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  1. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Have you noticed this is a transfer thread? It's not a general news section for Champions League news and managerial appointments. You hate others spamming....
  2. Re: Porto thrown out of Champions league 2008/09 season I think this is very harsh on Porto. Obviously I want them punished for what they have done but I cannot understand why they have been thrown out of the Champions League in 08/09 for something they did 5 years ago!! They fixed two matches in their League, not Europe so why not strip them of their domestic title for 03/04 and make them start with minus 15 or whatever points next season?
  3. Re: Say Goodbye To Gilardino:(:( You should be glad he's going. One of the worst divers in the Milan team and Serie A. Talk about Ronaldo diving? This guy is 10 times worse. Another dirty Italian player.
  4. Re: Grrrrrrr Transfers Calm down. Firstly managers are allowed to quit clubs at any time, the fact you had a bid in for Lahm when this manager quit was unfortunate but it happens so get on with it. Secondly if someone receives a bigger fee from another club then that will obviously sway the deal in the other clubs favour (a lot of the time anyway). Deals can be cancelled by the team whose player is being sold because they can change their mind too, just like the buyer.
  5. Re: Zenit St Petersburg Ratings Are you a clown? You made a thread with only 4 players. You didn't even say why they should rise or anything and just because you made a thread about Zenit ratings doesn't mean someone else can't make another one and give his opinions, which may be different. "sickens me that you could so blatently steal someone elses idea and hard work/input" - Wind your neck in will you, your having a laugh you clown.
  6. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? Mario Gomez
  7. Hi, I mostly use 4-4-2 or 4-4-2 diamond. Can a Winger (W) play in the LM or RM spots? Also can an AM play anywhere across the midfield? A few people have said that an AM can play well in the LM and RM spots. I have tried this once and it worked well but I have some really big games coming up so I don't want to risk it. Can anyone offer some advice? Thanks.
  8. Re: Roque SANTA CRUZ That's a good team. All depends on the formation you use but maybe buy another LB as you only have one. ps - what team is that
  9. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED
  10. Re: Roque SANTA CRUZ Up to you then but seeing as you have 4 strikers you might want to spend your money strengthening another part of your team. If you want him though, I'd say go for it. He can easily keep his rating next season and will go up to 92 if he scores like he has this season (4th in scoring charts). He's a good player.
  11. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED Sometimes you can't tell around here with some people....
  12. Re: Roque SANTA CRUZ No mate, I wouldn't. If you can get someone like Pavlychenko or Quagliarella who will cost a few more million that would be better.
  13. Re: Transfer Thread - Summer 2008 >> UPDATED I doubt they will get "no goals against". Barzagli and Zaccardo are good but they are not gods and secondly we don't even know if they will play well over there.
  14. Re: Eng - USA "There was one Champions League trophy sitting on a wall, one Champions League trophy sitting on a wall and if one John Terry should accidentally fall, there'll be no Champions League trophy sitting on the wall."
  15. "There was one Champions League trophy sitting on a wall, one Champions League trophy sitting on a wall and if one John Terry should accidentally fall, there'll be no Champions League trophy sitting on the wall." Thankyou
  16. Re: Most goals scored in a season on SM My Olympiacos GC team scored the all time record on SM with 2000 goals last season.
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Lloris to AC Milan is not official yet...still unconfirmed. I would go for this mate because Ramos is young and has a great rating. If you can then buy Lloris then do that as he is a great prospect and to be honest I've used 90 rated keepers before and they perform just as well as 92,93 keepers etc.
  18. Re: Sir Metz's SoccerManager Guide to Football/Soccer. Are you for real? Do you expect to win every game with a "perfect" formation/tactics? Wake up. There is no perfect formation/tactics, and you are never guaranteed a win. Otherwise SM would be a very boring and predictable game. I wish people like you would understand this.
  19. Hi guys, on the player ratings page it says ratings for Germany in week 5 and 6. How can you change the ratings if the season hasn't started? Sorry if this is a dum question but I'm wondering how you can change ratings of teams like Bayern etc when no club football has been played? Help me understand this! Thanks.
  20. Re: Martin DEMICHELIS Mate no-one knows how he will play next season. We have to wait and see if he plays well next season and then he will get a rise, especially since Bayern are in the CL.
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... In a WC I managed to get someone to pay 12 Million for Thuram (I'm Barca). It's new setup so squad is unchanged. I'm thinking go through with it as he is getting old and 12 Mill is a cracking price for me but he is good cover. What do you think? Thanks.
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