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  1. I think Cahill will rise to 92, with Chelsea getting PL title. I need help with CBs. Which one/s of these are rising to 91? - Laporte (Athletic) - Glik (Monaco) - De Vrij (Lazio) - Eric Dier (Tottenham) - Van Dijk (Southampton) Thanks in advance!
  2. ID: 43048. Feel free to join It took years and years of investing on youth..
  3. The kid has talent, but the hype will be massive. He'll get 85 with just a few minutes next season for Milan.
  4. Respuesta: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion What about Gladbach's great season? Xhaka +1 --> 90 Herrmann +1 --> 90 Raffael +1 --> 90 Kruse +1 --> 90 Sommer +1 --> 89 Thanks in advance!
  5. Respuesta: The New Players Thread Rodrigo AMARAL from Nacional, Uruguay, was added a few days ago. The kid was by far Uruguay best player on the recent U-20 South American Championship and is only 17 years old. Grab it and run!
  6. Respuesta: Serie A Rating Predictions Would it be OK to sell Simone Scuffet and re-buy in the near future? He does not play at all for Udinese and I'm afraid he could drop! Thanks in advance guys!
  7. Respuesta: English Premiership Rating Predictions Bellerín +3 ? Oxlade +1 ? Thanks guys!!
  8. Hello guys, yesterday I made an offer for Boateng (he is gonna rise to 92, i think), but the other manager replied with this: Varane + 9M = Boateng But Varane is not a starter for Madrid and he is going to stay, I think. Depth is not an issue, as I have Hummels, Ramos, Subotic and Benatia as CB. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Respuesta: Riferimento: ☆☆Young-Boy™☆☆ BIG RISERS That's a very good list indeed! I would add Kingsley Coman from Juventus!!
  10. Respuesta: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Koke -> 92 Godin -> 93 Filipe Luis -> 92 Diego Costa -> 94 (just like Lewandowski did) Ilarramendi -> 90 Di Maria -> 94 Benzema -> 94 Carvajal -> 91 Isco -> stay Do yo agree guys? Thanks in advance!
  11. Predictions Guys, please share your opinions on these players: Benatia -> 92 Pjanic -> 92 Pogba -> 91/92 Chiellini -> stay Cuadrado -> 91 Thanks in advance!
  12. That is my doubt, I'm afraid Falcao won't rise, even could drop if Monaco don't fight for the french league title. They already lost against Augsburg and Dusseldorf on friendlies I could get Mata for him from external club, and play Reus or Muller as striker. Any suggestions? Thanks guys
  13. Respuesta: Portuguese Under-19 players I have a limited budget of 10M for youngsters. Which should I get from these? I heard a lot of good things from Bruma, and it seems many top teams in Europe want him...
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