Can anyone with some extra time possibly make me a sig with the Bernabeau in the background,with a text that says "Jason Malo/Real Madrid" in 1 corner and in another corner "GC2's Best" ,along with a picture Kaka in a Madrid Jersey and a Picture of Eto'o(If possible in a Madrid Jersey,may take some searching to find a picture of this but he did have a stint for Real Madrid),if you have no such luck finding a picture of him in the Madrid jersey then a picture of him celebrating with his shirt off would be fine,Thanks in advance And one more request a sig with the African flag in the background with Eto'o(Striking the ball or celebrating in Barcelona kit) and text which says "The Lion" would be great Thanks in advance or whomever can get these done
  10. Re: Gold Championship 2 News From the Bernabeau Real Madrid where on the road this weekend with its reserve squad as they visited Coliseum Alfonso Pérez to play Getafe.The reserve could only muster a 2-2draw,but still remain undefeated in Division play and are tops of the league.Benitez and Dos Santos got on the score sheet today for the Galaticos. GOAL!! - Christian BENITEZ rises majestically and heads the in-swinging corner into the net! GOAL!! - dos Santos GIOVANI dummies the keeper and slides the ball into the empty net! The team will be hosting Sevilla and Barcelona in the upcoming week
  11. Been trolling threw this section and read the polls, but they appear to be out of date,so sorry if this is spam.And i am no longer familiar with 3/4 of the members on here now,so can i ask a question? Who is a solid sig maker that is actively on that you think wouldn't mind creating a new Sig?Does anyone know..or can point me in the right direction Thanks is advance for helping
  12. Re: Gold Championship 2 Oye Baseball Furrie' date='your eye don't lie, Becoming active this season,non active last season,and only jump on this thread from time to time.Between girls(the ones my girl friend is not aware of) and pubs not much time for the internet these days [b'] NEWS FROM THE BERNABEAU[/b] Real Madrid have been bounced out of the SMFA Shield in Round 2 with the loss to Inter. Now the team turns in focus to Division action and look to reclaim the La liga title after a terrible display last season.The team is currently undefeated and after 13 games played are 8 points up
  13. Re: Gold Championship 2 NEWS FROM THE BERNABEAU Real Madrid Blow Up Atletico Madrid Real Madrid continue it's winning streak in division play by crushing Atletico Madrid by a score of 7-1 to move up 8 points on second place Barcelona. Samuel Eto'o is showing no signs of slowing down,after playing 9 division games the player has already scored 13 goals and 11 assist and is making a strong case for player of year
  14. Re: Gold Championship 2 Last season was a horrible one for me as i was barely on an only checking tactics/roster lineups once every month,resulted in a 7 or 8th place finish and out of the smfa cup,but luckily made the shield this season.Will be on more and looking to take the smfa shield, only thing i have yet to win in this gc,kinda a good thing i didn't make the smfa cup lol
  15. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Going to be an exciting season at the Bernabeau this season
  16. Havoc


    I have chosen not to renew my Gold Membership do to lack if time, in 2 days my GC 2 Real Madrid(dream team) an Spain GC 8 Sevilla GC 19 Sporting Will all be available so good luck to whomever get them I will be more then likely leaving SM with in the following week to come As for the Community and folks at SM, thanks for the times and good luck with the game, i had blast take care. If you wish to remain in contact with me i have a facebook account, just search for Jason Malo, London Ontario Network
  17. Re: Gold Championship 2 haven't had time to really post,so here we go NEWS FROM THE BERNABEAU While the Real Madrid management where busy in the off season bringing in such talents like Kaka and Toure to join the most exciting team in Spain, it has been all about getting into position for hardware in the Cup/Shield this season after only being able to claim the La Liga. Season Review Spanish Cup Past two time Spanish Cup champs Real Madrid are making the push this season to bring home the trophy after the past two season's have been disappointing finishes Round 1 VS Osasuna on the road, tough victory here as the game ended in a draw at 1-1 it took penalties to see Real Madrid come away with the win Round 2 VS Salamanca on the road,an easy victory here as the Los Blancos won by a score of 5-1 Round 3 VS Malaga at home,another well played game in front of home crowd the Los Galaticos bombed them by a score of 5-0 UPCOMING Spanish Cup Quarter Final VS Barcelona on the road, yet another road game for Real Madrid against a very good team Spanish Shield Similar story to the Spanish Cup here,past two time champs and one time runner ups Real Madrid are hungry for trophies this season after two seasons of disappointing results Spanish Shield Round 1 VS Castellon at home,a well played game on Real Madrid's part proved to much for Castellon as Real Madrid where victorious by a score of 3-1 Spanish Shield Round 2 VS Real Soceidad at home saw a 4-1 victory by the Los Blancos Spanish Shield Round 3 VS Gimnastic on the road,Real Madrid blanked them by a score of 3-0 UPCOMNING Spanish Shield Quarter Final VS Atletico Madrid on the road. Yet another unlucky draw having to play a very strong Atletico Madrid on the road What appears to be a tough road to travel in the upcoming Cup/Shield games versus Barcelona and Atletico Madrid team coach Jason Malo has stated that he will be using some new formations/tactics in these roads games SMFA Cup Playing in Division F, Real Madrid are currently sitting first place with 2 win and 1 loss and are looking to advance to the knock out stages of the competition Real Madrid La Liga In the always tough La Liga, Real Madrid are currently sitting 5th place with 3 loses,two of those loses came to the hands of Atletico Madrid whom are currently first and Zaragoza who are currently second in La Liga Injuries The team has had a spell of bad luck losing Sergio Ramos Garcia for 5 weeks(remainng) and Fernando Torres for 5 weeks(remaining) and Cesc Fabregas 3 weeks(5 days remaning) I NTERNATIONAL FRONT Real Madrid manager Jason Malo was chosen to manage Spain and show his stuff on the International level,and in his first two games he has done that by coaching his team to two solid victories in friendlies Spain VS FYR Macedonia at Skopje City Stadium (18,104) In the teams first match under Jason Malo Spain came out blazing by winning the game by a score of 5-1 with three goals by Davd Villa,one goal by Andres Iniesta and one goal by Raul.David Villa claimed the Man Of The Match Spain VS Bolivia at Hernando Siles (42,000) Unmatched Bolivia was against the Spain team as Spain blanked the by a score of 3-0 with one goal coming from Fernando Torres and two goals coming from Raul.Puyol picked up the Man Of The Match Spain's Goal Scorers In The Friendles David Villa 3 Raul 2 Torres 1 Iniesta 1
  18. Re: Gold Championship 2 News From The Bernabeau Off And Running Real Madrid hosted division rivals Real Betis in front of sell out home crowd and came away with 1-0 victory with the loan goal going to Fernando Torres whom also picked up the Man Of The Match Real Madrid are currently sitting 4th in La Liga witht he top 5teams being undefeated and looking to it is going to be a very interesting season in Spain and will have to travel to face Real Murcia next Transfers Ricardo Kaka arrived at The Bernabeau this week and was all smiles to get the chance to play for the Los Blancos and join the all star line up Kaka makes it the third player to join the team this season along with Kolo Toure and Luis Fernandinho International News With Jason Malo getting the nod to manage Spain, he has been busy talking with players and has now got his starting XI Casillas Puyol Segio Ramos Albiol Fabregas Iniesta Xavi Silva Villa Raul Torres Avg Age 26 Avg rating of 95 The teams first match will be a friendly on the road against Macedonia on Oct 14th Notes: Only me Cally and Leamy Steve from the forum got calls to manage International teams?If you are managing a team please make a post
  19. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports not planning on managing the International teams in this setup so i have turned down You have decided to reject the International job offer from United States. You have decided to reject the International job offer from Slovenia. You have decided to reject the International job offer from Serbia. You have decided to reject the International job offer from Paraguay.
  20. Re: Gold Championship 2 News From The Bernabeau Transfer Rumor Kolo Toure arrived with the team and is seeing first team action Los Galaticos have agreed and come to terms to acquire Kaka from Milan and he should be arriving tomorrow Real Madrid's New Starting XI Casillas Lahm Toure Ramos Garcia Fabregas Essien Robinho Kaka Ibrahimovic Eto'o Torres Allstar line up,all i can say about that Results Real Madrid VS Recreativo de Huelva Real Madrid defeated Recreativo de Huelva with a 3-0 victory at home with goals coming from Ibrahimovic 20,32 and Essien 80 with the Man of The Match going to Fernando Torres Next up Real Betis International News With all the past success Jason Malo has had in Spain and with in the setup it only seemed quite fitting for him to get the job to manage Spain, and that he did as he accepted the offer this morning and will contacting players and holding some interviews before he fills out is roster notes: Look forward to playing you Steve Mawby(Argentina) and Cally(Ukraine) on the International level. if anyone else got job offers on the International level please make a post so i can see who i get to go up against possibly
  21. Re: Gold Championship 2 News From The Bernabeau Real Madrid welcomed the teams newest player a few days ago in Luis Fernandinho.The 23 yar old 90 rated W/AM will be used on the reserve squad Along with Fernandinho it appears that Real Madrid have went on and came to terms with Ajax manager to acquire Kolo Toure who will be seeing first team action.Going to Ajax is Chiellini and Jefferson The season kicked off for the Los Blancos yesterday as it drew Getafe on the road by a score of 2-2 with goals coming from Samuel Eto'o and Fernando Torres.Torres claimed the Man Of Match
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