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  1. Re: The European Premiership News Barcelona Manager Mr S.A. Cunningham and his Assistant Coach J. Mourinho have announced thei plans to buy at least one of the following three players: J Terry Cannavaro Nesta Cech They are also planning to sell the following players: Deco Henry (only in swap deal for another striker) Milito
  2. Re: The European Premiership News The Sun The Barcelona chairman has just agreed a new contract with world renowned manager Sam Cunningham. Sam Cunningham has only agreed to the job if his backroom staff can all come the Nou Camp with him!! He has now got Jose Mourinho as Assistant Coach, Arsene Wenger as his Youth team Coach and Sir Alex Ferguson as his PA. Mr Cunningham has been hinting that some big players will be available! "This squad has yet to be developed, the defense is not up to my standards, I will be on the scout for some new defense. The whole team needs to be put in its plac
  3. Welcome managers to the EP2008!!! The season has begun, transfers are now able to go ahead to any club even if outside the league!! (includes unmanaged clubs) All transfer news can be written here for all to see, new managers post here!!! Any dramatic wins or losses (lets hope not!!) brag or feel sorry for yourself here! The transfer window is now open for ever!!!
  4. Re: New Custom Setup Places Available!! The European Premiership
  5. Re: New Custom Setup Places Available!! They are gone mate sorry
  6. Re: New Custom Setup Places Available!! wHITLOCK i am sorry but mate want United,
  7. Re: New Custom Setup Places Available!! Still looking for teams. If you have asked on here for a team apply soon or you will lose your place. For those who have a team you cannot buy of unmanaged teams until i say.
  8. Re: New Custom Setup Places Available!! You apply but make sure no one before you has posted for the same team as if they have they will get the team but i know inter is free and i think chelsea is aswell but check.
  9. Re: New Custom Setup Places Available!! Please can you guys get some of your mates to join and other forumers! We need to start filling up quickly as the season will start soon. Setup is created so u guys please apply. Thanx guys.
  10. Re: New Custom Setup Places Available!! Re: Mad Leprechaun I am pretty sure that he wont want Real Madrid (I take it you meant Real not Athletico) he already has that in my other setup. And about your other comment on America. I dont think they are not in my setup but if you want a challenge try Ebbsfleet United. They are a great conference team. I am actually a shareholder and one of their thousands of managers. Thanx mate
  11. Re: New Custom Setup Places Available!! Yep u lot are all fine on your choices. Please can u all tell your friends about the league. Just so u know your teams are all confirmed except if my mate wants the team if so you will be able to choose again. I am trying my best to get in contact with him as soon as possible. So that we dont start the season and then he tells me. I will give him two days and then all teams are confirmed. Please can you all add me as a friend on SM. Thanx guys.
  12. Re: New Custom Setup Places Available!! Hi, Thanks for the interest! I am sure you guys can have the teams that you have asked for. Whitlock do you really as you put sit 'smoke weed'. Mad Leprechaun do you think that you could tell your friends about this? Thanx mate.
  13. Hi i have just bought a new custom setup with the top 30 countries from all over the world. All these teams are available but one will be taken by a mate so if you all pick a team i will get you a place if that happens to be the one that my mate chooses you will get a second choice. All the top teams are available except Barcelona. If you post here with the team you would like. It will be first come first serve. The setup will be created tomorrow so once you have been accepted a place on here. PM me on SM. My name is Sam Cunningham. This is my profile to make it easier to PM me http
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