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  1. Re: Spanish Risers Yea I definitely will. Put an offer in for Tim Krul aswell, of Fabianski +1.25m, surely he will rise.
  2. Re: Spanish Risers Hahaaa, just had a couple of great deals (for me) accepted. £4mil for Tello. £1mil + Vela for Draxler. Looking good.
  3. Re: Spanish Risers Thank you. I have only just come back to playing this game again. I drifted away from it for a year or so. I wasnt sure if the current threads were much outdated, nor do I really know where SM are at with the ratings. Sorry I'll search next time!
  4. From what I see Spain is next to be reviewed. Can anyone give me a small list of names who will be sure to significantly rise? Thanks.
  5. Re: Promising players You have a very nice youth team! I would try to keep them all, unless you really need some money. In which case just sell the ones the guy above me said to.
  6. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Ah right ok, well thanks a lot I guess I'll practice it soon then.
  7. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Nice one, so last question now, I promise, do I hold it down before, or after I press shoot?
  8. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Left or right analogue? And thanks for the help
  9. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread I don't get how people are so good at free kicks, i can't get it to go powerful and curved at the same time, but the AI always does, and so did AdamD? guy (one with Arteta ava) Someone tell me please. I can do hard ones, occasionally score, and i can do accurate ones, rarely score.. I just cant seem to combine the two...
  10. Re: Project Anderlecht. Thank you. would you think a mid 70 rated young CB would be acceptable, seeing as I'm only in div 4? Or still go with an 80+ rated player?
  11. Hii. I've very recently (today) acquired a brand new Anderlecht team in a WC. What I'm wandering is, given the current crop of players, what sort of formation I should use? Besides that, my second most primary concern, also called my secondary concern.. is who to buy/sell. I've insofar rejected an offer from Barcelona for Lukaku of £16m, as that would seriously dent my chances of anything. However my budget is only a mere £3.8m so expensive players really are not an option. Anyhow, any help is of course much appreciated; Thank you.
  12. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Can't remember off the to of my head, I found it on a YouTube tutorial for gimp. The tutorial obviously wasn't the same as that sig, but i included the bit about the render..
  13. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread I need a little help with manager mode: It's not that I'm ****, i know how to win for sure, but it gets a little boring always using Arsenal. What team is good to use? What players are good to buy? (not like messi etc though...) what formation should i use? thanks.
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