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  1. SM have introduced a new system this season which show's balance/transfer budget. I have £20M transfer funds available however my balance show's i'm £1.4m in debt and probably only going to get worse. I think it would be handy to have some options on the finances page to enable you to transfer cash from one account to the other as this would eliminate clubs going into admin or it would release extra transfer funds should you happen to have a healthy balance
  2. Re: Stadium Building I was thinking about this this morning and believe that you should be able to but seats for an amount of money. I would propose that an extra thousand seats costs you £10m now for teams who have a stadium of 50-60 thousand the extra capacity doesn't really warrant the outlay, however if your a team with a 10-25 thousand seat stadium then the cost seems a little more worthwhile. Something to think about anyway
  3. Re: A Guide to countering formations Hi I see to counter the 4-5-1 formation you have stated use 4-1-2-2-1. I cannot seem to see this formation in the options. Can you be more specific with which formation it is please, is it the 4-3-3 (wingers) or the 4-3-2-1 formation Many thanks
  4. Re: Tactical help My team is GK: Casillas GK: S. Asenjo RB:J. Bosingwa RB: G. Johnson LB: A.Cole LB: D. Criscito CB: F. Lucio CB: C. Chivu CB: R. Albiol CB: E. Garay RM: M. Rodriguez RM: J. Navas LM: D. Silva LM: D Capel CM/AM: H. Xavi CM/AM: W. Sniejder CM/DM: X. Alonso CM/DM: F. Gago CM: C. Fabregas CM: A. Hernanes FWD: L. Messi FWD: K. Benzema CF: F. Torres I have various young risers rated between 70 and 90 also, but that is my 1st team squad.
  5. Re: Tactical help Thanks for the responses fella's I'll try that out with Messi the new season kicks off on Sat. Can anyone help me out with the 4-5-1 formation what tactics to use with this and wether it is any good Thanks
  6. Can you help!?!? I currently use a 4-3-3 (Wingers) formation with an average rating of 94/95 (depending which players I use) as it seems to fit my team, the tactics I use are: Tackling: Normal Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Short Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Slow Pressing: Own Half Bosingwa and Cole arrows attacking down flank, Xavi and Fabregas arrows, making forward runs, and Navas (I have Maxi Rodriguez but he doesn't play very well in that position) and Messi, arrows pointing down and in towards torres I have counter attack, use playmaker, Play offside trap, and targetman all ticked My Captain is Lucio, Free kicks, corners and playmaker all Xavi and targetman and penalty taker is Torres. This system did not seem to work for me last season, although I only changed to it a little over half way through (I finished 4th) I have not started the new season yet however I have changed the tempo to slow to see if this changes things! I was contemplating changing My formation totally, I was thinking about using the 4-5-1 can anyone give me any hint's on what tactics to use with this formation and wether it is any good. Or is there any other formation and tactics you would suggest. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  7. Hi I have the option of buying 1 of these two stars but i'm in two minds as to which can you help thanks
  8. Hi, After accepting a job offer by mistake I believe there should be a security check in place along the lines of "Are you sure you want to accept this job offer" I am very annoyed (mainly with myself for being so careless) as I have spent ages building my team, this has lead me to think that the secondary check before finalising the acceptance should be implemented into the game what do others think?
  9. Re: Can you find me a second XI for £40million Firstly I would like to state these are not my finds, they are players scouted by some of the numerous and talented scouts on this forum. TAISON , Barcellos - 83 - 21yrs old - AM/Fwd (Getting rave reveiws) SALVIO, Eduardo - 87 - 18yrs old (just risen) Wing/Fwd (Huge potential) RODWELL, Jack - 83 - 18yrs old - DM/CB (On verge of Evertons 1st 11) RENAN OLIVEIRA, Henrique - 84 - 19yrs old - AM/Fwd ZUCULINI, Franco - 86 - 18 - (just risen) CM/RM (Maradonna is a huge fan) ANDERSON LESSA, José - 72 - 19 - Fwd/AM (has been scoring quite a few goals should get a healthy rise) LEERDAM, Kelvin - 19 - 75 - LM/LB CIRO, Silva - 20 - 77 - Fwd (getting Rave Reveiws) NEYMAR, Silva - 17 - 76 - Fwd/AM (Massive Prospect) BERNARDO, Vieira de Souza - 19 - 76 - AM HAZARD, Eden - 18 - 84 - AM/Wing (Potentially huge prospect) DE FEDERICO, Matías - 20 - 84 - Wing/Fwd (just risen) - (Style of play has been likened to Messi) LJAJIC, Adem - 17 -82 - AM/RM (Huge Prospect) There are loads more this is just a few the best thing to do is read the player discussion part of the forum and do some research - try Insider for everything Brazillian football his thread - Guide to the 2009 brazillian season is well worth looking at, also try Radebe20's thread - Argentinian Analysis. There are a host of threads giving all sorts of information on each team and specific players doing well and are in for good rises. Philippe Nguyen is good for everything French football, GozGoz8 has a thread entitled Summer league project that might be of interest as they are being reveiwed at the moment. IOA is good for al things turkish there are many more but these are some of the better scouts in my opinion Hope this helps
  10. Re: Which CM/DM Any opinions...anyone?? thanks
  11. Hi I'm looking for a couple of new new CM/DM 1st choice and a back-up, my options are as follow's Cambiasso - 95 - 28 Pirlo - 95 - 30 Alonso - 94 - 27 Carrick - 92 - 27 Toure (yaya) - 92 - 26 Gago - 91 - 23 Diarra (Lass) - 91 - 24 Ideally I would be looking at Cambiasso as 1st choice but my question is do you think he'll keep his rating for the foreseeable future? AC Milan seem to be on a downward slope so I can see Pirlo maybe dropping also he's older. Alonso is an interesting one as he has un-doubted quality but I can't see him increasing as he doesn't get into Spains 1st 11, Maybe if he moves to Madrid he has a chance of increasing? As for back-up I was thinking Gago. Although as I said above if Alonso does go to Madrid Gago could potentially lose his starting place. Who can you advise would be the best option thanks Any help would be much appreciated!!
  12. Re: Argentinian Analysis Just wondering about Jonathan Blanco from Tigre, I notice he hasn't risen during these changes, was that expected? is he still worth hanging onto?
  13. Hi can anyone help me out, I need a back-up left back I have Bosingwa - 93 RB with Glen Johnson - 89 as back-up, Ashley Cole LB and as yet no real back-up The options I was thinking of were: RONNY, Heberson Sporting CP 23 86 CISSOKHO, Aly Coventry City 21 86 PIETERS, Erik FC Utrecht 20 87 BALE, Gareth Southend United 19 87 BAINES, Leighton Birmingham City 24 88 DE CEGLIE, Paolo Blackburn Rovers 22 88 TAIWO, Taye Blackburn Rovers 24 89 MARCELO, Vieira Manchester City 21 90 CRISCITO, Domenico Genoa 22 89 Can anyone help me, who do you think will be the best option/has the most potential to be a 91/92+ rated LB or can you think of any other younger LB that'll make it big Thanks
  14. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Hi Philippe another query I'm looking at a few french league youngsters can you give me your opinion of them wether they are worth buying and also potential rating they can realistically achieve thanks MOLLO, Yohan Wing/AM 19 84 LEBBIHI, Badis DM 19 67 HARUNA, Lukman DM-CMDM/CM 19 75 FAURE, Sébastien CB 18 75 Cheers
  15. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 thanks for your swift response, I think i'll sell Feghouli and M'bengue, I have Sakho, Hazard, and Gourcuff also so they won't be missed too much. Although I think I'll monitor Feghouli's progress as I read somewhere he has/had huge potential. Cheers
  16. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Hi I was wondering if you rate the following of my French Ligue players. I would like to know if they are worthwhile keeping or cashing in on. I have more however these are the ones I'm unsure of. M'BENGUE, Cheikh LB/CB 20 84 N'KOULOU, Nicolas CB/DM 19 83 FEGHOULI, Sofiane Wing/AM 19 86 SAIVET, Henri Fwd/Wing 18 75 Thanks
  17. Re: What is the best tactic since match engine changes Thanks for the reponses so far. I've gone with the 4-3-3 wingers for this game and my last....I drew my last game and I'll see what happens tonight. What special tactics do you set for this formation? Does anyone else have any I could try if this doesn't work out for me Cheers
  18. Re: central midfielder urgently needed One player immediately springs to mind Anderson Hernanes of Sao Paulo he's tipped for very big things. Barcelona have been linked with him on several occasions he was part of the Brazil Olympic team he's also made the Brazillian 1st team the wiki write up states: "Hernanes is a product of the São Paulo academy and has played for them since 2001. He was loaned out to Santo André for the 2006-2007 season. In 2008, as a São Paulo player, Hernanes won the Prêmio Craque do Brasileirão's best player award.[1] In January 2009, Hernanes was listed as the most promising football player in the world by The Times, an English newspaper.[2]" This guy is just waiting to explode into europe he won't get much higher than his already 90 rating whilst playing in Brazil but if and when he moves to Europe depending on the team he choses the sky's the limit Cheers
  19. Re: two swap deals? If you can use a little more cash than your 2 Brazillian's I would. The Brazil changes are only a week or 2 away so it's seems silly to swap players who may potentially rise and earn you more cash or bargaining power in swaps. Although Dzeko would be a good aquisition i'd wait! Cheers
  20. Hi I'm really struggling to string together a good set of results since the new match engine has been in place. I always used to use 3-4-1-2 and this served me well as it did other forumers, however since they changed the match engine this tactic seems almost useless my team has an average rating of 95 and is losing games to unmanaged teams with a much lower rating and drawing with teams who have no-right to even be in the match let alone get a point out of it lol. Has anyone else experienced this problem? if so what tactics are you now using and can you help me get back to winning ways. I have tried various alterations however nothing seems to be working, sometimes it seems as though SM are contriving against me....I know this cannot be this case and it must be down to tactics however I can't find the winning formula......so help me please Thanks
  21. Re: Which AM to sell Thanks for all the responses, most have confirmed what I thought anyway so I think I'm going to go ahead and sell Anderson his time has come, he's had a good few seasons in my team, I bought him when he was 86 so fairly good profit too!!!
  22. Hi I have Xavi, Sniejder, Anderson, Hamsik and Dzagoev and a host of other youth prospects in this role however I need some cash and was thinking of cashing in on either Sniejder, Anderson or Hamsik which one would you sell? I was thinking of selling Anderson as he's plays at Man Utd and is more well known than Hamsik (as not everyone uses the forum) also from what i've seen of Anderson his not actually as good as his hype makes out. I believe Dzagoev is a future star possibly reaching 93 like Arshavin. Who do you think I should sell??
  23. Re: New Tactic sorry to bump this thread but would like some more replys as to wether people like this formation, if it would be be usefull etc... and if it's worthwhile sending a ticket Thanks
  24. Hi after reading a thread on tactics, I noticed someone had stated using a 3-2-3-2 formation but I cannot see this tactic as being available. ............................GK ................CB/RB....CB....CB/LB ..................CM/DM....CM/DM .........RM/Wing....AM/FWD....LM/WING ..................CF/FWD....CF/FWD I personnally would like to use this tactic as it would suit my team perfectly What do others think? Would you welcome a reveiw of the available formations?
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