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  1. Re: Euro 2008

    Lol' date=' thanks for proving my point mate. After 1 fantastic game everybody thinks that Croatia are the next big thing. I would agree with the people saying that if they could play like that every game.[/quote']

    I agree with you. I think Croatia are a good side with a good manager but we will see what they are really made of when they come up against Holland, Spain or Portugal. I said before the start of the tournament that they wouldn't be good enough to win it, with or without Eduardo.

  2. Re: Hi guys

    Yeah welcome.

    and cactus man i recomend you remove your signature that says I was first to discover Pato' date=' Bojan, Jovetic, Nasri, Balotelli, Piatti, Buonanotte, Anderson, Breno, Di Santo, De Silvestri, Kroos, Vela, Banega, Aissati, Dos Santos, Leiva, Rakitic and Chrisantus. because you didnt find them.:mad:[/quote']

    Hahaha, congratulations, you win idiot of the day award! Get out your dictionary and look up the word satire....:rolleyes:

  3. Re: Euro 2008

    Been impressed with the standard of football so far in these opening games' date=':)long way to go yet but Holland look like a team enjoying their football,on paper two great wins over two supposed heavy weights.

    Also Croatia have impressed.they have a great team spirit and for me [b']one of the best managers at the tournament[/b]:)

    Agree, Bilic is amazing and also Van Basten has got his Holland side playing some fantastic attacking/counter-attacking football, the likes of which he was always involved in...the players link up so well on the pitch and look completely united.

  4. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase?

    Robben's another player to add to that list of under-rated players.

    When fully fit, Robben has to be up there in the top 5 wingers in the world. He is fantastic. Thing about him is that he isn't scared to take players on. He just runs at them and has great skill to hold onto the ball. It's like the ball is glued to the outside of his boot. Fantastic technical player, once he has that ball on the edge of the box things will happen and we saw that tonight. Cracking goal too.

  5. Re: Best Talanted players between 15-21 years


    LLORIS' date=' Hugo

    USTARI, Óscar

    SHUNIN, Anton

    HART, Joe

    RIOU, Rémy


    GARAY, Ezequiel

    CASTRO, Gonzalo

    ZAPATA, Cristian

    RICHARDS, Micah


    CACERES, Martin


    DIMITROV, Nikolay

    PIATTI, Pablo

    PJANIC, Miralem

    TORJE, Gabriel

    VIDRIO , Néstor Vicente

    SISSOKO, Moussa


    IVAN BOLADO, Palacios[/quote']

    LOL mate, everyone knows about these and there are tonnnnnnes of threads like it. Search.

  6. Re: SM Study: Nationalism within teams

    SM STUDY: Do teams where most of the squad come from the same country perform better than teams with a mixture of players from different nations?

    In short - NO. Otherwise Sao Paolo would be pawning everyone in the game lmao

    Why would it?

    All that matters is individual player ratings and good tactics. Nationalites mean nothing. Individual skill means everything.

  7. Re: My God... Croatian fan died...

    Hiya CactusMan

    Maybe this could be the case' date=' the tension must have been building the closer the kick off got.

    It just shows though, if your time has come, then there is little you can do.

    Thoughts have to be with his family right now.


    Yeah, when it's your time, that's it....still feel sorry for the family losing someone so suddenly, without warning. :(

  8. Re: My God... Croatian fan died...

    Always sad when this sort of thing happens and to a YOUNG guy too.....

    KLAGENFURT' date=' Austria -- A young Croatian football fan in Austria for the European Championship died Thursday of an apparent heart attack just hours before his team defeated Germany 2-1.

    Police did not identify the victim in keeping with Austrian practice but said he appeared to be about 20 years old.

    He collapsed in a fan zone in the southern Austrian city of Klagenfurt, the venue for the Germany-Croatia match. The Austria Press Agency said that a police officer trained in first-aid techniques revived the victim at the scene but he died later in the hospital, shortly before the opening whistle.

    Rest in Peace........Bog utješiti te moj prijatelj


    Do you think that this could maybe have been related to the football? I heard about a fan once who died of a heart attack when he was seated in the stadium even before the ball was kicked! The tension and the nerves! Not so good for the old ticker.

    Of course it could have been caused by something completely different...

  9. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread

    Could someone explain to me why players who play in big clubs like Manchester United' date=' still want to go to Spain to join Real Madrid or Barcelona. Isn't playing in such a big club satisfying? Don't the original big club offer big wages anyways? [b']I just find it weird how Real Madrid is such a player magnet around the world[/b], with many players dreaming to wear the white shirt O_o

    One word - Money. Players get massive wages.

    Aside from that Madrid is a beautiful city with great weather and is a lot more glamourous than anywhere that places like Manchester can offer.

  10. Re: Euro 2008

    English commentator said Bilic is a good upcomming manager :eek: thats the understatement of the tournament yet. On a plus side I never herd them mention England but then again I only watched the last 20 minutes :)

    Those English commentators talk a load of %*$!

    Is John Motson at the Euros? There's your man for understatements and bull%*$! in general. Never have I heard so much tripe from one man. Some stupid Motson quotes -

    "Nearly all the Brazilian supporters are wearing yellow shirts - it's a fabulous kaleidoscope of colour" :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    "The World Cup is a truly International event" :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    "That shot might not have been as good as it might have been" :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    The worst part of the Euros is having to listen to the slurps as Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer and Andy Townsend lick eachothers bums with their tactical assessments after the game...

  11. Re: Fernando Hails Unsung Hero

    Thing is though, he can score another load of goals next season but if Benitez doesn't bring in some real quality, world class players and stops his ridiculous rotation system then it won't mean anything.

    Sure, he scored a load of goals this season but Liverpool have won nothing. Benitez needs to make some quality signings and have a good think otherwise the 20 million they have spent on Torres will have been a waste of cash.

  12. Re: Scolari named Chelsea manager!

    According to reports Today when he was in Japan and also Kuwait Scolari coached and the language used was English.... so no problems there then:)

    There is a problem.....otherwise he wouldn't need an interpreter to interpret EVERY question he gets asked in English. His English is pretty much non-existent. So it looks like the Chelsea players are in for a whale of a time with a game of Charades before kick off and Scolari using a Pictionary board game at half time to draw what he wants them to do. :rolleyes:

  13. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase?

    because donadoni is the biggest idiot and he didn't call him:eek: (he thinks that Materazzi is better:rolleyes: :) )

    This from Wiki -

    In June 2007, Nesta asked not to be called up against the Faroe Islands and Lithuania because of his recent marriage, he has still not confirmed the future of his international career, but he has not been called up to recent Italy squads, particularly the Euro 2008 squad, leading complaints from his AC milan teammates Andrea Pirlo and Gennaro Gattuso calling for him to be put back in the side.

  14. Re: Scolari named Chelsea manager!


    Bad mistake from Chelsea.

    This guy can't even speak or understand English! They may hope he is a quick learner!

    He hasn't managed at club level since 2001 and he's never even managed a European team..No experience in the Champions League..wrong decision if you ask me.

  15. Re: EURO2008-Portuguese squad

    Ronaldo really annoyed me today. He makes a meal out of EVERY challenge. I mean, how many times did he fall over in that match? The slightest touch and he falls over, and then looks at the ref with the look of a 13 year old schoolboy whose teacher has just told him he is in detention. Then he takes another 5 minutes to fix his socks.

  16. Re: European Superliga de Sophie et al

    lmao this is funny!!! Come on who where the sad sex starved lads taken in by this ??? haha

    Lol I know, there are loads of "girls" on SM who just post a picture of "themselves" and if you look at the comments there is about 100 comments from lads going "ur fit babez" "give uz ur number" "whats your msn addy".

    It's pathetic really and half the other girls that are real just come on to post a picture of themselves in their bra or something, they don't even manage teams. They should just pi** off.

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