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  1. Re: Gold Championship 156 Discussion Thread Stranraer looking for Champions League football in 4 seasons Thomas Radzinski and Nigel Quashie leading them to glory! "Stranraer, in Scotland, today!?"
  2. Hi Gameworld 4054 is not owed by anyone, i dont want to run it but its locked so running out of managers as no1 can replace managers who leave Can you open to league to anyone please? Thanks
  3. Re: Gold Championship 17 - Setup News Im going to keep building my everton team and see if i can challenge you pros! up the toffees!!
  4. Re: Gold champ 17? Im everton, i concentrated on the champions league too boost my income and build my squad for this season no i log on to see my chairman has taken £54million off me! please tell me this is a bug that will be fixed and we will get our money back?
  5. Re: Gold Championship 17 - Setup News Fans of Everton flocked to Goodison Park this afternoon as manager Andrew Curvis confirmed the £6.5m signing of Ramsey from an unmanged Cardiff City. Signing of the season!?
  6. Re: Official International Management Job Offers Thread i still havnt been offered an international job im the 1st season with everton i came 2nd, lost out on the final game of the season otherwise id have won it, now im top this season, and going well in the SMFA champions cup! do i have to have silverware before i can get an international job?
  7. Does anyone know of any plans for an iPhone application?
  8. Re: Gold Championship 17 - Setup News Jay Simpson of Arsenal joins Everton from an unmanaged club for only £40,000. What a bargin! Although shortly after Everton suffered their 1st defeat of the season to Wigan
  9. European Championship 763 - Match Reports / Transfers
  10. Re: Jose Baxter bidding war John Rooney is Waynes younger brother
  11. Re: Multiple Accounts i submitted a ticket and got the same response as last time with gc18 "The SMFA have stopped you joining the setup in question as they believe you already have an account in it. Unfortunately they will not reverse their decision and unban you from the setup. Please attempt to join another setup." then the ticket was closed I have now sent a further ticket hopefully they will look into it this time for me!!
  12. Re: Multiple Accounts
  13. Re: European Nations Mark II Transfer/Match Report Thread Villa Star Player RIVALDO This may raise a few eyebrows...............
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