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  1. Re: lewandowski I'd give him 94. If you compare him to Falcao, both from second tier national teams (not sure how Columbia is currently ranked 3rd). Both have been clinical the last two years. Lew has a lot more assists, but Falcao doesn't have as much support at Atletico-soon-to-be-Monaco. Just goes to show how much La Liga is ranked over the Bundesliga.
  2. Re: Most profit made on one player Like everyone i bought Ox for 10k. Bought Muller and Badstuber for 3.6m on the same day as they weren't attached to anyone. Won't sell any of them yet. Also, back in the day I bought Lucas Viatri for 500k and sold him for 3.7m nine months later. South America is always a good place to shop for quick risers.
  3. Re: Most profit made on one player Anyone have the pleasure of buying Messi or Ronaldo when they were really low? I'm not even sure when SM started or what they would have been rated at when it did.
  4. Re: Utk's English League Prediction Smalling- 82-83. Will probably get a rise just for moving to Manchester United but won't get enough (if any) games by the next ratings changes to be anything significant. But good future buy. Agger- 89-90 Probably staying the same with their league position and injury problems. Diouf- 86-87 Slight rise for joining Manchester. But doesn't get the games and really doesn't impress when he does. With United looking to buy a striker this summer I can see him falling by the wayside. Kalinic- 88 I can see him staying the same unless he starts pouring i
  5. Re: No rise for Pato!?! Yeah I was upset too until I looked at his stats. He's used as a sub on the national team but not that often. He'll probably make it to the world cup but I don't think he'll get the games over Luis Fabiano, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Adriano and Vagner Love. Even Nilmar's getting games over Pato so I think he's too far down the pecking order to get a raise.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I was just offered Forlan (93), Trezeguet (94) and 15 mil. for Arshavin (93)! This seems rather obvious, I realize Forlan has been injured for a month and Trez is injured but Arshavin is still at Zenit where I don't think he'll get above 93. Anything I'm missing.
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