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  1. Re: garay Looking at his stats i think that he may rise or drop by one,really not sure witch one of them
  2. Re: Kanoute Deal? Accept the deal ,cause Kanoute is not the best forward at this moment plus he's old while Gilardino plays really well lately and will rise to 93 in the future
  3. Re: Looking for a good playmaker Muntari 91>92 Sissoko 90>91 Lassana Diarra 90>91 Xabi Alonso 93>94 Romaric 90>91 Young 90>91 Some extra players to choose from
  4. Re: BARNETTA or YOUNG? Both are good players but Young will be the first who will rise to 91 in a couple of weeks ,if you can get him do it
  5. Re: Milos Krasic First of all get rid of Mancini ,he will drop at the next changes ,as for Krasic if you can buy him with a price around 15M it would be ok . Piotr Trochowski would be a good choice also ,he will rise next week to 91:cool:
  6. Re: Need a rising CB Pique is the best choice ,he will rise surely to 90
  7. Re: Gerrard for Iniesta and Higuain If you can get both Xavi and Higuain it's perfect ,xavi will probably rise to 97 while Higuain to 92 .Xavi is better than Iniesta atm so get Xavi if you can
  8. Re: Help me choose a right back Glen Johnson - 20starts 1811 minutes 3goals Christian Lell - 12starts 1 sub 785 minutes 0 goals Stephan Lichtsteiner -21 starts 1 sub 1974 minutes 0 goals These are the stats
  9. Re: Help me choose a right back Lell and Johnson are the best players ,my opinion .I don't really watch them play but i would suggest you Johnson cause Lell is not a very good Rb and he usually plays for Bayern when Oddo is injured
  10. Re: ABIDAL or EVRA? Don't think that Evra will rise but still he is better than Abidal ,Evra won't rise as long as Abidal is starter for France and he's just a backup .
  11. Re: Riccardo MONTOLIVO I agree ,he may rise to 92 because he is regular for Fiorentina (one of the best players) and plays for Italy ,so a 92 is possible
  12. Re: SERGIO RAMOS, SCHWEINSTEIGER, LAHM or RIBERY? Lahm 93>93 Schweinsteiger 92>92 small chances of 93 Ramos 95>95 Ribery 95>95 The best players from above are Ribery and Ramos because they already have high ratings and because they won't drop they are the better buys ,both Lahm and Schweinsteiger are good players but i don't think they will be as good as the others ,just my opinion
  13. Re: João FERNANDO BAIANO He won't be rising as long as he's playing for Al Jazira ,stay or go down
  14. Re: Robinho or Benzema Benzema at this moment,he can rise in the future if he leaves Lyon:)
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