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  1. Re: Utk's English League Prediction Smalling- 82-83. Will probably get a rise just for moving to Manchester United but won't get enough (if any) games by the next ratings changes to be anything significant. But good future buy. Agger- 89-90 Probably staying the same with their league position and injury problems. Diouf- 86-87 Slight rise for joining Manchester. But doesn't get the games and really doesn't impress when he does. With United looking to buy a striker this summer I can see him falling by the wayside. Kalinic- 88 I can see him staying the same unless he starts pouring i
  2. Re: No rise for Pato!?! Yeah I was upset too until I looked at his stats. He's used as a sub on the national team but not that often. He'll probably make it to the world cup but I don't think he'll get the games over Luis Fabiano, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Adriano and Vagner Love. Even Nilmar's getting games over Pato so I think he's too far down the pecking order to get a raise.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I was just offered Forlan (93), Trezeguet (94) and 15 mil. for Arshavin (93)! This seems rather obvious, I realize Forlan has been injured for a month and Trez is injured but Arshavin is still at Zenit where I don't think he'll get above 93. Anything I'm missing.
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