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  1. Re: European Superliga de Sophie et al
  2. Re: Serie A 2007/2008 Hmmmmmm msissio. Seems your not very well liked on many forums and just get yourself banned Can't you just get yourself banned from this?
  3. Re: Serie A 2007/2008 An example of a dirty italian player, of which there are many. Totti spitting at Poulsen
  4. Re: Serie A 2007/2008 Well I'm not English, so if that was a swipe at me, it failed.
  5. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? No Italian players will be shining anyway LMAO
  6. Re: Gold Championship 17 Discussion Was this unnamed source Don Corleone?
  7. Re: Serie A 2007/2008 What's that table for?
  8. Re: Serie A 2007/2008 Lmao At Italy
  9. Re: £100 Million Challenge!!! Thankyou!! Someone with a bit of sense at last. This cannot be done and I can guarantee anyone on here that they won't reach 100 million from 1 Million investment. TRY AND PROVE ME WRONG
  10. Re: Gold Championship 17 Discussion Go and eat some pizza you melbguy asslicker.. Your always moaning about something, just because you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer and couldn't get yourself a decent team. Aww poor baby, always next time though.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 17 Discussion Careful, Birmingham Citys around. LOL
  12. Re: Euro 08 Official Sticker Album. What has the world come to? What, because people like to collect football stickers??! I'm sick of reading your critical comments on this forum and I'm not the only one. Your lucky negative rep doesn't exist anymore or you'd be on - 23 with your ridiculous spamming.
  13. Re: Ronaldo wants Madrid move!! Not bull***. It's a link from Sky Sports and the newspaper in particular is extremely well respected in Brazil and other parts.
  14. Re: Ronaldo wants Madrid move!! Well I'd just be worried for United. Ronaldo has carried them a lot this season and has scored a lot of goals. Rooney doesn't score enough, he has patches where he doesn't score goals for ages and I don't care what you say about he works hard, he is a striker so is there to primarily get goals.
  15. Re: Ronaldo wants Madrid move!! Good luck trying to get someone to replace one of the top three players in the world who will score the same amount of goals as Ronaldo has this season.
  16. Re: Ronaldo wants Madrid move!! I could see this coming. There is no way he will stay with United. Money talks and Real have tempted him with big bucks.
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