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  1. Re: Ryan babel rating All these rumours about him bad mouthing the manager are all false. He confirmed this himself. He done an interview in Dutch and it was badly translated. That's all. He's been playing on the right in recent games and seems to have finally realised that he needs to improve. He said in a recent interview that he knew his place in the Dutch World Cup squad would be in jeopardy if he didn't up his game. I like him and think he has a lot of raw ability, but his consistency is terrible. He can have one great game and then three bad ones. That's the frustrating thing about him. A loan move to Ajax in January could be a possibility, but until the window opens all he can do is try and keep a good level of football going. I don't think he will drop.
  2. Re: Riera Raiting Riera has been slacking lately. The talent is there, but some of his recent performances have been nothing short of terrible. I think the bad thing with him is that he has the ability to beat his man, but there is hardly ever any end product.
  3. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! I'm also not far from signing Xavi and I'm selling off extra players to fund Alonso.
  4. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. Don't write like you're pointing out random facts then. If you had said 'one of the reasons Van Der Sar is better than Reina is because Manchester United have conceded less goals in two seasons running'' date=' then I wouldn't have misinterpreted you. Nevertheless, if statistics are what you use to form an opinion on how good a player is, Reina has won the Golden Gloves award every season he's been here. Well I can't see anybody "laughing" at me or disagreeing with my points except for you and the other guy who's been put to bed, so I guess you're wrong again. No' date=' Liverpool fans do not thing he's been something special, but he's done a good, tidy job and has been a great upgrade to what we've previously had. Alonso can't score and tackle. Mascherano can pass. This is coming from someone who believes Benayoun is better than Riera and Mascherano is "OK". If you're going to post rubbish like this, at least have something to back it up with besides your non-existent football knowledge.
  5. Re: Drogba or Torres Technically, Drogba is a million miles better. Overall, Torres is the most complete.
  6. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! I've sold off De La Red, Lavezzi and Weir, but have added in Ireland, A.Young, Agbonlahor and Agger. I'm currently sitting nine points clear at the top of division two with 22 games played.
  7. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. I guess that's why you're in so much debt. Riera might have not set the world alight in his spell at Manchester City' date=' but that's where improvement and progression comes in. Riera was amazing at Espanyol last season. He's maintained that form and is doing a great job for us. Nothing else matters. And yes, I think Ferguson is smart and experienced enough to have Riera instead of Giggs and Nani. Mascherano doesn't lose the ball. Again, stop basing your opinions on highlights. I'm sure many, many football experts would highly disagree with you. And again; phrases and stuff I've wrote have been used in your post. I don't even know who you are. You're not even good enough to succeed in a football debate on the internet, let alone to advise me that "I'm not fit to debate about football." I don't write rubbish just to start needless debates such as you. I don't type something unless I know it's true or if I'm bothered to.
  8. Re: Davide Santon : Inter Milan's young star ! I was going to post on him long ago, but couldn't find the time. The guy is special. He was amazing the other day. Has a very lean physique for somebody of his age. He's astonishingly good for somebody of his age.
  9. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. Because that wouldn't explain anything and we're far better than that. Despite Gerrard being one of the most complete and influential players to ever grace the game' date=' the days of us being nothing without him are long gone. Torres can be replaced. He's a world class player and arguably the best striker in the world, but he is replaceable. He's really not as special as most non-Liverpool fans think - if he ever lost his pace 'he would be just another striker'. Well I appreciate your concern about me and my "time consuming", but it's not a problem. Yes they would. If you don't know this then football debates aren't the thing for you. I think Evra and Vidic are just as important as Ronaldo and Rooney. You stated two facts and three biased opinions' date=' so I think you should relearn the definition of "fact", because whatever you think it means doesn't mean it. Hold on. I've noticed that you've slightly edited what you previously said. You didn't say Manchester United won the league for a start. And making a prediction isn't a "fact", so just because you made a correct prediction, it didn't make it a "fact". It really annoys me when someone says this. I don't know why you write all this and expect me not to reply. Laughable. Laughable. Laughable.
  10. Re: Agbonlahor I think that both Agbonlahor and Young should go up by two.
  11. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. Well I guess I got the reply I expected after the biased rubbish you've been posting. Also, I'm pretty certain that Reina, Mascherano, Alonso and Riera would get in your first team.
  12. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. But Benayoun would, right?
  13. Re: Italian Ratings I think Maicon will definitely rise.
  14. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best.
  15. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. Finally, the unstoppable has gave up. I'm not sure how my only argument was that I'm more knowledgeable than you. I think that's a very poor lie, even from you.
  16. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. I'll have you know that it's you're apparent expert knowledge is a myth. This is coming from a mindless oaf that claims that Benayoun is better than Riera. REDDEVILFC' date=' you're obviously a little child arguing in sake of your worthless pride. You should accept that you're just not ready yet and move on, because you're digging yourself deeper and deeper. I wasn't ignoring your posts. If anything I guess I'd say I would say more scuffing them. I wouldn't try and force words out of your mouth, I think letting you conjure up your own laughable opinions brings me more pleasure. I'll echo that I've probably watched more football matches than you ever will. This apparent 'football expert' is the same one who has countless amounts of threads asking whether he should buy one player or the other. I don't care whether you state "most Liverpool fans are bitter" or not' date=' because coming from people like you, it means nothing. I'll reserve your accusation back to you, and tell you that the bitterness of your pathetic club reaches extents to where I've read Manchester United fans mock Hillsborough and Heysel. Now, that is a whole different matter, but if you're going to come onto here and start claiming that Liverpool fans are bitter, biased or whatever, you should look at your own. I've narrowed down every single word you've made and corrected you. I don't know whether other forumers are rising to your 'amazing football expert' portrayal, but I most certainly am not. So basically you just flung a random, meaningless word into your statement to look more logical; a laughable attempt that failed.
  17. Re: Pereira RAFAEL CARIOCA - Grêmio Well he got the 86 I felt he did genuinely deserve, although I don't know why SoccerManager made Rafael Carioca an exception to the rating changes schedule. Fair enough, it would have been a long time to wait, but if he's a Spartak Moskow player, his rating should be assessed with the rest of the Spartak Moskow players.
  18. Re: Messi to 98? Messi virtually has to rise to 98 this time around. Words cannot complement his performances enough. He has really been that good.
  19. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. I speak facts' date=' I don't make unnecessary assumptions such as yourself. We had Torres injured and Gerrard being deemed not fit enough to start, so your excuse is useless. Well then obviously you should keep your opinions to yourself if they're all as foolish as the one you've currently stated. Well you clearly did state El Zhar is rubbish' date=' and that is why I gave you reasons to why he's not rubbish. I think you need to fix up and strengthen mentally before you rush into posting stuff that's bias-influenced. You need to stop using stuff I've said to you against me. You've just walked right into it haven't you? Maybe your avatar can confirm my prediction. I'm sorry to burst your bubble here' date=' but you're obviously an amateur. If you laugh at how somebody can question one's knowledge, maybe you shouldn't question someone's originally, unless you intended to laugh at yourself of course. I see you need to bulk up your vocabulary as well as your knowledge. I can't remember mentioning the word "confidence" in any part of that quote.
  20. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. I'd say more pity than dodge. It's hard not to pity your claims seeing as they're that ludicrous. This is coming from someone who claimed that I don't have a clue about football. Fix up and get your facts correct before you make stupid claims. If you knew what 'speaking in general' was' date=' maybe you would understand. You were playing poorly due to our good defending and tactics. Well that's not exactly changing your statement "a bit" is it? I'd say more completely overturning your original statement. Nor did I expect you too' date=' seeing as you're obviously just a bitter Manchester United supporter. If you analyzed my comment rather than just saying "El Zhar is rubbish", maybe I would have taken you more seriously. Yet this comes from someone who not far above was weeping about how I only criticize his football knowledge. Don't question my football knowledge and knowledge of Liverpool, because quite frankly if this was to ever lead to a head-to-head contest, I'd make you look very, very silly. Obviously I believe I am right about everything I say, seeing as I don't say stuff just to not look like a fool, unlike what you've done. You're like the Dirk Kuyt of making statements. Your first(original) touch(comment) is usually followed by a sliding(desperate) challenge(response.)
  21. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. So what? That's not the point. The point is that you said Riera didn't contribute anything in that game when he did. What the hell are you speaking about? Riera was on for the last three minutes and created a goal. Little boy' date=' you really need to watch your mouth. I've probably watched more live football matches than you [i']ever[/i] will, so you shouldn't even go into that department. You don't watch Liverpool live every single match, whereas I do, so maybe you should leave it to the people who are updated on the club to give the answers. Benayoun is nothing besides a decent squad player, whereas Riera is a strong, technical left winger who is now finally proving his worth on the statistical charts. I've narrowed my options down to two. One: To think you didn't watch the Liverpool vs Manchester United match' date=' or two: You did, but you're very, very weak in terms of football knowledge. Which crosses? The over hit ones? As I said, don't base your opinions on highlights, something which you've obviously done here. You didn't have any chances because Mascherano' date=' Carragher and Skrtel were too solid, and to say I have no clue about football is nothing far from laughable when seeing who it's coming from. You're probably one of those amateurs who think all this 'stat scouting' is real scouting, and that because you can 'stat scout' you'll make it in the real world. I know [i']a lot [/i] more than you in terms of football. I don't need any evidence besides the fact that you think Benayoun is better than Riera, to prove that you're very weak in terms of football knowledge. You really do know nothing. I've just told you what El Zhar has and how good he is, yet you still come up with a statement as silly as that.
  22. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. No' date=' I do not base my opinions on highlights. It would be pretty silly to base my opinions on highlights seeing as I watch every single match. Also, if you don't watch every, or as I think, [i']any[/i] matches, don't make assumptions or form silly opinions. Riera was one of our only threats in all of those games' date=' whereas on the other hand, Benayoun wasn't. And to your quote regarding Benayoun "being our man against Blackburn," Benayoun was again one of our worst players. The goal greatly complemented his performance as it was one of his worst in a Liverpool shirt. Also, Riera came on off the bench and produced almost instantly a phenomenal pass to El Zhar, the original pass that eventually led to Gerrard's goal. You say you don't base your opinions on highlights, yet [i']only[/i] somebody who watched only the highlights of that game can say that Benayoun "was our man" and actually mean it. So basically you're implementing that I only typed about his "one good turn" despite everything else I mentioned he done. You taking me out of context proves that you're obviously just a bitter little boy and cannot accept being wrong. Please' date=' don't [i']ever[/i] doubt me on watching a Liverpool match. Alonso controlled the game in a way, yes, but he didn't win the game for us. I thought he was our second best player on the day after Mascherano. You obviously don't watch him often then. Nearly all the times we've been losing or drawing and he's came off the bench, we've went on to win. He's still young and is filled with bags of potential and talent. He's fast, can dribble, can pick out a pass, has good vision and can take on a decent shot as well. I do think he can have a bright future for Liverpool if he carries on the way he's going.
  23. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. What do you base it on then? A few YouTube clips? I wouldn't call Benayoun a flair player. Maybe a flair player without the flair. He's been bullied throughout every match against a "small team". Small teams come with big players more often than not. He was man handled against West Ham and Hull City. Riera made Brown look like a conference player in that game. He forced him to hoof the ball all the time' date=' he was ran ragged, and he scored an own goal because of the pressure Riera applied to him. I still remember his first contribution of that game. He picked up the ball, turned Anderson and skinned Brown. If you're speaking metaphorically then no, it wasn't just Alonso who won us the game. It was Carragher, Skrtel, Riera, Alonso, Mascherano, Kuyt and Keane. Seriously, what are you basing this on? It's either you don't watch the team you support and watch Liverpool instead, or you're just speaking rubbish. Either way you're wrong about El Zhar.
  24. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. Yes, he's had to, and that's the only reason why Benayoun's been getting starts.
  25. Re: Darshan's English Changes. Yes, another one of these, only this one is the best. What the hell, are you serious? I recommend you stop making assumptions on minor MOTD highlights. Benayoun is the most frustrating player at Liverpool; he loses the ball far too much, drifts inside too much and cannot beat a man. Fair enough he chips in with his fair amount of goals and assists, but with the chances Liverpool make, he should be getting and making a lot more. If you watched the Liverpool vs Manchester United game, you would have seen how Riera ripped them apart the whole time he was on the field. Riera can beat a man, is pretty fast for a tall player, he's strong, he puts in some dangerous balls, is good in the air and is finally starting to climb up the statistical table. When Liverpool have a fully fit squad, Benayoun won't be in the first team, and I'm sure if El Zhar continues his great impact coming off the bench, he'll eventually be given the nod ahead of him.
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