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  1. Re: Real tempt Ronaldo with an Audi LMAO Marca always come up with silly stories like this. Love that paper. There is one on the website noe saying United are asking for 50 Million more for Ronaldo plus Diarra and Robinho and Higuian LOL
  2. Re: Loudest (best atmosphere) ground in the prem
  3. Re: Loudest (best atmosphere) ground in the prem Glad to hear it.
  4. Re: Loudest (best atmosphere) ground in the prem Can't you read the title? "Loudest (best atmosphere) ground in the prem" Unless Serie A is now called the Prem?
  5. Re: Loudest (best atmosphere) ground in the prem
  6. Re: Loudest (best atmosphere) ground in the prem So because these hooligans and scumbags who are not true fans did this you will tar all liverpool fans with the same brush? Every club has the supporters who take it to extremes and just look for trouble.
  7. Re: Loudest (best atmosphere) ground in the prem Loudest in Prem not Serie A. I've been to Newcastle's ground a few times, the Geordies are always in good voice. Very noisy when I went.
  8. Re: Heitinga not in Atlético squad! I saw this too mate, definately isn't fair especially since Bosingwa like you said is already in the Chelski squad. Hope he gets added!
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I wouldn't sell Cabanas lil_kick_kid. He is banging them in for Club América. Superb form from this powerful striker.
  10. Re: 20 year old player RETIRING!!!!!! Why? Players retire all the time. Have you considered that he may have sustained a career ending injury? Or that he may be dead? Or that he may have just quit football?
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Guys - Inter Milan manager has offered me Cambiasso in exchange for Henry and 7 Million. Brand new setup, so no players in or out. I'm thinking I should accept? Can Henry keep his rating or should I ditch him?
  12. Hi guys, I currently manage one team in a WC. My experience means I can manage up to two clubs. I want to buy just a standard WC setup (4.99) so I can have Man Utd or whoever. When I buy this will I lose my other team? Also will I still only be able to manage two clubs or will purchasing this mean I can manage a third? Thanks.
  13. Re: John Terry spitting at Tevez? What the! It seriously looks like Terry pretends to wipe his mouth on his shirt sleeve and spit at Tevez, who puts his hand to his neck! Terry could be in trouble!
  14. Re: Post All Official Summer Transfers here.. Bobo has already made a thread for this
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Who do I go for? Got the option of going for Giggs or Nedved. Both getting older, both same rating but who do you think would be the better buy in terms of holding onto their rating/getting matches next season?
  16. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a disgrace He's just off celebrating with a huge polished thing.
  17. Re: Juve Fab 5 ratings.. SHAME on you SM
  18. Re: Chelsea v man united Someone get Terry a Kleenex!
  19. Re: Chelsea v man united Hahaha overreaction alert! I didn't say YOU were being jealous or childish,simply said that those comments will start coming out. Now you can go back to watching your Newcastle Intertoto Highlights Dvd.
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